I am satisfied that he has suffered cruelly over a number of years

He feels aggrieved by the actions of the police in Cheshire.

The context of this quote is here: an application for the Issue of Summonses.


4 Responses to I am satisfied that he has suffered cruelly over a number of years

  1. Anonymous says:

    Current On Going Situation of Mr Cassel, Australian Humanitarian Buddhist Vegetarian Pacifist and Devoted Mother and his Child Angelina Mimi Cassel
    Today I am very sick and getting worse. I am terrified, because I am dying.
    I was tortured by Austrian government officials acting in official capacity, motivated by racist hatred against English speaking persons (so called ‘Ostlander’).
    I managed to escape illegal imprisonment imposed by corrupt government officials within the police and courts that repeatedly (22 times) attempted to murder via deliberately imposing impossible survival conditions: extreme starvation, freezing and continuous deliberate deadly malicious slander without reason other than my Nationality, sex and my inability to communicate in German and deliberate criminal fraud by these government officials and cohorts.
    At every opportunity (weekly) government officials were aware of the torturing of me, imposed deadly conditions and extreme psychological torture were informed. These government officials also include Australian government officials of the Department of Foreign Affairs, overwhelming evidence and proof was supplied to them. This includes the President of the European Court of Human Rights, Head of the Government of Austria and other government high ministers related to it, Ambassador and the staff of the Australian Embassy in Vienna, The Prime Minister of Australia and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, President of the European Union of the illegal criminal deliberate racist actions by these corrupt Austrian police and acting in criminal collusion with police Austrian judges and their cohorts to deliberately prevent me and my Child from accessing any and all legal, medical and translation assistance to deliberately murder me and my Child by imposing sadistic brutal torturing both physical and psychological to prevent me from presenting evidence and witnesses that would convict them and their government leaders responsible for their actions (as they have been informed in writing repeatedly) for extreme deliberate crimes against my Child and myself under European Union law, under Austrian law, Australian law and International law. Cold blooded deliberate imposed physical and psychological torture over 10 year period.
    Due to my complaints to the European Court of Human Rights in 2005 the corrupt sadistic Austrian and Australian government officials, the European Court of Human Rights, European Union Parliament acted deliberately to prevent active evidence and facts proving extreme criminal actions by these officials to illegally imprison my Child and me and impose the worse possible inhuman sadistic conditions to ensure my Childs and my death. Half dead, extremely sick, almost insane caused by these criminals, I managed to, with help from some Americans, get to Prague, Check Republic, were still being denied all legal, medical and translational possibilities, I began the first steps of recovery, 5 months of utter hell and extreme daily pain, attempting to cope to survive. For the first time in 6 years I had achieved (by the limited help of some Check people) to gain a human condition: a room, a shower and possibility to get food daily. At the end of this I then made my way to Norway and Sweden and brought my case to attention of their governments provided by their police forces and services. Although they agreed that my situation was extreme and criminal, the Treaty of Lisbon and other European Union laws meant that all they could do for me (as informed by them) was to send me back to Austria where I would be killed deliberately by Austrian and Australian governments. What they could do unofficially was to allow me access to food and some emergency accommodation. During this time by telephone and e-mails all parties involved as above were kept informed of the criminal action by these corrupt, racist, sadistic officials. I managed to then head to Moscow to seek political asylum from the European Union, Austrian and Australian governments. On arrival in Estonia I realised that the conditions I suffered from were now permanent injury, harm and extreme physical trauma which may not be treated in Russian Federation yet at this time to prevent me from going to Moscow or Beijing the Australian government allowed me access via loans of large amounts of money from my sister, Diane van Lowersen (whom from the beginning deliberately acted constantly to steal my inheritance and property and extort moneys from me with a clear and active intention to murder me. The last attempt of this was in November, 2011, whereas without possibility again to gain any assistance as I am not a European Union citizen, starvation and freezing was forced upon me.). In December, 2011, I was in extreme daily physical pain and attempted to gain access to food on a daily basis but forced to live in unbearable conditions.
    Although acting still to inform the European Union Presidency, the President of the European Court of Human Rights, the Austrian government and their cohorts, the Australian Government, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Prime Minister of Australia of the extreme illegal conditions still imposed and extreme need for me to gain competent medical, legal, translational assistance, they continued criminal deliberate covering up of the crimes and continued to act deliberately to cause my death to prevent me from giving evidence against them by nothing but malicious slander and Austrian and European Nationalism, proclaiming me without any reason or cause to be an insane murderer of my own Child and though the help of the local person and continuant extortion by my brother in law, Karl van Louwersen, and sister, Diane van Louwersen, in Australia of moneys sent to me but previously never enough (100 euros every two weeks), I begun to gain medical, legal and translation assistance, let alone survival conditions in a hostile (dramatically different culture, language and impoverished society, foreign) country.
    Yet the help of the Lithuanian individual out of human compassion allowed me for the first time to begin to regain some psychological and practical human abilities. This work was extreme and dramatic yet the imposed conditions for the past 6 years brought about my near death by utter exhaustion and break down of my lungs (amongst other extreme dying pains and sufferings of my body, brain, heart, etc.) to Pleuropneumonia. As now the only possibility of survival was the help of this Lithuanian person (under extreme suffering to get me a sunny apartment and provide me with medication and food for the next three months allowed the continuation of my life and the beginning of gaining for the first time medical assistance).
    Currently due to European Union laws and continual extreme deliberate criminal actions of the officials of the European Union, the European Court of Human Rights, the Austrian government and the Australian government, I am unable to achieve any legal assistance as this with the overwhelming evidence and proof (of these officials own statements would convict them of extreme criminal action leading to a 30 year imprisonments) continue to prevent all possibilities of legal assistance and survival. I am forced to act to gain medical assistance now to begin to bring an end to the extreme psychological and physical pain (extreme trauma and dehumanisation and to bring re-humanisation possibility of receiving food daily and having a Home for the first time in 6 years which I as an Australian had maintained at least to off since the day I was born).
    Yet these extreme provable criminals continue to act to torture to death my Child and me to prevent their own prosecution. It is clear that the money being loaned to me by my brother in law will be exhausted before the essential needed medical, re-socialisation, re-humanisation and survival costs; these costs are extremely high as I need to employ secondary persons to facilitate all these situations and are yet unable although secondary persons continually try to find legal possibilities to bring the prosecution of these criminals to Justice. This includes the prosecution of the President of the European Union and its Government, the President of the European Court of Human Rights and its corrupt members, the Head of the Austrian Government and its Departments of Internal Affairs and Justice and the Ambassador to Australian Embassy in Vienna and its delegated staff which has for many years now (6) been directly informed to the Head of Department of Foreign Affairs Kevin Rudd and now Bob Carr and the Prime Minister of Australia for the deliberate extreme criminal action under International, European, Austrian and Australian laws to intentionally torture to death innocent Australian citizens (my Child and me) to death, to murder us for the sole purpose of covering up extreme illegal action, extreme Basic Human Rights violations (not to be sentenced to death without a trial as deliberately imposed by European Union and Austrian governments) and the extreme crime of deliberately acting in a capacity of government authority to torture my Child and I to death purely on the basis that I and my Child are not European Union citizens and only Australian citizens, I, being her sole carer from the day she was born with the clear intention of us constantly maintaining a home address in Sidney (my Childs only legal permanent address) and my inability through my disability aphasia to be able to learn the German language. It is asserted by all these officials that my inability to communicate in German and inability to navigate the foreign culture of the European Union as the only evidence and proof that I must be guilty of any and all crimes without any other evidence and proof or reasons and the failure for these officials to prove I’m a liar (slander) and the impossibility for these racist to prove in any way the conviction that all Australians, all foreigners, my Child and myself are innate CONVICTS and innate criminals. These racist fantasies by these officially empowered government officials had led them to extreme criminal actions. The class actions that my case reveals is that Austria systematically, illegally and criminally enforces Nazi German Nationalistic Human Superiority to murder victims by the Austrian government of extreme human rights violations. Overwhelming evidence and proof that these government officials perceive that the inability to communicate in German, inability to have any possibility of legal assistance imposed by them and the constant refusal to allow me any legal compulsory Basic Human Rights as a Human Being and allow me any provision of the protections provided for in law on a basis of my Childs and my inability to communicate in German is justification of extreme illegal criminal action of an extreme torturing physically and psychologically to death deliberately covered up by these criminals producing malicious slander, I’ve not been found guilty of any crimes or wrong doings by any legal courts, I’ve not been accused of any crimes by any witnesses. It was proved in court that the prosecutor had deliberately lied to cover up the violent assault by the Austrian police under his supervision and an investigation was ordered by the judge. This led to the Austrian, Australian and later the Presidency of the European Court of Human Rights and the Presidency of European Union (Germany at that time, Angela Merkel) to support the deliberate criminal action to deliberately prevent the prosecution of their employees whom acted with the assumption that all Australians are convicts, innate criminal, evil persons by imposing the death penalty via torture of my Child and me to death. Again, overwhelming evidence and proof of these crimes has been provided to these criminals including Austrian Head of State, Austrian Prime Minister, responsible for Foreign Affairs, the various Austrian courts and judges involved, European Court of Human Rights, European Union Parliament and Presidency and Government, Presidency of Australia and Austrian government, hundreds of police and lawyers, thousands of Europeans and they all claim that only European citizens have any legal rights to the protections provided by law and are not considered Human Beings as in strict regards of torturing of innocent Children, pacifist devoted mothers (although male) to death. I am utterly exhausted by this, extremely sick and traumatized and daily tolerate extreme pain and suffering but I had not given up. I do not want to die, these persons who attempt to help me currently are also overwhelmed by the utter illegal insane actions by these European Union and governments (exemption is the Lithuanian government that allows me to survive unhindered and offers me for the first time possibility of medical assistance) and Australian Government Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, And the insane criminal action both European Union Parliament, Presidency and European Court of Human Rights. The case is such a revelation to the corruption of the Europeans deliberate continuous racist nationalistic insanity continued since Second World War. It is the hatred by these nationalists by the defeat by the Allied powers, utter belligerence that murders innocent English speaking persons (non – German communicative persons) for sadistic, economic, political profit (the Racist Hatred political card) and denies them all legal rights, all protections as provided for by law as sacrificial escape goats.
    I am desperate to seek any possibility to assistance for myself and my Child. Also others who risk their life and go through this hell with me as they believe, as I do, in humanitarianism, the Rule of Law via Reasoning and the Right to Life. There is again overwhelming evidence and proof of these systematic crimes and utter racist corruption and German nationalism, etc. to deliberately condemn to death by the Austrian government, and the Governments of the European Union (prior 2000) to murder victims of extreme Human Rights violations, of deliberate criminal actions by government officials to maintain at all costs Austrian Nationalism and now the European Union Super Nationalism to illegally defraud countries of the World by falsifying (by murdering and destroying) evidence against these governments.
    I seek lawyers in the European Union (see 2000, the ruling against Austrian police and courts when Austrian lawyer attempted to complain, was dehumanized and destroyed but survived when attempting to defend their client against deliberate criminal action by the Austrian Government and police). Overwhelming proof and evidence demands the prosecution of the Austrian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister for the deliberate intentional criminal action to defraud by his agency, Department of Foreign Affairs, and in criminal collusion with the Governments of the European Union with the European Union Parliament and the Austrian Government to murder, to torture to death innocent Australians, citizens, Children and myself and my Child etc. is charged with Treason against the Australian people to defraud them of the Right to Life by deliberate criminal actions by its employees to falsify statements to courts, malicious slander to others to cause the death via torture of my Child and I by the Austrian Government. Overwhelming evidence and proof of these crimes is available but these powerful people do not want to go to prison and continually act daily to impose the death of my Child and me to avoid prosecution. If I am allowed the possibility of legal assistance and allowed the possibility of continuing and improving the necessary medical treatment and conditions necessary for my survival, this case will be proved in court. It will result in an extreme embarrassment of the European Union Governments and the Austrian and the Australian governments deliberate criminal corrupt racist hatred actions.
    Yet it will also result in the cessation of these governments continual mass murder of humanitarians for political, economic and sadistic profit.
    How many innocent Children and devoted mothers will be continued to be murdered deliberately by these individuals who are too cowardly to Stand Up against the torturing of innocent persons to death in countries that political systems use terror and fear, Racist Hatred political card, to maintain office? I am writing to You for your assistance as is law and Your ethical, moral, humanitarian duty to assist my child and me. Your response or refusal to respond will be recorded. This will prove the impossibility of the existence of the most Basic declared Protections provided by law and the most Basic Human Rights to be available to the weakest and most valuable humanitarians, that is devoted mothers defending their Children from criminal actions is not present in the European Union as I and those that help me receive improvable death threats by these governments weekly, yet the case against has overwhelming evidence that proves their guilt of the most horrendous systematic murder torture slaughter, a kin of continuation of the Pan Germanisation of the European Union and basic Nazi motor apparatus and illegally insanely enforced criminal actions.
    There is only a slight chance of my survival now. I and others who are subject to these extreme criminal actions by governments should not be murdered to cover up deliberate criminal actions deliberately delegated to lesser government officials and cohorts whom also live in terror and fear that if they assist in defending Basic Human Rights and bring extreme criminal charges against these regimes they themselves will be killed and destroyed, (secretaries, low level police, common citizens or have tried their best but deliberately forced to be blamed and would be killed, tortured to death if they complain or act more than once to save my life) the terror and the fear these potential humanitarians bear is overwhelming to them.
    I desperately seek the assistance of the Australian, American, New Zealand, Canadian, Chinese and all other free persons of the world to allow my Child and me the possibility to survive and to allow the evidence and facts, overwhelming proof to force this matter to be brought to a public trial on international level demanding that these criminals that wilfully acted illegally and in the most sadistic racist crimes against humanitarians, innocent persons and have them prosecuted for the minimum of 30 years each imprisonment. Obviously, the highest officials will claim that the crimes were done without their knowledge by their subordinates but yet the result of this will not only allow my Child and I to survive, will not only allow that these crimes are dramatically reduced and further sadistic murders, torturing to death of innocent children and innocent persons will be dramatically reduced by these corrupt government officials.
    I am attempting to find a lawyer and assistance to bring about the prosecution of these criminals, the prevention of systematic racist hatred and deliberate government torturing to death of innocent persons motivated by political, economic, sadistic profit purposes in the European Union and to render the possibility of my Child and my survival and rehabilitation.
    Please respond to this e-mail stating the reason that you cannot perform your Basic Humanitarian Duty by assisting us, stating the legal imposed rules and sanctions that prevent you from assisting us and stating if any political malicious slander or accusations who bring you to disbelief of this matter and by whom it was given to you (they must be prosecuted to a minor degree), and what assistance you may be able to offer, firstly I will be seeking to be allowed a possibility to open a bank account which is denied by the European law, to employ a transparent honourable person to receive donations as the medical, legal assistance will cost in such a battle (many millions of euros) weather this is done in non-European Union country (cannot be done in Australia as a deliberate Australian government action to murder me will result in my death, the use of ASIO to murder innocent Australian citizens and other Departments of Foreign Affairs, Government resources are used to murder me are would cause my death).
    So it is envisage an independent countries may grant us, myself and my assistant, political assistance as soon as I am able to travel (in 6 months) such as Beijing, China, Canada, Toronto, Ecuador and so forth. It is time that the European people are allowed the freedom from the on-going Tyrannical Imperial Nazi legal systems still imposed in European Union. That is European Union Nationalism, National Pride must begin to realise that pride and protection of pride (perhaps it’s all that the European has left built on mass murder) and corruption must end and they too, European people, must come to understand the Rule of Law via Reasoning, Integrity of the Diversity of the weakness of each Human Being and the need for all persons to be allowed the protection provided for by law, disregard less to the overwhelming power of Bureaucracy of Governments maintaining and enforcing illegal political corrupt sadistic methods of ruler ship, the perceived threat of being murdered by their own governments.
    The above is shocking. What is more unbelievable than these criminal actions is that I survived due to the goodness and humanitarian spirit of weak persons who risk their lives and could only do it once to give me a chance.
    The above is truth.
    Nothing I say or state to shall be interpreted in any way against the Austrian culture.
    I give full permission for this to be published.
    Robert Allen Cassel
    August 19th, 2012, International World Humanitarian Day
    We are seeking in Lithuania office assistance to handle and cope with the responses to the organisations that will assist Robert Cassel in Lithuania. Until then it might not be possible due to Robert Cassel’s extreme sickness to respond. So we request that to send this e-mail on behalf of Mr Cassel to all other persons, religious organisations, political organisations, humanitarian groups, lawyers to present this to the governments and in this way to prevent further illegal imprisonments, illegal injection of drugs to Mr Cassel and cold blooded murder or forcing his death. Should You, should Mr Cassel and his Child have a Right to Life and in the course of if it becomes possible for Mr Cassel to have some possibilities of legal response we will supply the overwhelming evidence and proof against the European Union Government and the Australian government.

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  4. Robert Cassel, says:

    The Author of this Article & Robert Cassel , Where then After its [posting,, Attacked by Lithuanian Corrupt Government Officials, The Committed Genocide of The two of them in 2014,, After 1 year trying to survive , the Author was political imprisoned Claim she must be made to claim to be a victim of Genocide,,, And Robert was left to finally starve & die the Agonizing torturing to death,,both are in Spain desperate for any honest p[possibility to Survive, desperate for assistance; desperate for the Protection of the Law;

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