False Imprisonments

Just like cancer, you’re only interested when it hits you yourself. Otherwise, it’s too terrible, impossible to imagine, too un-believable.

I have visited innocent prisoners in Cardiff, Holloway, Pentonville and The Verne. And I had to realise that a whole new raft of campaigning goals opens up.

But, actually, there is worse: Section 42, i.e. mental hospital!

Caul Grant has kind of asked for being imprisoned – only to get justice for his son that died due to neglect by the NHS.

Ronald Castree certainly did not ask to be imprisoned.

Neither did Maurice J Kirk BVSc (born in 1945) whom South Wales Police would have liked to have shot but now torture him in prison.

But don’t ask me about all the women whose kids were taken and who are imprisoned on top of it! Above all, the completely staged farce of a trial regarding the Musas.

What is deeply worrying is what we call the “second generation radar”: when girls are in ‘care’ and become pregnant, their kids are virtually guaranteed to be taken.

  • They have no idea what’s happening to them
  • they can’t possibly defend themselves
  • they are potentially NEVER given a chance to prove that they CAN be a good mother!

Society is truly being eroded from within.

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33 Responses to False Imprisonments

  1. Ashley Walsh says:

    With regards to arrests, Carol Woods (Ms) has now been arrested at least 9 times, Lancaster Police and Harrow. They have paid for a ‘court taxi’ (big white van with little windows) from Harrow to Preston then told her ‘you have been sentenced, go’! This was the 2 July and was in Preston Magistrates, Court 2, closed the court for the day and then my mums hearing (yea right?). The ‘judge’ hmmmm!? stated he could not believe her (Carol Woods) disregard for the Law, ah, what a statement, if there ever was a contradiction.
    Last time they arrested my mum was 5 August this year, help her for 2 days (Harrow again) and then she vanished, Harrow denied all knowledge of her being there, I tried to log her as a missing person, odd how you have to report this to the Police, my answer was ‘it is the Police’ so, no response there, again. It actually transpired that my mum was being led to believe she was being sectioned, she was given 15 minutes on an obscure mobile to ring me, she gave me two numbers that the ‘supposed doctors’ had asked to ring on, these number clearly are out of use, infact, checking the systems where I work, history shows, the ‘supposed’ medical unit ceased to exist as of October 2009..
    I told her just to thank them for free bed and board, she did the same and they asked her to leave, she now is one of the UK’s only residents that shows she is not mental.
    Since she stopped at mine for an interim period the police visited 4 times, to which I know about, for no reason, they just love banging on my door and shouting my name, and my mums when it suits them.. Oh soooo popular.

  2. peter hough says:

    I have been trying to contact Carol Woods , please ask her to contact Peter Hough , 07854 413176

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou very much for contacting me Sabine , i have and currently being tortured and abused by people calling themselves Lancashire Constabulary who are using Satellite stalking methods to inflict pain to make me drop a 6 figure legal claim against my ex employer , they have been working in conjunction with my ex employer and the freemasons and illuminati.

    I was reading Some comments Carol Woods made about the constabulary stalking and harassing her and she mentioned they was responsible for a death of her friend , i believe everything she says and i am experiencing similar issues , believe me if it is not happening to you it is very difficult to believe what a dark web of deceit goes on behind the doors of Hierarchy.

    I am someone with an investigations background experience and have worked for lancashire constabulary , i wanted to swap information with Carol to see what coincidences or similarities that come up.

    I am severely disabled through my accident at work and these horrendous people using this stalking method to induce torture and abuse has to stop.

    please see http://www.satelliteissues.com to bring you upto date with their new methods of blackmail and control and torture methods.

    This is all illuminati and freemasons ( police hierarchy and affluent business people)

    KInd regards and thankyou for replying.


  4. ANONYMOUS says:

    I have contact details for her daughter but some of the information she puts out is questionable.

  5. ANONYMOUS says:

    I had extensive communications with the daughter last year, and went to bat for her with Lancashire police, but some of her information didn’t hold up when I checked it out with the courts. When questionned, she dropped from sight.

  6. Ashley says:

    I am just updating this and can state that people who chose to stay anonymous quite clearly are ‘just that’. I have had no extensive communication with any individual and can state, all information ‘I put out’ is based on fact, what I have witnessed not what I have been told. If I talk about paperwork and quote the same, it is only questionable by those who issued the paperwork. So please, instead of remaining anonymous just either ask to see paperwork or go quiet. Usually, as proven before, those who do not show their identity usually are ‘moronic coppers’ who try and shed doubt. As long as we know what’s what (fact), Other people are entitled to their opinion, I had ‘anonymous’ on another page I set up, that didn’t go down well either (HUB pages). One last question, if a house is in mine by title then how can it be sold without my knowledge or signature? That’s what anonymous may be trying to cast doubt on, again fact. I have copy original deeds and my name as title holder.

    • Thank You, Ashley!

      It is very sad to see so many people hide behind ‘anonymous’. It’s different if they genuinely take risks by exposing.

      The falsification of official documents is the most standard white collar crime that I’ve encountered. Whether to buy your house or other assets!…

      With BIG sighs,

    • Jean James says:

      I tried very hard to help Carol Woods through you, Ashley, but after telling me about a letter received from the Royal Courts of Justice, and giving me a file number for a court appeareance, I then contacted the court myself and found your statement to be untrue. When I asked you about it, you never responded. Subsequent attempts to communicate with you were ignored.

      This was after much communication with you, and much effort extended on your’s and Carol’s behalf. I was never able to contact Carol directly because you said you had no way of contacting her or knowing where she was, and found it very difficult to communicate with you or get any information that would prove helpful in aiding Carol. Your communications were always very unclear.

      I have discussed your case with police outside of Lancashire and sent correspondence to government extensively. I put in quite a lot of time trying to help some years ago, but you always disappeared when I needed questions answered, and never responded to direct questions. I have never actually seen any evidence. I offered to phone you, but you gave me some excuse.

      Even your email doesn’t seem to work any more.

      If we could deal with Carol directly, instead of going through you, I think we would be able to help. As you know, I also corresponded extensively with Lancashire Police, and you told me afterwards that, as a result, some of the harassment had died down. Of course, they admitted nothing.

      Any further attempts to help received no response from you, so I question how much you actually want to help your mother, if you do not reply or answer questions.

      If you can contact me privately again with an update on Carol and her contact details, I have an idea that might help. So far, you have ignored my communications since I told you that your last statement about the court hearing proved to be untrue.

      If people cannot communicate directly with Carol herself, I don’t see how anyone can help, especially without seeing any evidence. You told me you didn’t have the paperwork because Carol would not show it to anyone and hid it away.

      I really don’t see, then, how your mother’s case could move forward, although I would very much like it to.

      I do hope Carol is safe and well.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone spoken to Carol Woods lately?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Has Carol Woods thought of contacting Big Issue in the North with view to article(s) about the strange closure of Fylde Community Care Home and impact on former occupants & employees?

  9. Ashley says:

    By typing this Jean one could assume that you are simply trying to muddy the waters. I am not in a position to forward paperwork, it is not mine. There has never been any ‘direct questions that warrant a response to be fair. Carol has asked about you and has done her own research and by choice, her choice, has not wanted to contact you.;
    The information that you were forwarded direct as received by myself, not typed by myself, you did check and by your own admission (I still hold all the emails) stated something quite different at that point.
    As I, by choice, have not responded to you since is because you are, to be fair, out of your comfort zone.
    You have taken on board information relayed to you by others who know Carol Woods, I have proven what they state to be lies, yet you simply trust their version of events. One could only take from this that you are simply trying your hardest to cover up what has happened to Carol Woods with your own deluded versions of events with a smoke screen for others, who are truly interested, to then question and not support her. Too late, I have had no contact with my mum for over 2 years, by choice again.
    Jean, based on what you emailed me I could see that you have not had ‘DIRECT’ experience to the level we have had to endure. My version of events, as with all others, matches and doesn’t change. Fact doest change, your version of email contact with myself has changed again so one could assume you are a liar.

  10. Jean James says:

    Hello, Ashley. I am happy to know that Carol doesn’t want my help, and that I need no longer be concerned for her. However, for the record, I have not “taken onboard” things that others who know her have said about her, as I do not know people who know her.

    However, your comment is interesting and curious.

    I do realise you didn’t have the paperwork. It doesn’t make it any the less difficult to have tried to get information in order to help, but not been able to get it. It appears to have been a non-starter, but I tried with a good heart. We live and learn.

    Best wishes. I hope all your problems are now solved.

  11. liz robillard says:

    Detained – liz robillard

  12. Ashley says:

    My mum was sent to prison for a few weeks, or should I say, the majority was spent in a holding cell. Paper work they [corrupt UK cartel] like to think has vanished, unfortunately for them, as my Cousin tends to know the routine in female prisons, she was sentenced and found my mum wandering around the same prison ‘exercise yard’, one witness they didn’t bank on. My mum blew the ‘whistle’ on illegal land seizure by the local council, unbeknownst to her, this then branched to the police, Courts, an awful lot of Government agencies, hence her house being illegally seized, as the Council put in their letter, ‘we want your house’. I’ve spend a night in the cells with a close friend of mine and her partner, all for simply sitting in my mums house. My son was then hounded and spent a night in the cells, my Uncle was accused of damaging a car and ended up in a cell, my nephew, again, ended up in a cell, one by one, we all have ended up in cells. They carry on and they get away with it.

  13. Liz says:

    I thuink you’ll find that the paranoia and distress caused – is hacker-induced mentl illness and trauma. Hackers have been destroying computers and hacking for years on end. Time they were stopped, be they public or private – the computer misuse act isn’t working and law must be enforced to offer better protection against hacking as private companies profit from ‘ethical’ hacking and tracking. We need more privacy options. I hope that historical cases of hacking will be brought to justice as it has caused much illness and that type of stalking costs lives. We’re not talking about sily people in love ‘love bombing’- we are talking computer literate IT trained, paedophiles and psychopaths.

  14. Liz says:

    sorry for typos, fighting ‘script kiddies’ now (!) – here is website that says what happens in mental hospitals http://mother-4-justice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/pds-psychiatry-and-psychopaths-insight.html

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the comment and I acknowledge the same. I recently found out the case law used to obtain by fraud Carol Woods’s house and also the names of the purported doctor and health worker who have an open file on her. This information has been sought for years and by going to the NHS direct using the old ‘I want to say thank you’, the receptionist got caught up in the scenario and disclosed the names and department, Early Intervention Team in Blackpool of all places, they are trying to following up my then bombardment of a complaint however I am constantly working outside their hours but will progress this complaint until her (Carol Woods) file is closed. The Land Registry again acted thinking they were being helpful and I am actually now privy to the content of a letter they apparently sent to me, the clause used to take her home was never looked at time frame wise and could never have been used. I am not throwing caution to the wind, however, the internet and the post are never secure, the same in all Countries no doubt.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Just following on Liz, thank you for the link. I will certainly view the same, from work, as their fire walls are far greater than mine. Although, as the internet is never secure, I may as well access from home. Daft isn’t it when we have to second guess but always draw the same conclusion?!

  17. Jean says:

    Some years have passed since I first made contact with Carol Wood’s daughter, Ashley. Since that time, and as a result of trying to help others and hearing about what happened to them, I now believe that the document from the courts that I tried to verify with the Royal Courts of Justice, which was sent to Carol, and which was in the possession of her daughter, was most likely a completely forged document, which is why there was no record of it at the Royal Courts of Justice when I phoned to verify its validity and was told there was no such filing/case/document number.

    It is through the hard work of Gedaljahu Ebert, Guy Taylor, and others who have taken time to study legal documents forensically, and the sharing of information at an increased pace over the internet by more and more victims, that victims of serious white collar crime are now aware that the criminal organisation(s) behind the theft of homes, farms, and properties is creating and issuing fraudulent legal documents and forging signatures, much of which is as a result of the lax security protocols in the court system, the advent of readily available digital printing equipment, and the refusal of police and government to investigate white collar crimes.

    More people are now becoming aware that these thefts, forgeries, fraudulent documents, unlawful evictions, imprisonments, and more are happening to hundreds, if not thousands, of people all over the country but the breadth and depth of the crimes, and the extent to which the highly organised criminal fraternity had penetrated government and the legal establishment had not been fully understood by anyone until now.

    There are still no proper security protocols in the court system, and virtually no oversight of the adherence/lack of adherence to Civil Procedure Rules by anyone within the court system and court offices across the country. The Conservative/Lib Dem government has cut back police resources dramatically, and has plans to cut back even more. George Osborne holds all the purse strings and is under financing the Serious Fraud Office, thereby controlling the manner in which serious economic crime is or is not investigated.


    Obviously, the criminals have deeply penetrated every area of public life, as disclosed in the Independent newspaper some time back and police, and those in authority are either involved or powerless to stop it. Most likely there are two teams.

    I just caught Rob Wainwright deleting, without reading, sixty of my emails containing intelligence, which had been sent to him at Europol since May 2014, and which contained intelligence. It is no wonder he has found fighting crime a challenge if he will not read information sent to him. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/organised-crime-surge-in-eu-smuggling-counterfeit-and-internet-abuse–all-in-a-days-work-for-europol-8816846.html

    I see that Carol is alive and well, which is something for us all to be grateful for. If anyone is in contact with her, perhaps they can show her my post.

    • Wow. TRUE, TRUE, TRUE what you’re saying, Jean!!!

      Am disappointed to read about Rob Wainwright as he was recommended to me as a way of ‘side stepping’ the corrupt UK Police… But that’s maybe why he was sent to The Hague from Wales…

  18. Jean says:

    It seems that Carol Woods is currently detained unlawfully in a mental institution in Harrowgate. I wonder if anyone is helping her.



    Ms Carol Woods says:
    December 7, 2015 at 12:12 pm

    My house was stolen wrecked and looted on 27 Oct 2008 and then 19 Nov 08, they Gestapo who claimed then that Lancashire County Council had bankrupted me (assets £400.000.00) then the other “reasons” followed. Currently they claim 2 doctors spoke to me and decided I was mentally ill on 7 Nov 2015 AGAIN when no 2 doctors spoke to me at all now I have names of those said to be involved: AWAN and PARIK the police have since changed their statement as to events meanwhile I am illegally detained in Harrogate privately at a cost to YOU the tax payer of £4k a week. The sleazy in this miniature Hillsborouugh have also changed their statements. Apparently I was classed as deluded because I claim it is MY house and never sold yet THEY claim the mortgagee repossessed it. My title deeds show there never was a mortgage. I owned it outright so they then claimed I bought it via proceeds of crime but do not seem to have been in court for anything. My house is Cherry Trees Sunnyside Lane Lancaster and a police officer TRACEY KENNEDY lives there. I was Instructed on 24 5 2010 JUSTICE MACKAY HIGH COURT LONDON to go home and forcibly remove anyone in my house sue them and prosecute them; the Gestapo where I went for help arrested me as a likely terrorist. Be honest I couldn’t make this up. Corrupt in Land registry CHERYL KAYE and CAROL McATEER Wrea Green who told me a dead person could be appointed by the Secretary of State to sell my house in a bogus bankruptcy. I found that the “trustee” appointed was actually dead. EVERAD Gloucester and JOHN POWNALL Weymouth who both actively prevented me from meeting with appointed persons in FRAUD they were TONY ASH and JULIE GRANT both decent people. Emails intercepted and Gestapo led and all know and nobody does and damn thing. England 21st C The punishment was because of my mu whistleblowing in 2001 illegal land seizure of 134 acres Blackpool area and the murder of Sheila Bridge corporate manslaughter never investigated. This is the masonic bully boys.

    https://victims-unite.net/our-cases-as-s … try-fraud/

  19. j2r2r says:

    Back in 1973 I was admitted into an adults psychiatric hospital at the age of twelve because I had epilepsy. This was Pen-y-fai hospital in Bridgend, South Wales, next to Glanrhyd Hospital where Maurice Kirk has been.

    I am awaiting compensation for being abused by a psychiatric nurse while I was in Pen-y-fai Hospital and with this being an adults psychiatric hospital I was too young to be in this hospital, so I was an easy target for perverted nurses.

    I have rebuilt my life and written a book “A Pain In The Rs” which exposes what I was put through by the authorities undermining my intelligence and subjecting me to twenty years of oppression while suppressing the truth of what they were doing to me while I was living in the Bridgend area which in 2007 became the suicide capital of the UK.

    I now live on the Fylde and regularly visit Lancaster and Morecambe.

  20. j2r2r says:

    Over the years I have come across many victims – some well known, other like myself not heard of much. Derek and Joan Bye (daughter Helenor), William Powell atson Robbie with Robbie’s Law), Teresa Cooper (Kendal House, Gravesend, Kent CofE abuse but Justin Welby isn’t interested in conducting a full enquiry), plus many more and now Carol Woods.

    Incidentally, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board lost my medical notes which contained my treatment and evidence of where I was back in 1973 and only go back to 1980. South Wales Police were unable to look into a criminal prosecution so it went under a civil case and the balance of probabilities together with being cross-examined they found me to be genuine, reliable and it all pointed into my favour. I am awaiting to see how much compensation I get and will be doing another book on the roots of evil and abuse within society and why those in authority and trust are likely to be the biggest abusers.

  21. ann says:

    any one can e mail me carol woods details please.
    l would like to speak with this lady.

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