Internet of Things, and control systems in smart buildings

Once upon a time, we could only dream of fully automated homes or offices. Dreams of smart lighting, refrigerators ordering food or personal assistants in our smartphones and TVs are starting to become reality. And it’s in full swing! Automation of most devices in buildings is becoming increasingly popular. For example – before coming home, we can use a simple app to set the heating, so that when we arrive home we are greeted by pleasant warmth, or cooling air conditioning. Nothing stands in the way of setting the time of automatic covering of windows with blinds or remotely setting the power of lighting in rooms.

Control and device integration systems

Simplification for us-usersoin smart buildingsow, are becoming more and more technologically advanced. Many activities thatohe execution of which once depended on us alone is automated thanks to advanced technology. Implementing more ideasow on automating and simplifying everyday life requires even more complex solutions.

Today’s technology allows us to integrate multiple devices and work taking into account their interactions with each other. For example, by using sensoroin temperature and sensoroin sunlight intensity, whichore communicate with the control system via the Internet, we can get the optimal temperature in the room with a small amount of energy used, and best of all – the whole process can be done remotely, because to the systemow we can access from anywhere.

AV control systems

Solutions for automating certain processesow and smart devices thatore able to integrate with others, they are ideal for offices and video conference rooms (learn more here). Control systems that support audio visual devices allow us to manage audio visual zones, selector of a given sourceoAV dula or multiplication of the receiver. If the devices have been integrated with other smart equipment, it allows certain scenarios to be implemented – for example, when a projector or visual wall is turned on, the blinds automatically close or the lighting reduces its power. Often a single touch panel is enough to control multiple devices – we don’t need multiple remote controlsow, so it is convenient and saves our time.

Check out the system offeroIn control, prepared by VisionCube: https://www.visioncube.en/offer-item/av-systems/

It is worth notingocue that this type of solution is one of the steps for the company tooThe plants have been developed in the direction of technological development and are sure to be appreciated by wspoco-workerow, clientoin whether the contractorow. Comfort associated with the automation of many processesow, after the implementation of appropriate solutions, will be irreplaceable.