How to establish a lawn?

Proper establishment of the lawn is the first step to making the grass green and row evenly grew. It is important to start work after all the installations in the garden have been laid out, as well as the paths laid out and the plants planted. For the first weeks the young grass will be very tender and it is better not to trample or knead it.

Ground preparation

The timing of the establishment of the lawn should be adjusted according to its type. Seeds should be sown as soon as the frost has stoppedow when the temperature outside is at least 10 degrees. The best time is April or May. It is slightly different for a lawn from a roll, whichory can be deployed throughout most of the year – zaroboth in spring and summer, and even in autumn.

Before establishing a lawn, prepare the ground properly. First, the area must be carefully cleaned by removing trash and larger stones. Then, if it is in the plans, spread the plants, ktore to be placed underground, (for example. automatic irrigation system) and thoroughly dig the ground about the height of a spade. PoLater it is worth improving its quality with additivesoin suited to its type. In the end, enough wyroTill the ground, and lay lawn edging at its ends.

Weeding, sowing and fertilizing

The ground needs to be weeded before seeding the lawn. This is a long-term process, whichory is best carried out within a few weeks. During this time, weeds should be pulled regularly, so as to remove not only their outer part, but also permanently get rid of them from the soil. After that, the land can be fed with lawn fertilizerow. Sowing should be done one week po┼║ later. The final stage is the sowing of seeds. Be sure to water the grass properly – especially in warm weather. A growing lawn is best watered with a small amount of water every few hours.