Songs for children to promote knowledge about space. A project to release music from a performance by the Silesian Planetarium

Songs that introduce children to knowledge of the cosmos and solar system? Why not. The project to release the music from the screening of the Silesian Planetarium in Chorzow entitled “The music of the Silesian Planetarium” has been launched. “At the Street of Astronomers”.

„At the Astronomer Streetow” is a show aimed at the youngest, whichory premiered in February at the Silesian Planetarium. The music was composed entirely for the show. Its authors are Grzegorz Seweryn and Stefan Szulc. Most of the textow appearing in the songs are lyrics by Wanda Chotomska. The script for the play was written by Jaroslav Yushkevich, Stefan Janta and Boguslawa Zagola.

“Despite the fact that children in a world saturated with technology are experiencing mnostimulusow, we are convinced that a visit to the planetarium is a powerful and beautiful experience for them, and listening to a piece ofoin, whichore filled the séance, allows to return to these impressions and consolidate the acquired knowledge” – written by the authors of the music and lyricsoIn the crowdfunding site

The authors are raising funds for the release of a CD with songs. Their action can be supported at the above-mentioned site.

„Music for children does not have to be trivial, and songs can carry important content – Whether cognitive or about human relations. This can be discussed with children, including through art. Texts simply should be smart” – explain the authors the purpose of their project.

The campaign to collect fundsoThe project of releasing the music from the show on CD is done with the permission of the Silesian Planetarium, however, the Planetarium itself does not collect fundsow for the release of the album.