Levitating surfboard wins Polish PowerUp final!

It was FLYO Boards that made the jury of the Polish final of the PowerUp competition! 2019 saw the greatest development potential and awarded it the title of winner, which is also a ticket to the Grand Finals. Already on May 21 in Krakow, during the Impact’19 conference, the winning start-up will face the other winners of the national finals and will compete for the main prize.

Wiktor Kitzman, CEO of FLYO Boards, has been passionate about windsurfing for many years, which could be seen during his appearance on stage, where he enthusiastically talked about his innovative product – FLYO levitating surfboard. The device is equipped with an electric drive, thanks to which itor can float ok. meter above the surface of the water, as well as a remote control, allowing remote control of the. The construction of the board, and especiallyolnie built-in proprietary wing, make the equipment not only look striking, but also safe to use.

– FLYO is a brand new means of transportation. Wanting to cfoto compare our product to something we already know, we can say that it is a kind of electric water scooter, whichora can float in the air. Our dream is that every person mohead to move from A to B, just like on a Segway, however, not only on roads, but roalso on water. We are confident that the PowerUp competition will! enables us to spread our wings! – mowi president of Electric Foil Sp z. o Wiktor Kitzman

Second place in the competition was awarded to Eco Bean, a project by scientcofrom the Warsaw University of Technology. The unique technology they have developed uses used coffee grounds and makes it possible to produce briquettes from them, which are „green” alternative to traditional materialsow fuel. Third place went to the start-up Hyper Poland from the area of mobility, whichory presented a logistics platform consisting of autonomous, all-electric vehiclesow, based on an ecological magnetic system.

PowerUp! is the largest competition for start-upsow of 24 countriesoin Central and Eastern Europe, organized by InnoEnergy. This year’s fifth edition attracted almost 300 teamsow, presenting solutions for the industry in the areas of energy, mobility, clean air technologies, heating, cleantech and broadly defined smart technologies. For the umpteenth year, the record-holder in terms of the number of applications turned out to be Poland, with theoThe region received 46 applications.

During the regional final gala in Warsaw, 10 of the most promising Polish start-ups presented their products and services in front of the jury and the audienceow.

– The possibility of global application of innovation and the visible prospect of its development were the mainohe main criteria for our evaluation. The start-ups participating in the national finals presented ros diverse solutions, but it was in FLYO Boards that we saw the greatest potential. The company now faces preparations for the Grand Finals, where they will represent our country. And there is a lot to fight for, because access to knowledge and contact networksoin InnoEnergy, whichore invested in Skeleton Technologies and Ferroamp Elektronik AB listed on Nasdaq Frist North, among others, is a unique opportunity for global business expansion – mowi Chairman of the jury, Sebastian Siuchta, Business Creation Officer at InnoEnergy Central and Eastern Europe.

Michał Maćkowiak, Head of Innovation at RAFAKO S.A. being once again a Gold Partner of the competition, as well as a member of the jury, adds: this year’s edition of PowerUp!, which makes me very happy, took the level of the competition to another, higher level. Enjoy the preparation and quality of the projectoInnoEnergy, increasing from year to year, and RAFAKO, being a sponsor of this event for the third year in a row, can best attest to that. In this year’s edition, I focused my evaluation on three criteria: the first is the convergence of the presented innovations with the solutions sought by RAFAKO. The second is the market value of the project and its scalability. The third criterion, on the other hand, is howob and the form of presentation. I believe that the winner of this year’s edition met the aforementioned criteria to the fullest extent, and I will watch with curiosity the further fate of this ambitious team.

This year to join the ranks of Supporting Partners of the PowerUp competition! joined by the National Center for Research and Development. A representative of the institution, Maciej Martyniuk, Director of the Department for the Development of Innovative Program Management Methods at NCRD, powered the composition of the jury. – The offer of the National Research and Development Center is addressed to entrepreneursow roof any size. So our portfolio does not lack programow directed to the teamow, whichor whose ideas are only at the preseed or seed stage, as well as at the startup stage – mowi prof. Maciej Chorowski, director of the National Center for Research and Development. – We believe that combining enthusiasm with knowledge of new technologies, whoore wyroThe young people’s enthusiasm is a valuable source ofoa source of innovation,” he adds.

In addition to RAFAKO, the Gold Partners included roAlso DTEK, for whichorego PowerUp contest! is a chance to discover innovative productsow and services. – Looking for solutions in gas and coal production, heat generation, renewable energy, grid construction, e-mobility, energy efficiency and customer service – enumerates Emanuele Volpe, DTEK Chief Innovation Officer.

Presentations by participantsow were also watched by representatives of the mediaow and investors. The keynote speaker was Greg Albrecht, an advisor and investor associated with the broader business and start-up marketow, whichory launched its first new brands and products at age 19.