Paulette Cooper (no. 9)

Paulette has not only been bankrupted but her thriving company was also fraudulently liquidated.

Inkersall ManorThis is one of the properties she owned.

Here is a one-page forensic analysis of her trials and tribulations.

Here’s her website to promote her book, Volume 2 of The Forensics of Legal Fraud.

And here’s a list of what she has experienced:

  • a fraudulent liquidation forced by false accounting, causing losses of £2.5 million
  • a ‘phantom hearing’
  • Court Orders as ‘forged instruments’ – used by Richard Savill Liquidator to extort money, stocks and properties from her
  • six properties that she owned in Nottingham were vandalised and tenants driven out
  • incredible violence by an ex-partner forcing her to sign whatever he wanted, in collaboration with accountants and solicitors – including a shotgun in her face
  • Nottingham police ignoring her pleas for help for 12 years
  • Lincolnshire police doing exactly the same 10.5 years later
  • petrol bombing of a van of hers
  • eviction and possession thanks to a ‘mob of 9’ on camera
  • her insurance company refusing to cover her because she’s a bankrupt
  • an Insolvency Practitioner purporting to be a Trustee in bankruptcy and taking the rent from her tenants
  • being exploited by four Insolvency Practitioners:
  1. Richard Savill – partner in Begbies Traynor
  2. Actons solicitors and Insolvency Practitioners
  3. Geoff Carlton Kelly of Baker Tilly London
  4. CRG Insolvency – Charles Ranby Gorwood, Lincoln & Grimsby.

Here’s the list of individuals and organisations who have contributed to the financial rape of a millionairess, either by fraudulent actions or by not taking responsibility for justice, remedy or compenstion and burying evidence or passing the buck instead:

    1. Individuals

o   Rogers / King (thieves)
o   White / Savill (fraudsters)

    1. Local Company

o   Davenham Trust plc

    1. Solicitor Firms

o   Acton’s Solicitors, Nottingham
o   Brown Jacobson, Nottingham

    1. National Insolvency Practitioners

o   Baker Tilly
o   Charles Ranby-Gorwood

    1. Local Institutions

o   Nottinghamshire Police
o   Nottinghamshire Police Standards
o   Nottingham Official Receivers Office
o   Nottingham HMCS Crown Court
o   Lincoln Court
o   Judge Cooper

    1. National Banks

o   NatWest

    1. National Insurance Companies

o   Zurich
o   UGIS

    1. National Institutions

o   Land Registry
o   FSA
o   Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
o   Inland Revenue
o   Serious Fraud Office (SFO)
o   London Met Police
o   Sir Paul Stephenson, Commissioner of the London Met Police
o   London City Police
o   The Legal Ombudsman
o   Office of Fair Trading
o   Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

Paulette writes: “I think these are pretty important things which show the extents they go to in order to destroy your life.” She is now worried for her mum and her daughter as the next level of violence the “authorities” may be willing to “rise” to.

Paulette’s case is no. 9 under Grouping Cases to Enforce the Bank of England Act 1694.


One Response to Paulette Cooper (no. 9)

  1. TATEESDALE says:

    anything ranby gorwood does is no suprise

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