India has shot down a satellite in low orbit. Now its remains are threatening the ISS

A few days ago, India conducted a successful ASAT missile test, destroying a satellite in low earth orbit in the process. After the successful test, India’s prime minister declared the country a “space superpower”. But satellite debris now threatens the International Space Station and other satellites. NASA chief called such activities “unacceptable”.

On March 27, India tested a weapon to combat enemy installations in space. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced prowas shot down with great pomp, and when it succeeded, he announced that India had entered the ranks of the „space superpowers”. India is the fourth country in the world to test ASAT (anti-satellite weapon) technology. After the US, China and Russia. But now the satellite’s debris is threatening the International Space Station (ISS).

Anyone who has seen the video „Gravity” knows that pieces of space debris are particularlyolnie dangerous for spaceborne astronautsow. They are circulating wokoĊ‚ the Earth at incredible speed and even the smallest piece on the right trajectory can cause serious danger.

Jim Bridenstine, NASA administrator, said the risk of the ISS colliding with pieces of space debris had increased by 44 percent. within 10 days due to India’s test. It added that it was not satisfied with how the world’sodcy treat space. – The ISS is currently safe, and if we need to maneuver it, we will do so – said.

According to the wordoin Bridenstin, NASA has identified 400 pieces ofoin satellites and has now tracked 60 of them larger than 10 centimeters in diameterow. Twenty-four of the piecesow pose a potential threat to the ISS.

During earlier testsoin ASAT technology every time there was serious talk about the dangers of debris appearing in orbit. In 2007, international alarm was raised by a similar test of China’s. The US military tracks about 10,000. pieceoin space debris, a third of which resulted from a Chinese test.

India realized that the test would create a danger in orbit. Nevertheless, they decided to carry it out. Opposition parties accuse PM Modi that the very date of the technology demonstration is no coincidence. India will hold elections on April 11.

India, defending its decision, issued a statement in which itorym you can read that the test is precisely because of theoin security was conducted on a satellite orbiting in low Earth orbit at an altitude of about 300 kilometersow, so as not to leave a chunk behindoin space debris, whichory moWould collide with ISS or other satellites.

But this, NASA says, has not eliminated the threat to the ISS. Although the low orbit will result in most of the debrisow satellites will burn up in the atmosphere after a few dozen days, the agency said, someore larger satellite debris can enter orbit above the ISS.

Scientists, in turn, have expressed concern about the increasing militarization of space. ASAT technology would allow India to eliminate satellitesoin hostile forces in any conflict, and the test is likely to contribute to the growing regional rivalry between India and China. What someoers consider it an unnecessary display of military might.