Ronald Castree (no. 24)

On 28th August 2007 I visited Ronald Castree along with Patrick Cullinane at Armley jail after much difficulty in getting a visit. We both attended the subsequent bail hearing along with witness George Wescott.

We knew that Castree was in the process of being stitched up for the Molseed murder by bent cop Max McLean who had taken on the mantle of Dick Holland, the cop who stitched up Kiszko.

Ronald Castree signed the authorisation below for Patrick Cullinane to act for him and knowing that, judge Stephen Gullick jailed Patrick for 4 months and actually stated in open court that he didnt want him around when the trial of Castree came on. Patrick’s crime was recording his client’s bail application in order to be fully briefed on the facts of the case when preparing his defence for Castree who had been refused bail and didnt even have a pen in the jail, much less any phone numbers of his friends or acquaintances since his dawn arrest a year earlier. He never stood a chance of getting a fair trial. His family had been alienated against him and he was all alone and fearful.

A different judge, Mr Justice Openshaw was brought in from Liverpool to preside over this high profile stitch up.

Clearly Openshaw had been briefed about Mr Cullinane as evidenced by the letter from the court manager below.

This judicial conspiracy to deny Castree his legal representative of choice meant that he was defenceless. The jury heard a tissue of police lies that were not challenged or questioned by the court appointed defence lawyers.  He was convicted as was planned by Superintenent Max McLean and the pervert judges named above.

It was blatant malfeasance and a bloody mindset to convict by both judges who were Castree’s last line of defence. Castree foolishly put his trust in the judges to give him a fair trial not knowing that they were bent on stitching him up and had conspired together in this.

There was a pressing need to solve this 30 year old murder above all other murders since Kiszko’s exoneration had opened it up to scrutiny.

So Ronald Castree became the second man to be stitched up for the Lesley Molseed murder, a murder that really needed to be solved because the police knew who the real killer was. That man was Peter Sutcliffe but he is supposed to be the Ripper and the last thing they needed was a spotlight on him and his assaults on young girls which might undermine his conviction as the Ripper under his deal whereby he confessed to all the Ripper murders in addition to his own copycat killings in return for ten years in the mental and no trial.

Sutcliffe had masturbated over Lesley just as he had done six weeks earlier to 14 year old Tracy Browne in Silsden. His white car with red upholstry was seen at the scene and Marcella Claxton described it six months later when Sutcliffe made a similar assault on her and masturbated over her also.

Noel O’Gara

Author of The Real Yorkshire Ripper

From Patrick Cullinane, the legal advisor:

TAKE 2 – This is Norman Scarth’s video exposing the Police State in Britain; where Police and Bailiffs are attacking and MURDERING We the People with impunity in the UK: –

Norman Scarth now 84 years
Born 1925. Served in the navy during World War II. Retired stud farmer.  Contested the Chesterfield by-election in 1997 as an Independent Old Age Pensioner. Contested the 2007 Sedgefield by-election as an anti-crime candidate.

Until the age of 70 Norman [who was described by Tony Benn as a ‘WW2 War Hero’] was proud to be British, but then came a succession of shocks as he learned that corruption was endemic in the civil courts of Britain. He made a dramatic change of career, becoming an observer, researcher and student of law at the University of Leeds, a Parliamentary candidate, Human Rights activist; and author of a book ‘Cause for Concern’ which denounces and names dishonest judges. This made him powerful enemies. Here, in Normans own words, he refutes the media reports that he attacked someone with a chainsaw. “You might like to add that at first the prosecution said it was a hedge-trimmer, but ‘chain saw’ sounded much more horrific. (IF I had ‘launched a violent attack with a chain saw’, he would surely have been dead? Not driving his car soon afterwards.) The truth is, I didn’t attack anyone with anything.

I was the one who was attacked – & not for the first time either!

As told elsewhere, the first potentially lethal terror attack on me was 11 months before, 8th August 1999.  There has been a nation-wide cover-up of that police crime, prosecuting me being part of the cover-up.  The cover-up continues to this day.


PS: Teale actually said that he was having great difficulty keeping his hands off me in court!

Now you will have a better understanding why We the People are JAILED for using our OWN Tape Recorders and Video Cameras in the UK’s CORRUPT RECORDLESS Courts – which is CONTROL by tyranny.   Please visit the following link for further incontrovertible EVIDENCE of this totalitarianism in Her Majesty’s Courts in the UK: –

The Times: By Heather Brooke – 28 July 2010
The courts are open but justice is a closed book
We are denied even the barest details of what goes on in supposedly public legal proceedings urt-secrecy/comment-page-1/#comment-5067

The following incontrovertible EVIDENCE demonstrate that Her Majesty’s Bureaucratic Kangaroo Courts are NOT OPEN – but SELECTIVE: –

The above Court Order was made while I was in JAIL; therefore, I was denied a HEARING, and where is the TRANSCRIPT of this ‘HEARING’?

Notwithstanding, that I was Ronald Castree’s chosen legal representative: –

Yours truthfully,

Patrick Cullinane: – BIG victim also of these RECORDLESS Kangaroo Courts in Police State Britain.

Ban from Bradford Crown Court

Authorisation by Ronald Castree

Comments from Norman Scarth:

Subject: Open Courts?
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2010 13:42:38 +0100

Dear Heather Brooke,
The courts are NOT open.  Wishing to observe a murder trial from the public gallery in Bradford Crown Court, I was aggressively barred from even entering the building!  The ONLY reason was that I had visited the Defendant in prison while he was on remand, having done so at the request of a third party, & having no opinion on his guilt or innocence.  They were determined the public gallery would contain only people who were hostile to the Defendant, the jury being influenced by hostile murmurings from the gallery.  In spite of that, the guilty verdict was not unanimous.  It was 10 to 2.  I DID attend Leeds Crown Court for the ‘hearing’ of the Defendant’s Application for Permission to Appeal.  The Public Gallery had a smoked glass screen at eye level, little different to a brick wall, those in court only visible as shadowy figures, acoustics also being very poor, & no chance to improve by lip reading.  The barrister who PURPORTED to be acting for the Defendant was even more hostile to him than the prosecution.  He referred to the Defendant (his client!) as “This pathetic creature”.  Though a person’s physical appearance does not indicate innocence or guilt, in fact the Defendant looked as normal as anyone there, & certainly was not a ‘pathetic looking creature’, despite the dire situation he was in.
Norman Scarth.

I note your response to Noel O’Gara’s story of the happenings around the trial of Ronald Castree for the murder of little Lesley Molseed, for which Stefan Kisko had previously been stitched up, & had served 14 years in prison before he was finally proved to be innocent.  This was thanks to his mother who never lost faith in her son, & worked tirelessly all those years.  I think she lived to see his vindication, but died about six months later.  Stefan himself was a broken man, & only lived another two years.
Though my message to Heather Brooke (below) does not give a name, it was in fact Ronald Castree.  As said, I had no views of his guilt or innocence, & only went to visit him in Armley Gaol at the request of Noel, because I lived fairly near, Noel was in Ireland, & Patrick was in prison himself.  Ronald certainly did NOT have fair trial, & the ‘Application for Permission to Appeal’, which I DID attend, was grotesque.  As with me (on a lesser charge) the determination to use any dirty trick to convict makes me feel that Ronald was indeed innocent.  One then comes up against the argument, ‘If we release him, we MIGHT be allowing a murderer back on the streets’.  Well, I am even more convinced of his innocence by thoughts as follow.  It is extremely unlikely that a  man who could commit such a terrible crime (& got away with it) would go thirty years without doing something similar.  We can be sure that every unsolved crime during that time has been gone through with a microscope looking for some evidence that Ronald was involved.  If he had been you can be sure that with modern DNA etc. they would have found it, & with the sometimes unhealthy desire to stamp ‘SOLVED’ on every unsolved case, you can be sure they would have nailed it on Ronald.  In fact, they have come up with absolutely nothing.  So, knowing for sure that Ronald has gone thirty years without committing a crime, we can be sure that he is as safe to be on the streets as anyone in Britain.
PS:  Ian Huntley, was convicted of the Soham murders of the two little girls  At the time I was like everybody else, with no doubts about his guilt.  From the time he was first charged, he has been demonised (along with his girlfriend, Maxine Carr).  There are people who say his conviction was the biggest stitch-up ever, for the foulest of reasons. I tend to believe them.  N.


15 Responses to Ronald Castree (no. 24)

  1. Victoria lowery says:

    Hi my name is Victoria Lowery and as a mature student i am currently studying my access to law and criminology and we are currently studying the lesley molseed case. We are required to produce an essay on miscarriages of justice namely Kiszko’s case. But after researching the facts i believe that Ronald Castree is a victim too and im currently presenting my case in my assignment. If you have any more information on this case i would be really grateful as i am very passionate about this subject.
    Many Thanks

    • bill says:

      their was a lot of stitching up going on with the police in the seventy’s and eighty’s and far more corruption than what the average man would think bill

  2. bystander says:

    Why was Castrees DNA found on Molseeds underwear? They got the right man this time.

    • Daniel says:

      The defence seemingly didn’t challenge the evidence so all we have is an assertion that has the same value of 1976 conviction. I find destruction of clothes but retention of piece of tape very fortuitous, conscientious foresight or downright questionable depending upon when Alec Jeffrey’s DNA breakthrough occurred & how public research was at the time. Until defence has access & runs tests all have is an unverified ‘problem-solved’ report.

  3. Hay take a look at the last person to see Lesley apart from to so called killer. Christopher Coverdale who now resides in Philippines, who likes the attention of very young girls . West yorkshire poioce wake up your murderer may be here in the Philippines .But thats not my duty to follow its yours .

  4. Michael wrigley says:

    Ronald Castree sexually abused a friend of mine who was 8 at the time in 1978. He was fined 30 pounds. Police found duck tape a knife and rope in his vehicle the same day. This is merely an observation of some facts.

    • Daniel says:

      Was this reported in the local press at the time? I thought meant DUCt tape but think Duck is a brand of duct tape. Makes you wonder why no one looked again at Mr Kiszko’s unsafe conviction then. Can only presume culture dictated don’t reanalyse ‘solved’ cases. Especially if evidence omitted to secure false conviction to keep public unsafe but happy.

  5. Arny says:

    Should be shot

  6. daniel R H says:

    I find it curious Stefan Kiszko was described in a book ‘….to them he was a ridiculously comic character’ in reference to how he was supposedly viewed/treated by local children In passing. Since revealed local children lied facilitating police stitch up / handing them a patsy on a plate. Presumably officers wrote those witness statements too.

    Then there is Ronald Castree arrested, long after 08 MAY 2001 reopened the case/hunt, a comic book & magazine book dealer who had featured already in the national or local press with a photo in his comic store. 01/10/2005 arrest, charged 05/11/2006. Interesting learn about Macella / TBrown(e) link and white car with REaD markings. Corsair I believe, other being Red with coincidentally (?) numbers 7 1 2 in some order in the plate and P HEG letters. If this was bought after 08.10.75 it’s like wearing a badge, sick joke or unfortunate coincidence. 22 May 1981 I think P Sutcliffe/Coonan conviction.

    Makes you wonder whether someone went through old records / convictions or whether Mr Castree really did get arrested as a result of a complaint by (un named?) sex-worker/escort. Maybe genuine. Maybe needed damn good reason to explain delay given public image problems over competence. Maybe he is guilty. If so would you risk opening a comic business given that phrase in a book read by thousands of legal professionals / students / police / public? Hidden In Plain Sight or scapegoat. Either way given that & 12.07.76 conviction prior to 21.07.76 conviction of Stefan Kiszko & I believe a further conviction of R Castree it is hard to believe Mr Castree was not considered earlier, however this might upset solved case. Case of shut book g’day mate. ’16 Years’ later couldn’t go find Mr Castree without cause. As for evidence, not convinced either way, evidence was supposed convict Stefan. What imprisoned him was the absent evidence.

    ‘Cause for Concern’ I have to read that.

    This reply I not intended to offend nor take a position on guilt/innocence merely to remain open minded & suspicious. Evidence can be falsified by Councils I’m sure Police can be as thorough ruthless & calculating. Wouldn’t surprise me if the lady was ‘sent out to snare a suspect’ whether police or civilian.

  7. john says:

    Ronald castree is scum and should be raped every day until he dies

  8. Daniel says:

    I make no comment about Soham especially as 15th anniversary is pending.

    With regards to Mr Castree despite 1976 conviction I am appalled an appeal would be denied. Also that examination of purported evidence seems to be resisted or avoided by appointed a defence lawyer whom you suggest was merely there to prevent a fair inquisitorial unbiased appeal permission hearing.

    Surely Leslie’s family, Stefan’s family & general public are entitled to CONFIDENCE IN THE CONVICTION and the proceedings not merely same unquestioning empty ‘we’ve got him’ media assurances. Given Nick Castree’s career options were reportedly a bar to a police career, and upset caused to that family of conviction that may not be safe, there can be no excuse for opening up the case to scrutiny. Not least given been one likely deliberate M.O.J already and immeasurable upset. Shocked let same force reinvestigate unsupervised. For there to be faith in conviction needs to be a defence willing question forensics & given access.

    I’m getting used to misuse of power (to strike out claims / refuse appeal permission) by HMCTS courts tribunals and council council tax misinforming court to secure liability orders not entitled to. Seems culture of DWP hitting targets via HMCTS dismissing appeals too easily and then refusing further appeals for improper reasons.

    A proper appeal is needed to give confidence in conviction or allow yet another relaunched investigation into Ms Molseed’s murder.

    I would hope Home SecretAry and relevant M.Ps (Leeds Bradford Rochdale) or CCRC would see it from public’s eyes rather than being defensive re compensation or admitting fault.

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