Courageous Kids Network

Here come the accusers: the REAL victims of ‘child protection’, social workers, their legal teams, courts and judges.

Courageous Kids tell their stories. But who heals their wounds? Who holds them while they cry their tears? A US model for the UK and any other country!


One Response to Courageous Kids Network


    my daughter was kidnapped by police and handed over to social workers no warrant shown no warrant served they can not get a warrant because off our evidence we collected over a 2 year period the council sent the police to our home to kidnap our daughter i was out when she was taken from my home here is a link to there is not 1 single voice in this city to help us the local mp turned his back on us he is labour after all not surprised in the least here is a link to our videos to help you understand what is happening in this case ok hope you can help the corrupt council has told lawyers back in 2011 not to act for us we have no acces to law or lawyers here is the video link ps watch the reveal videos they will explain everything ok thank you we need a little help if possible were on our own


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