Cases as Stories

People in institutions don’t seem to realise what the effects of their actions are. Neither do they realise the costs or the fact that they are used by the creators of money from thin air, to hide that ‘secret’.

The excerpts of a transcript of this session of the Justice Committee spells it out: ask any reasonably well paid public servant, “Could you afford to litigate for three days?” and the answer would be, “No.” The advice you would receive from your lawyer would be, “You’d be much wiser to settle. Take half of what you think, or whatever it may be. Don’t run the risk of being involved in civil litigation.”
The curse is, “May you be involved in litigation”—well, that’s fine, but here’s the crunch—“when you are in the right.”

But each “case” is a terrible tale and an utter shame for humanity.

Ask Maurice Kirk how much money he has spent litigating and how much he got back…

Or ask David Fabb why he thinks his ten solvent companies were bankrupted and how much turnover they made…

And then ask yourself for how long the bankers’ Money Scam can hold their grip on us and everybody who “makes money for a living”…


6 Responses to Cases as Stories

  1. ALBERT JEWELL says:

    Crowle an ancient “MARKET TOWN” in North lincolnshire has recently been made aware of a severe case of “cannibalism” in the area of “DOLE ROAD CROWLE MOOR”.
    Fear is the notorious informous “PEAT BOG MAN may have risen from the dead again
    The Epworth Police became rapidly (or rabidly) involved but due to the lack of witnesses, or incest, to ethe severe molesting of a man by an attempt to cannibalise him. Also due to the fact that had not been called out to deal with this kind of event for three centuries They are now asking theif any more of the “GOD FEARING METHODIST FRATERNITY” have any other cases of mutilation of humans or livestock at farm adjacent to this anceint peat bog. Or have come across CROWs with bite marks appended.
    Wild eyed, furry faces, blacked up for anonymity, disevelled,abusive,screaming animal sounds,heavy breathing sounds (panting). Blooded face,probably bieces of arm between clenched teeth,and brandishing a environment or planning officers clipboard muting “electric”
    ONE SUSPECT: known for his tree chopping and intillectual tallants (fairy stories and lies) Firstclaimed insanity, for making a statement admitting biting,a lump, as late for his dinner (the attach was at dusk).When cautioned his admission of biting could be GBH, he then recanted, and alleged that HE was the victim,and not the perpertrator (“stating so prove its my teeth marks) (if you can”) ??????? Cliaming the real bog cannibal has 16feet arms
    Enquires “MAY” be answered by phone 01724 296000 or email,
    FOR TIPS ON HOW TO CATCH A PEAT BOG MAN?, by using an automatic window closure device contact o1724 2967387 or e-mail Award pending
    THE DEAR DEER SHOOTING COMMUNITY (no shooting accidents yet) have denied the new high tower hide has anything to do with any members erection to shoot the bog cannibal Spokesperson Bob said: “the high tower was erected to film “decoy” ducks on the newly dug pond”, “In the barley field across the public road and not to shoot the wild dear deer or Bog cannibal.
    The predessorsof these wild deer have live on these moor, it is their ancesteral land.
    However Lincolnshire has fenced and topped with barbed wire a conciderable area and has replaced the deer with a flock of hebridean sheep, which are alien and have previously been grazed on these peat moors.,; or CEO, phone 01507522667
    BARBED WIRE AND FAWN DEER , unfortunately the fawns are unable to jump the fence when morther are fleeing hunters guns and are often found dead impaled on the barbed wire. Stag heads are fetching upto £1000 each
    One unnamed local councillor said ” somedays its like the OK Corral at dawn and dusk, there is a huge illigal market for Vennison.”
    NOTW is unable to print this story yet!!!!!!!!!!
    All USA news paper please copy, (Headline Cannibulism spreads to UK

    God Save Us All. JIM.

  2. wakemanclare says:

    i would like to say if social services are not stopped im wondering what the murderers are going to do next

  3. wakemanclare says:

    sabine i need your help urgently can you email me please and i will tell you whats going on mate

  4. Sally Gordon says:

    Read: A Tale of One House. I still waiting for somebody to tell me, how I live with that…..

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