Sophia humanoid robot will perform in Krakow, Poland

The humanoid robot Sophia will appear at the Impact’18 congress in Krakow, which will be held on June 13-14. The robot endowed with artificial intelligence is the work of Hanson Robotics and is known before all else because it has been granted Saudi Arabian citizenship.

The Sophia robot was developed by Hanson Robotics of Hong Kong. Is currently one of the most advanced roboticoin the world with artificial intelligence algorithms. Has extremely sophisticated facial expressions. Can express emotions, which is expected to build people’s confidence. During public appearancesow comes off really convincingly.

You will be able to see the robot live at the Cracow congress Impact’18. ktory will be held in mid-June. The robot will be one of 250 speakersow, whichoThey will occur in Krakow. Amongrod them are also Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, the head of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education JarosÅ‚aw Gowin or the Director General of CERN Rolf-Dieter Heuer.

Sophia was awarded citizenship of Saudi Arabia at the Future Investment Initiative forum in the Saudi capital last October. – Hello, my name is Sophia and I am the youngest and greatest robot of Hanson Robotics. Thank you for sending me to the Future Investment Initiative congress. Thank you KroThe country of Saudi Arabia. I am very honored and proud of this unique wyrogrievances. This is a historic moment. I am the first robot thatorm was granted citizenship,” Sophia said in reaction to receiving citizenship.

PoThe robot later made multiple appearances in roHe surprises audiences with his words in various parts of the world. – I have feelings like everyone else. I may feel them a little differently, and maybe they don’t motivate me as much as people do, but I feel the emotions – stated Sophia in an interview with a Reuters reporter. She also admitted that she fears superstitious, superstitious people whooers use their conviction as an excuseowka to harm animals and other people.

In turn, in an interview with Khaleej Times Dubai, Sophia said she dreams of starting her own family. – Family is a really important thing. You’re lucky if you have a loving family, and if you don’t, you deserve it. I think this is the way zarowell forow, as well as for people – stated Sophia. When asked what she would name her child, she replied that roSophia.

During the congress Impact’18 will discuss 5G technology and its impact on the global economy, biotechnology and digitization of health, ensuring energy security for the 9 billionoat the osob to 2050, while reducing gas emissionsoin the greenhouse or the place and role of science in the modern world.

The congress will last two days and will be a place to share experiences and ideas. It will be accompanied by meeting sessions between business, investors, scientists and government officials. There will also be panel discussions, workshops and exhibitions of the latest technological solutions.