Financial Fraud

Financial fraud hits 7.5% of Americans in 2008.

In the UK, financial fraud victims are not guaranteed compensation and it is estimated that one in four people has been the victim of financial fraud, i.e. 25%!



10 Responses to Financial Fraud

  1. Edmund Bullingham says:

    I have been asked by an FBI/IRS agent not to disclose any details of the scam that has destroyed my life, because they are closing in on the scum behind it. However, I need to share my experience hope and pain with likeminded people as I am sure victims will understand. My name is Edmund Bullingham, I live in Gloucester England UK and I was introduced to an investment opportunity by a friend, someone I liked and trusted. I invested my inheritance in what was purported to be an oil exploration company in Oklahoma. I cannot say anymore at this stage. The FBI/IRS agent said that some money will be recovered, but it will be just cents to the dollar. I am going to lose everything including my home and my car that depend on the income from that investment. My wife is seriously ill and requires constant attention, which will now be provided on welfare benefits. I want to wake up from this nightmare, I want to die, but my wife totally trusts me to provide for her and has no real concept of what has happened. My friend who introduced me to the scam is in total denial and is telling people I am over reacting and that he trusts the people who introduced him to the scam to sort out the mess for all of us. I am left wondering if I am going mad. The FBI/IRS agent emphasised that he knew there are rumours going round that their investigation is just routine and a minor tax problem. He says it is not, that his department deals with serious international financial crime and money laundering. I am so angry with my friend that I never want to hear his name or see his face in my street. My hope is that this scum will be caught quickly so that I will at least be believed. I have contacted the Gloucester constabulary, but at the time of writing have heard nothing. I feel totally on my own. Edmund Bullingham

    • I’m really sorry, Edmund!

      But I also feel it’s wiser to let your ‘friend’ work FOR you than to ignore him.

      It seems that we each have our own challenge for turning victimisation into ‘starfighting’. From my perspective, it seems you must neither become a victim of your friend, nor of his connections.


      Find all the allies you can!

      Every little helps!

  2. Edmund Bullingham says:

    good advice thanks. I have been writing down my thoughts and talking to people and I have had some closure and am over the anger stage..

  3. Edmund Bullingham says:

    Thanks a lot Police, for nothing!
    Contacted local police three weeks ago, had to leave message as no one to take call
    Finally got back to me two weeks ago and was told local police do not deal with financial fraud any more and that I have go online and fill up an online form at Action fraud.
    The online form said to expect acknowledgmentent in 24 hours, but that not all cases would be looked into.
    That was two weeks ago and still not evenacknowledgmentment.
    Phoned up action fraud and was told once the form is sent to the police they have no control over it,
    I think the next step is my MP, if anybody knows about financial fraud they cowing do. LOL

  4. Edmund Bullingham says:

    Done thanks

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  6. alec brown says:

    like most i been fighting from 07 and 08 about three mortgages which was taken out in my name and after fighting the matter in court my self the F.O.S still say i have to pay them the police say its one persons word against one other and now we find that back in 04/5 he did the same to some one for £289.000 my own was £260.000 the F.O.S are paid for by the banks to look after you got it the Banks

  7. alec says:

    Anonymous well done never seen this before wish i could have got some one to put my own up front

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