Cases in the Citizens’ Cyber Court

The Citizens’ Cyber Court is our attempt to do for each other what ‘they’ won’t do for us:

  • deliver fair trials
  • acknowledge damages done
  • pay compensation.

So we publish what’s been happening and let the juries of the general public express their opinions by polling.

The first nine child snatching cases were submitted to the Education Select Committee as part of a first portfolio.


2 Responses to Cases in the Citizens’ Cyber Court

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please may I have link to get in touch with Citizen’s Cyber Court, URGENTLY, in bringing Blatant property fraud law conducted by solicitors and then inflicted fictitious bankruptcy upon me. I do not have any debt’s, not even simple credit cards, apart from from fictitious solicitor and Barrister , who signed illegal contract to get me in trap, proven in court. Also hold witness letter to prove that the said barrister targets at ladies, by signing illegal contracts only to extract whatever money, he can via negotiations.

    I would be eternally grateful for some advise and help in order to annul the fictitious and vindictive bankruptcy brought only to stop me from going to court in exposing a solicitor who distributed our properties amongst other family members and tenants by holding our document’s for number of years.

    • Dear Rucha

      The Cyber Court idea stems from a person who used to run the Society for Litigants in Person, but has health issues now.

      There is now a group called Help4Lips who may help and I am in touch with a sharp and very knowledgeable advisor who is better than many barristers.

      Stay calm, cool and centred!


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