The Musa Case – CENSORED by Haringey Council

The ‘injunction’ that forbids me from publishing ‘material and information about the children’ is here.

Here’s the site that I published about what is acknowledged to be the worst of all child snatching cases.


20 Responses to The Musa Case – CENSORED by Haringey Council

  1. Anonymous says:

    Guildford Four and Maguire Seven and the Birmingham six all over again……… I hope they appeal, if they can find grounds.

    I understand that the social workers both told lies about the parents, nothing new.

    • It’s quite hard to come to terms with this experience of nastiness. My sense is that the Police Officer in Charge pulls the strings. But there is also a ‘Christian’ organisation that serves as a ‘honey trap’. Likewise, it appears that some hospitals collude ‘easily’. Furthermore, Social Services of course and their Legal Team who make a lot of money by helping to cover lies and false allegations up. But the legal team will appeal!

  2. obinna1234 says:

    Has there been judgement if so wjat is it?

  3. As long as there is lots of LOOSE money slushing around the CHILD snatching system, there will exist those who are morally perverted to want to pocket it. They will lie, cheat, invent false situations and evidence, which will become adjusted, perverted and created to enable the most perverted among the S.S. & OTHERS to live rich lives in luxury. Whilst the victims and their families suffer extreme heart breaking hardship, loosing their precious gift from God, born delivered in pain, beloved children. This obscene carryover from the NAZI era is being creatively used to drug, sodomize, prostitute, enslave and abuse, in New -age -slavery, affecting both the children, the parents and equally the helpless relatives, the trauma is in some small way shared also by the long suffering public who ultimately are the pay-masters, in this very un-BRITISH saga.(Did we not do away with SLAVERY about 1860 ???) I thank God every day for providing us with great men like MP JOHN HEMMING who are prepared to go the extra mile for us and the secret prisoners. May I ask where stands Our “BELOVED” Queen and her sworn “Coronation Oath” to protect US? Or has “SHE” sold out to the filthy amongst the ELITE, who profit in having thousands of our children made readily available as playthings to their slavish, satanic, obscene ritual, perverted obscenities? Unencumbered by sanctions for they are amongst the LAWMAKERS, thus untouchable??? GOD BLESS YOU ALL. JIM.

  4. Stanley Embling says:

    Having read brilliant comment from Jim who hits the nail smack on the head; Google: “the Hollie Greig”! (Scotland)!….
    I hope no insurance is being employed by the Musas…for I now know to my great costs, that certain judges are associated by name to LLOYD’s such as the “honourable” Lord Justice Mance who does not admit his judgments may be ‘tainted’ from his alleged close association with noted names at Lloyd’s of London.
    Musas accused of drugging a child; but surely it was found the opiates were contained in an injection of ketamine administered by a doctor, whilst in hospital with a high temperature? Surely ketamine is a vet’s drug used on horses, is it not?

    • Excellent points, Stan!

      I just posted an interesting truth about the Titanic which underlines two of your points:

      BIG SIGHS!!! I guess life is about waking up to the criminality of the ‘elite’ and learning how to cope / co-operate and eventually ‘win’. Only thanks to the internet!!!

  5. Stanley Embling says:

    Regards sinking of ships Sabine; Google the sinking of “USS Liberty”

  6. You are spot on about the ” USS LIBERTY ” Stan .It was COVERED UP for about 40 Years ,NOW the true facts are coming out ,so fair minded people can form their own un-biased conclusions .God Bless You All , JIM

  7. mauricekirky says:

    But I left an informative comment here, at the week end, on use of Ketamine and Naloxone, the false positive blood sample, who took it and when, based on timing and just what I heard in Wood Green Crown Court where medical evidence, generally, was concerned. I see the comment did not go up!!!!!!

    Perhaps it is because I have a court injunction on me or Court Order, re Musa family, as the police officer said on Sunday, when he was commencing my arrest, at the road side ……

    ps I was de arrested once enquiries were made and the West Wales policeman was warned off

  8. Dear Maurice kirk, Sir , I know I & likely STAN EMBLING thank God you are still in the land of the long suffering . I wish to querie the use of KETAMINE on humans .Is it in GENERAL use & authorized for hospital use , & to what effect it would cause (a )TO animals & ( b ) to an infant . i.e is it considered ” GENERALLY USED ” & is it safe and approved to be used by hospital authorities ??? God Bless You , JIM .

  9. Dear MP Mr JOHN HEMMING Sir, & others concerned.

    My Ref. SECRET PRISONER, ATTEMPTED MURDER (of me), TORTURE, (by assault & battery) FORCED INJECTION (of the dangerous “GEL” drug HALPERODOL) to cause me physical harm & early death whilst being UNLAWFULLY incarcerated against my declared will & declared so to a Dr. GOODHEAD (with alleged Masonic connections). This drug resulted in tearing muscles in my back & abdomen – caused me many years of pain (HALPERODOL is a vicious form of a chemical COSH). It should not have been used on me because I was 62 years old & in frail physical condition.

    I daily thank God that earlier STAN EMBLING, DAVE PATTERSON, JOHN ROWBOTTOM & MYSELF had formed a legal group to fight our individual constructive dismissals from British Steel plc (who conspired together as a “Maffia” with the I.S.T.C., G.M.B. & A.U.E.W. UNIONS) to dismiss us all for our whistle-blowing on corruptions within B.S.C. (corruptions were reported in writing to H.Q. London, Co. Sec & chairman personally. – But no reply received.) ! Two of our team of four were subsequently arrested in our homes & slung into local “NUT-HOUSES” (Dave P. & I). When I got arrested, I was on the phone in my lounge. PC JOHN McALINNEY & a Lady PC did this!

    Shortly a Police summoned ambulance arrived & took me still under arrest to Scunthorpe Hospital ward 18 (NUTHOUSE). They “Sectioned” me for 28 days. Four days later taken to St. Bartholomys (GOOLE NUTHOUSE). Again sectioned there for 28 days (now totalling 32 days – UNLAWFULLY – YES). They injected me against my declared will with a very dangerous drug (HALLPERODOL?) (attempted MURDER) for I was in frail health & over 62 years old. This chemical COSH tore muscles in both my back & abdomen, causing many years of extreme pain & disability. UPON STAN EMBLING & I making vast enquiries of Humberside Police & H.Q. Health Authority NO PAPERWORK could be discovered to prove (a) my ARREST (b) my being sectioned & incarcerated unlawfully.

    At “Barts” I sent my “Agents” to get info on Mc ALINNY. They returned saying McALINNY’s wife was being SEDUCED by the LADY PC at my home arrest. Info relayed to McALINNEY resulted in his going sick & onto HAPPY – PILLS, then rapidly vacating the Force. The Chief Constables of S.E. YORKS, N/cle /Tyne & H /Side. Also resigned. All forces allegedly were employing corruption. But DR. DAVID WESTWOOD was the most reluctant to go. (We hold details of his alleged corrupt history) & his close relative was jailed for being involved in forged £5 notes being distributed. Alleged “BENT” (?) Ex MP IAN (laughing boy) CAUSEY stole essential for Court paperwork belonging to STAN.

    He also stole MY “Police corruption” (2 HOUR) video tape – CAUSEY claimed these would be REVIEWED by his TEAM to sort out. “This stinking can of worms case.” The other equally corrupt & jailed Ex MP ELLIOT MORELY got investigated by STAN’s many letters to authorities. Both Ex BENT MPs were on H/SIDE Police Committee, which would explain the much delayed prosecution of Mr. Dave Spooner, C /Man & labour councellor for Scunthorpe for Kiddyfiddling (MP elections were due & did not want adverse publicity) & any alleged Kiddyfiddling associations of CAUSEY, (here I make appeal for any details to be forwarded to me PLEASE) N.B. a Mr. PAUL Stephenson on a Mental Health Committee) & a Mr DAMION McALINNEY (Hett’s solicitors) STOLE DOCUMENTS from STAN & OUR GROUP UNLAWFULLY.


    • Dear Jim

      Can you possibly try to organise your story such that you recount:

      1. Date 1: who did what to whom
      Date 2: …
      Date 3: …

      2. The Crimes committed

      3. The Accused
      a) Institutions
      b) Individuals

      Am happy to help you edit it!

  10. Dear Mr. JOHN HEMMINGS M.P. Sir , & others concerned .My Ref : SECRET PRISONERS …..N.B. SABINE now has knowledge of this filthy case of total neglect ….Recently I in my “hobbies” as a “freelance investigative journalist ” & ” Amicus Curia ” ( Legal Lay PERSON ) I have aided Mrs. Dianne Smith in her convoluted Legal problems . She is holding copies of many alleged fraudulent processes through our Court systems & purported FORGED DOCUMENTS used to assist the FRAUDS committed upon her, over many years now . I estimate it has cost her in excess of £100,000 to defend herself , of which she can ill afford .For she is an elderly registered very disabled lady of limited mobility ,living alone on her small farm except for the blessed companionship of her beloved horses ,faithful loving dogs ,& general livestock ,which allows her to eke a living . However we have been forced by the circumstance of recently receiving a letter from the NEW CHEIF CONSTABLE of LINCOLNSHIRE ,presumably ? Which states that he will not allow investigations by his force into DIANNE’s allegations that her & her “HELPERS ” have been “GANG STALKED ” by various authorities ,HATE CRIMED (for being disabled ) ,Raped & assaulted ,assaulted &battered many times now ,burglary & theft often committed against her , ARSON of her helpers house , suspected interception device used on her phone & I/NET LINK , & THE BLOCKING with a padlocked gate of her (disabled ) acess-way to prevent her driving her car & trailer to service her large field & livestock requirements ,this gate also breaks the law of free access to service providers & THE ELECTRICITY BOARD to effect regular necessary repairs & refurbishments .ALSO many times she has had heavy /large objects hurled at her car wind-screen (while driving ) & against her legs whil’st on her crutches IN CONSIDERATION of the NEW Chief Constables apparent Malfeasance in public office (& his inability to stop his subordinates LYING to him about crimes done against Dianne ) We are now GOADED to bring official written complaints of POLICE CORRUPTION against HIM & his INDOLENT staff ; We are now awaiting the expected response from their Legal Department to allow us to progress matters to a higher level than now & achieve some satisfaction & redress for these unruly , LAWLESS behaviors forthwith, hopefully not beyond rectification . P.S.Dianne has a long LIST of incident numbers to hand ,& would appreciate some one in authority to instruct the CHIEF CONSTABLE to DE- INSTRUCT his staff “hanging the phone up ” when Dianne says her name ,not only is this considered impolite ,rude ,& childish ;But I consider it also BREAKS THE LAW —DO’NT you too ??? God Bless You All , JIM . .P.S.Indications are that Lincolnshire prefer to “do an internal ” ONLY , BUT because of the serious nature of the Police Corruption Complaint ,& the duration of the laxity of investigations WE would appreciate an OUTSIDE force to be employed (seriously ) . A.J.J.

  11. Dear Sabine,,CREATOR of VICTIMS UNITE may I take this opportunity to gratefully thank you for your recent rapid responses to my deep concerns . Intimately I realize that you are a very busy Lady accepting many responsibilities , and a ready listening ear for those who find themselves being sorely abused by the blatant lassitude of our commonly shared , pompous, disinterested , claimed superior in intellect and fiscal status “sit on their hand’s ” use for nothing FAGGOTS , GOD Bless You . JIM.

  12. Stanley Embling says:

    Hi Sabine, Input of dates and time regards Jimmy’s comments made above Aug 01, 2012 @ 14:22:21:-
    In 1997 I met-up with Mr Jimmy Jewell and others as Jimmy Mentions above whom similarly got constructively dismissed from British Steel through what could only be described as an illegal constructive removal….

    On pooling our evidence and experiences a serious matter concerning theft of property by fraudulent means by British Steel and certain colluding dishonest Trade Unions Official(s) began to get established!….But it was from late 1998 when crucial evidence (some forged,) got revealed, (previously denied to Tribunals and Courts as “NOT TO EXIST”,) could we (as a group,) establish the value and extent of the Theft of Property Scam that was operating and progressing whilst criminally concealed/suppressed at British Steel Scunthorpe (which on figures got by me [in Nov. 1990,] amounted to 10’s of Millions £’s of EEC funds and grants meant for the retraining of employees proposed for redundancy. All of us being such Victims to be fraudulently deprived of retraining grants ….

    Jimmy mentions now solicitors Hetts, (when actually it was then Hett Stubbs & Kemp,) They accepted instruction off myself (to whom I paid circa £7,000,) and other Victims from our group …..H.S.& K took statements off Jimmy, Dave, John, myself also off other Victims.. Therefore they were charged and assured us they would secure (by Court Order if needed,) all outstanding evidence from British Steel and the Trade Unions whom we leveled claims at…

    But it was after statements were got of us and certain evidence got secured in December 1998 (some of which on reading proved to be forged [this being in contravention of Section 1 of 1981 Forgery and Counterfeiting act, and theft act of 1986]) did the true intent of Hett Stubbs & Kemp solicitors utter dishonesty begin to appear.. when in January 1999 …

    (a) they suggested I go to Rampton (Nut House,) to see a psychiatrist as it would be beneficial for my claim against the GMB Union and British Steel (from then on I smelt the stench of a Rat,) as such quickly declined that suggestion..

    (b) Soon after I declined Hett Stubbs & Kemp offer in ( in late1998) In April 1999 I received an urgent message from a David Patterson informing me he had been kidnapped illegally (by the Police,) from his home, then taken by an ambulance and incarcerated (against his will,) into ward 18 (The Nut House,) at Scunthorpe Hospital..

    (c) Dave knew I had a number of Law books and possibly the relevant documents to prove he had been incarcerated illegally!…

    (d) At this period in time None of Us consulting Victims were aware that H.S & K. were part of the Humberside Mental Health Committee..

    (e) Nor were we aware that H.S.& K. were on a preferred list of solicitors to the Trade Unions as well as; (such fact did not get revealed until March 2000, (a fact they previously denied when I challenged them over such in March 1998!!)…

    (g) From hearing of Dave Patterson’s plight I managed to rapidly supply David Patterson with the relevant law documents (proving his illegal incarceration into The Scunthorpe Nut house,) enabling him to escape rapidly whatever they had lined-up for him …

    (h) Sadly soon after that Jimmy Jewell got similarly kidnapped, incarcerated, (in Scunthorpe Nut House (ward 18,) from his home, then transferred rapidly to Goole (nut House,) where he got injected with the dangerous drugs (as he explains above.)

    (i) I also managed to visit Jimmy, but sadly this was not until after they drugged him.. (He looked terrible, could hardly speak or move, his face was contorted as though the Hunch Back of Notre Dame….. But I managed to get Jimmy the relevant Law Documents also. But it took two weeks for Jimmy to get in a fit state of mind which then allowed Jim secure his own release….

    (j) What would have happened to me had I gone into Rampton (that notorious High Priority Nut House,) Hospital!… As a whistleblower about to expose a huge Theft of Property “Corporate” Scam = many 10s of millions of £s. Would I have been killed TO KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT??..

    (k) Now aware of what happened to Jimmy Jewell and Dave Patterson, it appears either my deceased parents or God was protecting me??!

    (l) Because not until 2003 did I unearth evidence that revealed the fact that former Labour MP IAN CAWSEY (who had been stringing myself, Jimmy and other victims along with his promise of investigations which prove no more than UN-suspected deceptions and lies,) WAS a former CHAIRMAN OF THE HUMBERSIDE POLICE COMMITTEE, also a GMB UNION member, just as convicted filching former MP ELLIOT MORLEY, was also SPONSORED BY THE GMB Union!.. Yet during all this time from 1980 the LABOUR PARTY had been and were receiving “TAINTED” funding (in the form of ill gained “TAINTED” political levies,) off the GMB Union, and remain doing so to this day.
    In my opinion because they were protected by and allowed to hide behind their Parliamentary Convention; (which in my opinion is a protection racket for MPs that wants banning;… surely??)

    (m) Therefore it’s now easy to understand why such crucial evidence (a two hour video recording, (ALLEGEDLY depicting Police corruption among HUMBERSIDE Police,) and my own crucial evidence (some of which was official GMB Documents which I discovered were forged,) also a crucial COURT ORDER (that I paid for,) all mysteriously disappeared out the many secure public Authority Buildings:
    (i) Housing the Scunthorpe Police,
    (ii) Out my Bundles of Evidence held at HMCS, Scunthorpe County Court (AND FROM out my evidence at HULL CROWN COURT 14/02/2001 Which the Judge Tommy Cracknell was MADE FULLY AWARE OF…. , but (as though bought?,) Judge Cracknell failed in his duty of care [to me,] to stop that stop biased Court “Hearing” and demand an investigation as to whom removed my crucial evidence and vital Court Order and Why!?
    (iii) Similarly the same copied evidence and many originals also went missing out Two (local) MPs’ Constituency office (of Elliot Morley and Ian Cawsey)
    (iv) Just as the similar evidence went missing out of corrupt Lawyers Office of H.S.& K.. also….




  13. Stanley Embling says:

    We didn’t have a name as such Sabine….regards Stan

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