Engineers have taught the robot to run. It moves almost like a human

A few days ago, Boston Dynamics, known for its humanoid robots, released a new video in which the Atlas bipedal robot… runs. The robot’s way of moving has become springy and no longer resembles the clumsy movements of earlier copies.

A recently published 33-second video of the Atlas robot is making waves online. Some people are delighted by the video, others are horrified by it. Atlas has already proven that it is very good at walking and even jumping. Now it’s time to teach the robot how to run, which is coming along quite well.

Sposob the robot’s movement is almost identical to a human’s. It is no longer clumsily stumbling around in proThe push-pullod what it looked like in the early days of Atlas development. The robot moves smoothly and overcomes zrovaried forms of terrain.

Atlas is equipped with batteries, whichothat allow it to work in the field for two hours. Tworcy see potential areas of application for the robot primarily in rescue missions after rosorts of catastrophes. Of course, there are also claims that it could replace soldiers on the battlefield.

The company Boston Dynamics has since the 1990s. It was associated with the US military. In 2013, it was acquired by Google, and in early 2017 it fell into the hands of Japan’s Softbank. Made famous by the BigDog robot – It is a four-legged machine built for the US military, whichoThe ra was designed to carry up to 150 kilograms of equipmentow walking next to a soldier. The machine, however, was not to the liking of military decision-makers because it was too noisy.

PoLater, smaller and more elaborate versions of the BigDog were developed – Cheetah, RiSE or Handle until the Atlas appeared – a bipedal robot the size of an adult human, but far superior in strength and agility. Last year, footage of the Atlas robot performing a back flip was a hit. The robot was able to do something that many of us can’t. Now engineers have also taught it to run efficiently.