Raymond Fox (no. 18)

This case is summarised on one page here, but includes a number of different levels, extensively documented on Ray Fox Nuclear Nightmare:

  1. Shell is the opponent as the cause of nuclear induced illness which
    • has been condemned by the
    • requires compliance of UK authorities
    • is cause for compensation on MEDICAL grounds
  2. Shell as the opponent of property contamination
    • which deserves compensation on legal, ethical and environmental grounds
  3. Both are refuted by Chief Ethics Officer Richard Wiseman
  4. UK authorities are opponents for bankruptcy
    • Baker Tilly as Insolvency Practitioners
    • The Insolvency Service that doesn’t get involved in individual cases
  5. Local Councils
    • Reading Council are opponents for eviction from rented accommodation
    • Wokingham Council are opponents as they threatened Mrs Fox: stop investigating or we’ll take the children they adopted after their parents died of nuclear induced illness
  6. A judicial review is waiting at the High Court including
    • Reading County Court
    • Reading Council
    • Wokingham Council
  7. In Ray’s favour:
    • the EU petition commission and your MEP Caroline Lucas re SHELL and the collusion with Government and Council
    • Reading County Court was found guilty and fined £6,000 by the European Commission on Human Rights
    • Mrs Josephine Foxley of The Royal Berkshire Hospital saving lives of children and adults of nuclear induced illness
    • German doctor and clinic where Ray stayed for 8 months
    • his MP Alok Sharma and a Housing Advisor for homelessness
    • a friend who wrote the excellent news release
    • Peter Oakes who is an experienced victim who points out that only governmental bodies can break human rights – in his comments re the Office of the Legal Services Ombudsman
    • the article published in Radioactive Times that is repeated on the site of Low Level Radiation Campaign: A Reactor at the Bottom of the Garden.
08 09 26 EU Petitions Decision P1

08 09 26 EU Petitions Decision P1

08 09 26 EU Petitions Decision P2

08 09 26 EU Petitions Decision P2

08 09 26 EU Petitions Decision P3

08 09 26 EU Petitions Decision P3

His case is no. 18 under Grouping Cases to Enforce the Bank of England Act 1694.


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