Haters &Trolls

Normally, I measure the success of any of my websites by the number of visitors, commentators and comments.  Just as I measure the success of any of the events I’ve been organising by the stars in people’s eyes, when I seek for people to feel empowered, inspired and connected.

But lately I have had to appreciate that this site does not only seem worthy of being attacked and discredited, but that this is a measure of success.

I now follow the example of American author, historian and investigative journalist Leah McGrath Goodman who publishes Haters. I remember the American saying: any publicity is good, just spell my name right

This Canadian study found that “cyber-trolling appears to be an internet manifestation of everyday sadism.

Here are the comments that I have deleted on Victims Unite, together with the generally fictitious names of their authors. The most prolific one was Robert Dooran, before he used a few variations of his name and I blocked him:

‘What is irrelevant ? The Royal Commission Enquiry NSW Police Paedophiles.’

It is completely irrelevant. What do police paedophiles on the other side of the planet have to do with the Musa family’s predicament?  [The answer is: the fact that the State is the largest paedophile ring and that their children were snatched for that purpose. One daughter had told her parents that they are being taken to dark places where there are only men.]

This is the second article Sabine has posted bemoaning the fact that the Mail online doesn’t allow comments on some stories for legal reasons. She openly admits to censoring comments on her own site. This is complete hypocrisy.

What a nice piece of inverted snobbery. You may wish to look up the word ‘rational’ in a dictionary.

Hi Sabine

Is this the sort of thing you meant by ‘uniting victims’?

Steve H was banned and others have had their comments removed for merely disagreeing with you yet Peter Oakes is allowed to accuse people he’s never met of being ‘paedophiles’ and JM is allowed to mock the recently deceased and advocate ‘doing a Raoul Moat’.

Please at least have the integrity to acknowledge that there is a double standard being applied. The message is clear; be as offensive as you like just remember to toe the line and don’t disagree with Sabine.

You can’t keep dismissing any and all criticism of this site as ‘negativity’.

Hi Sharon

Nobody is ‘attacking’ Sabine. I’m merely asking that she substantiates some of the wild allegations she has made and that she abide by the same laws as the rest of us. There isn’t a scrap of evidence to suggest that the convictions of Haigh and the Musa’s weren’t completely safe.

It would appear that Sabine and this website have found themselves on the side of child abusers, again.

Sabine is unable to refute my comments and is resorting to censorship.

Bobby Baggio:

Sabine is an apologist for child abuse.

Tim Robbins:

When is Sabine going to end up in the can like Vicky Haigh,Liz Watson and the Musas?

Morgan Freeman:

Don’t ask Sabine for help unless your desperate to find out if the Shawshank redemption was an accurate portrayal of life in prison.


How to get around Sabine’s ineffective blocking system:

1. Invent a new name and email address.

2. Go to a WiFi hotspot.

Jimmy Sands:

Given that everyone Sabine “helps” seems to end up in jail, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask what she means by “success”.

Of course if it’s her site and if she only wants posts saying she’s right then she should just put that at the top of the blog.

Andy Martin – The Bournemouth Echo: 

And just exactly who do you think Sabine has been duped by for soooo many years – she’s part of the problem. She’s only interested in sucking up to governments for her own personal and financial ends. Some of you here want secetioning like Sabine – for being sooo thick as to fall for her rhetoric lies and duplicity.

One has been ‘laughing’ at her and her cohorts’ – utter baloney & spin for years. Is she not a sister of the sisterhood?

Go fuck yourself ‘Sabine’ you stupid witch – you really do have some mental problems.

Neal Butterworth – The Bournemouth Echo:

There is something quite seriously wrong in Sabine’s head – perhaps it is as a result of a car crash some years ago or could she be suffering ‘contamination’ from her years at C.E.R.N?

Kelvin Mackenzie – The Sun:

Sharon – You are Sabine’s “Sockpuppet”

Who’s got Soooooooo much to hide? Who’s angry about the truth of their own mind?

Kevin Magoo Maguiry – The Mirror:

Give up sadbined – you’re toast like Kelvin the self-publicist

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26 Responses to Haters &Trolls

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  2. peter oakes says:

    South Yorkshire police certainly ” fixed it ” for hundreds of Liverpool people
    when they covered-up their gross negligence & manslaughter of 96 Liverpool
    fans at Hillsborough. And made VICTIMS of their families.

    And I have not called anyone a paedophile ! I don,t know any, thank god or
    I might regret my actions

  3. oldwilliam says:

    Mr Oakes, if you are the Peter Oakes who was convicted at Crewe Magistrates’ Court of assaulting a local councillor, after attacking him in an incient which you described in Court as a “citizen’s arrest”, I’m afraid I cannot take you too seriously. And when a man who has been convicted of a violent crime against the unpaid and democratically-elected representative of hundreds of local voters mentions that he “… might regret his actions…”, ordinary law-abiding folk had better watch their backs.

    • peter oakes says:

      Dear Oldfilth !
      I am the Peter Oakes that was “fitted up” by the magistrates in Crewe. I am as guilty as Steve Kisko. the Birmingham Six. Guildford Four
      need i name hundreds of other police victims ?

      I suggest you read PACE Police and Criminal Evidence Act. It clearly states
      any person may arrest anyone who they suspect has committed a serious
      arrestable offence !

      I made two citizens arrest in Stafford prior to those in Crewe, on these two occasions Staffordshire Police issued Incident No.s.

      You mention I arrested a Councillor. The only Councillor I arrested was
      Dawn Olwen Threadgold a Justice of the Peace that was concealing the serious offences of Nigel Burgess a former chief constable that had “blackmailed” myself re: demanding money with menaces.

      Threadgold was committing the offence of Misconduct in Public Office
      this is punishable upto life imprisonment ! pretty serious eh?

      Now that is libel, unless of course it is the truth !

      Send that to the Job.

  4. peter oakes says:

    Dear “Oldfilth” Still waiting ? must be true Eh.

    • oldwilliam says:

      Of course it isn’t the truth, Mr Oakes – that’s why, out of all of the people you mention, you were the one convicted of a criminal offence. And it was a crime involving an unprovoked and violent attack on someone who was badly affected by it – indeed, the Court took special measures to ensure public safety on the day that you appeared, because of the risks that you represented due to your mental instability.

      Those are the facts. The intention was just to make sure that others reading these threads were aware accordingly, for their own safety. That has now been achieved. The other “police victims” listed in your first paragraph had considerable publicity for their cases and had their convictions quashed. Your conviction stands, and has little chance of being quashed – indeed, you yourself list other incidents to which Staffordshire Police responded, which gives additional evidence of the risk that you represent to ordinary people. I am sure that readers will make up their own minds.

      Yes, the material that you have published is libelous, but at your trial it was revealed that you have no assets whatsoever, indeed the few pounds that you had when you appeared were not returned to you because of the huge sum in unpaid fines that was still outstanding – so there’s no point whatsoever in anyone suing you in response to your deranged claims about their “offending”.

      I’m only responding because of your insistence that I respond, so here it is.

  5. peter oakes says:

    Dear Oldfilth. you know to much ? You could well be one of the conspirators!

    You will have to wait for sometime. In the meantime you could reveal more
    of your dishonest info. You have forgot to mention the other person I arrested and the two contradicting statements used in the fit up !

    Your not ex PC.Balmer or Insp. Brierly are you ?

  6. Big Baby Jesus says:

    @peter oakes

    Have you given up drunkenly assailing loan females in public?

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  8. Yisraels Redeemer says:

    In Australia our cops are as bad as yours, along with our Govt & Dept Of Justice, targeting the Disabled for crimes, seems the real people who need to be in the mental hospitals are the Govt & Dept Of Justice themselves.
    Sad to say, but true.

    • Well, human nature is the same all over the globe, and that does include the susceptibility to being corrupted by money, I suppose…

      And money is dishonest all over the globe, too! http://moneyasdebt.wordpress.com/2011/07/03/whats-so-dishonest-about-our-money-system/

      And the reality of ‘anarchy’, i.e. the absence of the Rule of Law.

      Who would have thought that ‘enlightenment’ could take on this kind of meaning: to discover that money is created criminally from thin air, sold ‘at interest’ to the State which uses it to pay nice people like coppers to ‘defend’ and ‘uphold’ The Law, its Rule and its Enforcement!…

      Must drive you crazy!

  9. peter oakes says:

    I am a member of the Co-Operative. This group via the Co-Op Bank was
    duped into buying the Britannia Building Society, a basket case that buried
    bad debts ! it has nearly destroyed the Co- Op Bank.

    As a member I have been asked to vote for candidates in an up-coming
    election ! One of these is Peter Nurse. ex chairman cheshire police authority
    now a Cllr. Cheshire East. He is a un-convicted criminal that concealed the
    blackmail attempt by Nigel Burgess ex chief constable of cheshire and the
    thefts & frauds of the “legal Mafia” in Cheshires Courts.

    The Co-Operative will be issued with a letter of complaint concerning this
    despicable Public Servant that ” Assists Offenders ” and ” Perverts Justice ”
    by refusing to answer ” Witness Summonses ” in order to assist offenders
    and to assist his accomplice,s

    Would all victims forward this comment to their local Co-Operative Bank

    Now ” Old Filth ” add your drivel, challenge the facts !

    • oldwilliam says:

      Mr Oakes, these are not “facts”, just the insane dribblings of a bankrupt with criminal convictions… as already stated, you suffered the ignominy of having the few pounds that you had in your possession quite lawfully taken from you at Crewe Magistrates’ Court, because when you appeared before the magistrates you hadn’t paid a penny of the fine and compensation award imposed (quite correctly) against you for – as another poster has stated – drunkenly and violently assaulting a woman on her own. That’s the behaviour of a dangerously deranged individual and if you had any assets, your outrageous and libellous slurs against the individuals named in your post would result in further proceedings against you.

      Haters and trolls are one thing, but it’s an insult to genuine victims everywhere that this site is providing you with a platform for your own vitriolic and spiteful rants. You really need to be monitored as a measure for the protection of the general public… you appear to be growing more unstable again.

  10. peter oakes says:

    Dear ” Old Filth ” You put up a pack of lies that supports your accomplices & fellow conspirators ! where as I put up the truth, that can be verified by simply
    doing the odd Google : just google: Gorsey Hey Masonic Home a property
    stolen from the brothers by corrupt masons ( no doubt your one off them )
    where as I am an honorable one that contributed to this charity. No
    doubt your will try to deny the Hansard report confirming the theft and the collusion of the Charity Commissioners in Liverpool.

    Google: Royal Commission Inquiry NSW police paedophiles vol.4 final report.
    and try to tell the british public that corruption does not happen here in the UK.

    But Jimmy Savile, Stewart Hall, and the many other public figures recently arrested proves it does happen here in the UK.

    Google : ECHR. European Convention of Human Rights. then Google;
    the british Human Rights Act. and Note ! britain has removed Article1 and
    Article 13. there- bye deceiving and cheating the british Citizen of their
    human rights and making us second rate europeans.

    Troll all you want to, your just confirming your dishonesty and contempt
    for ” Victims ” that expose your crimes, The Public confidence is at its
    lowest ever point in the police & courts, judiciary etc. just read todays
    Sunday papers. And read here for the Facts. not your ” hearsay “

  11. oldwilliam says:

    All very interesting to some people no doubt, but how is any of it relevant to your criminal conviction for violently assaulting a lone woman whilst you were in a drunken rage, and your libellous comments (above) about the two people named?

    As I said, no matter how strongly you feel about any of those issues, it does not permit you to attack anyone against whom you believe you have a grievance, especially when any objective person would judge your behaviour to be irrational and a danger to the general public. You clearly have a negative personal view about the objectivity and/or the efficacy of legal process and the Courts: but that is the system we have, and it judged you to be a violent criminal because of what you did to a local councillor, from which she has never fully recovered.

  12. peter oakes says:

    Victims of crime never recover either ! especially when magistrates, police,
    local councilors conspire to pervert justice in order to destroy an honorable

    The very people decent citizens place their trust in ! I hope the horrible
    disgusting magistrates suffers eternal damnation for her crimes.

  13. oldwilliam says:

    Who was the “honorable man” to whom you refer? Certainly not you! Readers of this blog do need to be reminded of the criminal conviction you have for a violent, drunken attack on a woman who was at the time a democratically-elected local councillor… whatever you believe to have been the justification, by any decent person’s standards, this was cowardly and wholly indefensible.

    Councillor Dawn Threadgold – the real victim of your crime – was traumatised by your attack on her… it was not an “arrest”, it was held by the Court to have been an unlawful and criminal assault. As has been said here before, you demonstrated publicly that you are dangerous and unstable, and you are lucky not to have been required to register as a sex offender.

  14. peter oakes says:

    Dear “Old Filth” if you scroll down permanent pages you will see:

    ” I am satisfied he has suffered cruelly over a number of years ” that was the
    judgement of DJ Davinson. Chesterfield Magistrates Court Feb.10th.2001.

    Where I was “laying an information” in a Private Prosecution for the perverting
    magistrate cum councilor to be brought to justice for her many crimes !

    And further to your silly ignorance the term ” suffered cruelly over a number
    of years ” is the definition of Torture Blackstones Police Manual Offences
    against the person. sentence tariff life imprisonment !

    Therefore a Citizens Arrest is well in order to bring such torturers to justice

    It is also very strange a devotee of the martial arts was incapable of nullifying
    my civil attempt to uphold the law. Myself never having received any training
    in un-armed combat what so-ever or was her claim to be a ju-jitsu specialist
    another election lie ? to convince voters to spend more money promoting
    her pet projects and hobbies

    You are “pecking your way into a pipe” in the same way chickens follow the food chain ! watch this space ! Or read the Daily Mail :

    RBS Banksters “maliciously” bankrupt small business,s in order to steal
    their assets. just like masonic fraud re: Gorsey Hey masonic home.

    You really are a silly person, because any-one doubting my claims can simply
    google: for conformation for example Royal Commission Inquiry NSW police
    paedophiles vol.4. facts, facts facts, But the truth is what you want to
    destroy ! what are you afraid of ???

  15. oldwilliam says:

    I will leave readers to make up their own minds about this man, having read the insane drivel in his reply… and the “private prosecution” did not, of course, succeed – no rational person would have expected it to have been.

    Mr Oakes was bankrupted and none of the people whom he repeatedly libels has any recourse for his ravings, short of having him sectioned under the Mental Health Act 1983. This might in due course become necessary, as you might already have deduced!

  16. peter oakes says:

    Dear Old Filth.
    One of your colleagues Supt. Gordon Anglesea. ex. N.Wales
    police has been arrested for historical offences against small boy,s at Bryn
    Estyn. Wrexam. No doubt your will be experienced in this vile establishment.

    You should also be aware of the Lawrence Tomlinson report concerning legal
    thefts & frauds by abuse of the Insolvency Service, corrupt courts, solicitors
    lawyers etc.

    Silence is golden ! and proof of your duplicity ?

    Regards Peter Oakes. ( prepared to Stand Up and Recorded ) in the
    public interest.

  17. peter oakes says:

    Dear “Old Filth” have you googled “Operation Tiberius Independent” yet ?

    You will no doubt remember those transit Sunshine mini buses sponsored by show biz.celebs used to transport victims from “Bryn Estyn” so they could
    be “buggered” and abused in London and elsewhere those vile freemasons
    were really getting on with their despicable rituals ! The Duke of Kent
    needs to make a commitment to restore the name of freemasonery for
    the many decent Bothers, otherwise the Brotherhood will disappear from
    lack of members as No decent man want,s to be tarred with the brush of
    infamy !

    This info. should make you keep your silly dishonest comments to yourself,
    has you are making yourself look stupid, and you don,t need my assistance for that do you ?

  18. oldwilliam says:

    How can I make myself look stupid when everyone who reads this thread is too busy laughing at you using commas instead of apostrophes?

    And, what are “Bothers”?

    Take your medication and lie down somewhere quiet until it kicks in.

  19. peter oakes says:

    Thank you for “biting” I am sure apostraheees are a bit more irrelevent to
    victims sufferings. Peter Nurse died and is now dead and buried ! a bit
    like hitler, he will not go un-noticed. he will reap infamy ! unlike his
    innocent victims in the Co_Operative movement

    We are not all Divie,s get my drift ?

    Oh forgot cooomas ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Is that enough plenty ?


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