Legal Mafia Evidence

Austin Mitchell MP coined the term ‘legal mafia’ in this Daily Telegraph article in 2001.

The key points are:

  1. George Stevenson MP said “the Law Society is more interested in protecting its members’ interests than the public’s”
  2. the self-regulation of solicitors was failing consumers
  3. the Lord Chancellor’s department has taken on the role of protecting vested interests and was in collusion with the Law Society.

Austin Mitchell MP affirmed the article by writing True! and signing a copy on March 6th in 2012, when we launched the Association of McKenzie Friends.

Here I shall collect ‘simple’ evidence such as


12 Responses to Legal Mafia Evidence

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  3. The little British Apartheid Regime’s came to South Africa and in 1871 Stole my, my forebearers’ and others’ Diamond etc Land & Minerals since the 1700’s, as per my Researches and discoveries and then continued to ill-treat and abuse us to-date, in the workplaces too, with the Mining Corporations of De Beers, Gold Fields, AAC, Gencor, Rio Tinto, etc….and ALL it’s racist British cultured Bosses of Mr. Rhodes, etc & MOSTLY THE OPPENHEIMERS & other BOSSES, ‘managers’, Corporations & Companies, keeping us impoverished, then STEALING my and my greatgrandparents Gold Land & Minerals in the Witwatersrand, then forcing my grandmother to move and then after 20yrs, STEALING her over 300 properties too.
    I had discovered and supplied my PROOFS to the effect to the said Authorities and have still NOT received my and our Restitution, Restoration & Reparations to-date, from these evil Regimes which includes the ANC-SACP too.
    I also have NO Faith or TRUST in any of their corrupt Regime-biased abusicve judicial systems and ‘commission’ & ‘courts’ either as the Charles Warren Report I discovered too, proves that Criminal Britain is still using the same corrupt thieving, lying methods since the 1870’s and as per the British ANC-SACP too. I and we want Out-Of-Court settlements as per my Recommendations and Demands made to the above. If they have any consciences, decency, respect, morals, ethics, humanity etc. then they will do so with immediate effect, failing which, they are proving to still be the World’s Expert Mafiozi’s!

  4. The Only Companies I found to have had decent and respectable Management, were Aerial King Sales, Majolica Pottery, Schindler Lifts SA, Siemens SA, Liberty Life SA, SASTECH – Sasol, Anglo-Alpha Cement & Rand Merchant Bank. The other’s ALL followed their masters of De Beers, AAC, Cape plc, Rio Tinto, Gold Fields, etc. with all it’s racist British Bosses, including the one’s born in British Stolen Ruled and Controlled Southern Africa & Australasia! with their ‘scientific’ racist insults to, when they themselves look like Apes etc – look at the likes of Darwin, Churchill, etc, etc.
    They THINK they have the Right to do to us and others as they evilly please, just because they are terrorist, violence, abusive – overtly and covertly more powerful with their barbaric, savagery, Impossed and enforced Policies and practices and STOLEN wealth!

    They also THINK that they can CONTROL the Media and History Books because they OWN the Publishing thereof, from our STOLEN wealth.
    If they were decent Examples of the Human secies, then only could they do to us as they please. This includes their abuses towards decent British people too, of whom I too am one, but because I/ we all are NOT of their satanic ilk, they ill-treat us. Also, they must stop abusing, insulting, attacking and killing the Gay people too, whom they also HATE, because they themselves and their ill downwards on the streets, are filled with Hatred, Violence and Evilness.


  5. Julius says:


    Rooted in Shariah
    Hezbollah literally burst onto the world scene in 1983 when it killed 241 U.S. Marines in a suicide at- tack on their barracks. Operating in coordination with senior levels of Ayatollah Khomeini’s revolutionary regime – which armed, funded, inspired and trained it, Hezbollah subsequently launched a campaign of global terror marked by bombings, hijackings, kidnappings, and incessant attacks against Israel.
    These attacks included ones Hezbollah-carried out (under Iranian direction), notably the 1992 and 1994 bombings in Buenos Aires against the Israeli Embassy and AMIA Jewish Cultural Center, respectively. As noted elsewhere in this report, at about the same time, Hezbollah joined its Shiite Iranian sponsors in an operational relationship with al Qaeda, under the aegis of the Sudanese government and the pan-Islamic Sunni cleric, Hassan al-Turabi. That partnership made possible the Khobar Towers suicide attack of 1996, the East Africa Embassy bombings in 1998, the USS Cole attack in 2000 and, ultimately, 9/11 itself.
    Hezbollah styles itself a violent movement in the service of shariah. Its official symbol is a globe and an upraised arm brandishing an AK-47 rifle. There is real meaning to the imagery of that symbol: It starkly shows that Hezbollah is an Islamic jihadist organization dedicated to the imposition of shariah across the world. Hezbollah’s official name in Arabic, Hizb Allah-Al-thawra Al-Islamiya fi Lubnan, appears below the globe and means “The Islamic Revolution in Lebanon.”
    Visually, the positioning of the character “A” of “Allah” is linked above to the upraised arm with the AK-47, to signify divine sanction for the group. A Quran rests atop the letter “b” of the word “Hizb” (party), which is fashioned in the shape of a traditional lectern for the Muslim scriptures, conveying the message that Hezbollah is legitimate and based upon the Quran. Finally, emblazoned above the Hezbollah symbol is the Quranic verse, “Fa-inna Hizb Allah hum alghalibun,” which means “Lo, the Party of God, they are the victori- ous ones.”295

  6. Julius says:

    Hezbollah Leadership Organization
    Nasrallah is an iconic figure to millions of Lebanese Shia. His fiery speeches evoking shariah and ji- had contribute to the cult of personality that surrounds him. He was born in southern Lebanon and wears the black turban that signifies bloodline descent from the Prophet Mohammed. Nasrallah was educated in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf.
    The Hezbollah leader is viewed as a tough, charismatic leader whose own son, Hadi, was killed in ac- tion against the Israelis in 1997. He lives under multiple layers of security in the Hezbollah stronghold of southern Beirut and is seldom seen in public for fear of Israeli assassination operations and rose to Hezbollah leadership in 1992 after Israeli forces killed his predecessor, Sheikh Abbas Musawi. He earned the sobriquet of “the man who never lies,” because of his record of turning military success against the Israeli Defense Forces into political gains for Lebanese Shiites.
    Hezbollah is run by the Executive Shura headed by Secretary General Nasrallah, who manages the group’s day-to-day activities and makes all decisions related to financial, judicial, military, political, and social issues. The Consultative Council is comprised of 12 key figures among the Hezbollah leadership and meets on a weekly basis to discuss current matters. There is also a Supervisory Committee, or Politburo, comprised of 15 select Shiite clergy members, that conveys Consultative Council dictates to Lebanon’s regional areas and coordinates propaganda and support services at the local level.
    Thanks to an annual infusion of funding from Iran that amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars, Hezbollah operates civil defense centers, clinics, hospitals, and schools across Shiite areas of Lebanon other- wise underserved by the central government. Hezbollah has been exceptionally adept at developing a grass- roots network and insinuating itself into Lebanese society.
    Hezbollah runs youth groups, scout troops, and summer camps that inculcate hatred of Jews, infidels and Americans from the earliest ages. In addition, it also provides physical and weapons training to children in preparation for later military service. The legendary loyalty of Hezbollah’s fighters is inspired in part through absolute guarantees to care for its injured members and the families of the fallen, to educate their children, and to provide lifelong pensions to their widows.
    Hezbollah’s “social” and “charitable” activities do nothing to diminish its jihadist agenda and terrorist operations. They not only serve to promote dawa and recruit new adherents to shariah; they serve as a visible form of taqiyya as well. Specifically, these activities are calculated – and shrewdly used – to blur the hard edges of its identity in the eyes of a poorly informed and credulous international community.
    One indication of the success of such deflections is, as noted below,296 that even the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) issued – albeit under the guise of a plausibly deniable “Red Team” study – a paean to Hezbollah in May 2010. The paper suggested that because, among other considerations, Hezbollah has been so successful in translating its social services into a popular following, a change in U.S. government policy to-
    wards the organization is now warranted, with a view to expressing American-support for the Party of God’s integration into the Lebanese political mainstream.

  7. Julius says:

    Hezbollah’s Terror Operations
    Hezbollah’s worldwide terrorist operations are directed by the Special Security Apparatus (SSA), which is also responsible for intelligence and security matters. Long led by Imad Mughniyah, the man Israeli intelligence called “a triple Hezbollah-Iran-al Qaeda agent and terrorist executive,”299 the SSA is charged with carrying out Hezbollah terror operations on orders of the Iranian Supreme Leader.
    Mughniyah was killed in 2008, reportedly by the Israelis with inside support from Syrian intelligence. He remains, however, an iconic figure for jihadis the world over, remembered for masterminding a long list of high-profile terrorist attacks that culminated in the attacks of September 11, 2001, carried out in coordina- tion with Iran and al Qaeda. In an emotional eulogy, delivered at Mughniyah’s funeral, Nasrallah promised Hezbollah revenge for Mughniyah’s killing.
    State Support for Hezbollah
    Hezbollah activities are enabled by the support of two state sponsors of terrorism: Iran and Syria. Both find utility in using Hezbollah to conduct proxy warfare against Israel. As noted above, Iran provides the financial underpinning, without which Hezbollah would be incapable of operations on its current scale. Addi-
    tionally, Iran supplies Hezbollah with its massive modern arsenal of missiles and rockets, whose expanding ranges increasingly are capable of reaching Israel’s major cities.
    As noted above, Iran’s IRGC Qods Force, whose ultimate commander is the Iranian Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, serves in coordination with the Iranian MOIS as the Iranian regime’s liaison in this exceptionally close relationship with Hezbollah.
    For its part, Syria, under the Baath dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad, also uses Hezbollah as a strategic force-multiplier to give the Alawite regime a front-line capability against Israel. Analyst Rachel Ehrenfeld cites intelligence sources as finding that, “The Bashar Assad regime not only allows Hezbollah to carry out terror attacks from Lebanese territory, as one of the expressions of support for the [Palestinian] Intifada, but also provides direct aid to Hezbollah, a step from which [Hafez] Assad Senior refrained.”300 Syria views its ability to maintain military pressure against Israel as critical to its longstanding goal of forcing Israel to withdraw from the Golan Heights and, thereafter, resuming the effort to destroy the Jewish State outright.
    Syria plays a key role in Iranian efforts to supply arms to Hezbollah. Typically, shipments of such arms arrive at Damascus airport and are then trucked to the Beka’a Valley and other Hezbollah strongholds. The importance of this overland route is evident in the successful interception by Israel and/or the United States of ships carrying arms from Iran on no fewer than six different occasions between 2001 and 2010. As a result, Hezbollah was denied tons of sophisticated Iranian weaponry, underscoring the premium it must place on logistical arrangements with Syria that are less susceptible to such setbacks and humiliations for both the terror group and its sponsors. 301

  8. Julius says:

    Hezbollah’s Global Reach
    At Tehran’s direction, and in support of the Iranian regime’s global terror mission, Hezbollah has es- tablished cells throughout the world, including as noted above, in the United States. These cells are dedi- cated to fundraising, logistical support and terror operations and typically work in close liaison with Iranian IRGC/Qods Force and MOIS undercover operatives attached to Iranian diplomatic facilities. This arrange- ment gives Iran an expanded capability to attack American, Israeli and other Western interests while main- taining a measure of plausible deniability.
    Two areas of Hezbollah activities outside of Lebanon warrant special mention:
    Africa: Iran and Hezbollah have been expanding activities in West Africa since the 1990s, piggyback- ing off of large Shia Lebanese populations who pursue business interests there. Iran’s African outreach serves two overt purposes: (1) to court diplomatic support, especially for its nuclear program, in international or- ganizations such as the United Nations (UN) and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and (2) to ex- tend Shia proselytizing to areas either traditionally Sunni or non-Muslim.
    In addition, the Shia diaspora in West Africa, numbering hundreds of thousands, provides Hezbollah with millions of dollars in revenue each year. Besides voluntary contributions (zakat) Hezbollah levies an annual tax assessment on Shia businesses which is collected either in cash (by Hezbollah couriers) or remit- ted by electronic funds transfers directly to Lebanon.302 The lenient security environment in much of Africa provides Hezbollah a benign area in which to find safe-haven and conduct recruitment, fundraising and rack- eteering operations.
    Hezbollah also derives illicit income from criminal enterprises in West Africa: The organization has long been involved in the “conflict” or “blood” diamonds trade. In fact, Hezbollah operatives introduced al Qaeda representatives to that business in the months before 9/11. Hezbollah is also involved in the precious mineral trade in Sierra Leone, Liberia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and possibly Angola.303 The money
    Hezbollah raises from its African gold and diamond business is used to buy weapons and fund jihadist opera- tions, both in Lebanon and elsewhere around the world.304
    Latin America: Hezbollah criminal and terrorist activity in the Tri-Border area of South America dates at least to the early 1990s. This region – where the borders of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil – come together is notorious as a lawless safe-haven for arms-trafficking, contraband of all kinds, counterfeiting, drugs and terrorists – a perfect breeding ground and recruiting venue for adherents to shariah, especially since a large percentage of the population in the region is Muslim Arab, with Lebanese Shiites being the most numerous.
    The Tri-Border area served as the Hezbollah planning and recruitment nexus for the Iranian plot to bomb the Buenos Aires Israeli Embassy in 1992 and AMIA Jewish Cultural Center in 1994. Declassified Na- tional Security Agency reporting traced the initiative and direction of the Israeli Embassy attack to the Su- preme National Security Council of Iran.305 As Iran expands its diplomatic presence and influence through- out Latin America, Hezbollah too increasingly is active in Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Panama and else- where.

  9. Julius says:

    Hezbollah and the Drug Trade
    Hezbollah generates millions of dollars annually from the drug trade in the Balkans, Latin America and Lebanon. A benefit of Iran’s expanding presence in South America is the opportunity it increasingly af- fords Hezbollah to derive significant income from the Andean cocaine trade, especially since Iran intensified its relationship with the Hugo Chavez regime in Venezuela.306
    The Lebanese Beka’a Valley poppy and cannabis crop is another source of illicit narcotics income for Hezbollah. The Balkans serve as a major gateway to Europe for Hezbollah heroin which traverses the Balkan Road running through Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.307 The fact that European “infidels” are the primary end-user of these drugs adds motivation and a source of satisfaction for Hezbollah jihadis.308
    Hezbollah and the United States
    The narcotics trade is not Hezbollah’s only criminal enterprise, including some involving America and its vital interests. For example, the group was the manufacturer and distributor of high-quality counter- feit U.S. $100 bills in the early 1990s, which were produced in the Beka’a Valley.309 It also has been involved with a laundry list of criminal scams, including the aforementioned cigarette smuggling operations, inside the United States that all contribute to Hezbollah’s ability to conduct jihad in the service of Iran and their shared, worldwide mission of imposing shariah. They constitute a direct and material threat to this country and its people – one that is, to some extent, already present within the gates.
    Still more Hezbollah operatives may be here soon, thanks to the organization’s expanding presence just south of our border. The arrest in Mexico of one of the group’s top terrorist commanders, Jameel Nasr, on charges of organizing and recruiting cadre there is deeply worrying.
    Reports that such activities also involve converting Hispanics to Islam and the embrace of shariah greatly compounds a problem that has been evident for some time: A March 2009 report in the Washington Times described Hezbollah’s use of Mexican drug cartel channels to run narcotics and illegals into the United States. According to Michael Braun, former assistant administrator and chief of operations at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Hezbollah relies on “the same criminal weapons smugglers, document traffickers and transportation experts as the drug cartels.”310 To the extent that Hezbollah terrorists not only
    can pass for but actually are illegal aliens from Mexico (rather than Lebanon or elsewhere in the Middle East), the already difficult job of shutting down its smuggling operations will be made more difficult.
    In sum, the Hezbollah track record gives Western security officials good reason to consider it even more dangerous than al Qaeda. Its sponsors in the Iranian, Syrian and Lebanese governments provide: a se- cure geographic base of operations; access to increasingly modern and lethal weapons; and nation-state fi- nancial, intelligence, logistical and training resources.
    Hezbollah remains fanatically dedicated to shariah and jihad, sophisticated and tenacious. Its mas- tery of explosives makes it the indispensible trainer of choice for Islamic terrorists, including al Qaeda, Iraqi Shiite and Sunni militias, and the Taliban. Hezbollah’s close links to al Qaeda, Hamas and Palestinian Is- lamic Jihad, coupled with bragging rights for having pressured Israel to withdraw from Lebanon and then fighting the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to a standstill in the Lebanese war during the summer of 2006, make it a force that commands and enjoys respect in all the wrong places.
    Rising tensions across the Middle East fueled by Iran’s aggressive ascendancy and its drive for a nu- clear weapon, taken together with Hezbollah’s unswerving allegiance to Tehran’s mullahs311 and the group’s alliance with al Qaeda, justify serious concern about the circumstances under which Hezbollah operatives around the world – and especially those in the United States – might be ordered to attack.
    Hezbollah has the capability, means, and motive to strike whenever Tehran might command retalia- tion against Western interests in response to events in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Iran itself. That being the case, any proposals to treat Islamic terrorist groups such Hezbollah as potentially legitimate political players312 would be folly on our part and viewed by our foes as further signs of weakness, irresolution and submission. Such perceptions invite not only stepped up dawa, but violent jihad, as well.

  10. Dawn says:

    Not sure where t start but heres my story,march 2011 I took my daughter t docs after finding her overdosed 1 night in her flat(thank goodness she hadnt taken enough)just over an hour later ss had been out took her baby and doc struck her off all done b4 I was even informed,lorayne toni roystone,mathew boud,my daughter never signed any thing and no police,we never once got in a court room or sor a judge,we both just received letters threw post sayin a sgo ad been done,the 1st time they took us threw the youth court,walter brooks,malc charlesworth,even dragged me t 48west bar n put a undertakin order on me,ive posted convos on my fb with the team manager where e cant even answer me on any of my questions,all this team r from wakefield n r providin fake paperwork t young girls and takin them threw shef court n private adoptin them which I believe r not even recorded,i am now gettin attacked by these sadistic people,controllin my mail and monitorin mine n my parents phones,i also av evidence of them hackin my email n removin evidence I ad(i already ad it printed,copied and stashed)ive ad not real policemen at my door and they illegally put my daughter in prison 4 2 weeks,she still ant ad the help we went 4,i av plenty of evidence and recordins if some1 can me t a newspaper,al stand a fair trial against em in a high court anyday,like I said t the team manager child traffickin is a serious offence as is stoppin any1 of there legal right t go down the complaints and illegally victimisin and avin them under surveilance,i would advise any1 under barnsley t check there paperwork,ours ad careplan awe de 2009 on bottom of sum of it which is some1s old file,avoidin the my society and law society would also b wise t avoid,all the 1s involved in our case av government funded websites,basically rippin the lottery fund off,doin research it seems these fieldwork teams move round alot.

    • I don’t know where to start either, Dawn!

      I feel sooo exhausted, exasperated and frustrated from all the evil and pain and my helplessness and powerlessness on the other side!

      I can only encourage you to keep fighting!

      I know that we are having an effect with our various websites. But I certainly am waiting for some kind of breakthrough in the wake of the Savile scandal!

      Hoping that you will find some allies to accompany you when facing the criminals,


  11. . And as part of his sack, the present that’s wished for and personally asked for via their Santa letters.

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