Inland Revenue Claims False Costs

This is a neat sequence of documents that make one point:

  • the Inland Revenue committed a white collar crime:
  1. the Inland Revenue claims that there was a court judgement to enforce its demand
  2. the court document APPEARS to be ‘kosher’
  3. ‘that’ court case was entered on the EQUIFAX credit rating records as ‘adverse’ information
  4. the same person in the Inland Revenue DENIES there was a court case
  5. the ‘Officer in Charge’ found a ‘technicality‘ that reduced the original claim of £12,068.71 to £206.75.

9 Responses to Inland Revenue Claims False Costs

  1. peter oakes says:

    Victims Unite.
    Thank You for publishing the truth perhaps now the gullible
    and the people that doubt Victims Unite, will realise Her Majesties Revenue & Customs cannot
    be trusted, They actively conspire to pervert the course of justice and
    carry out thefts & frauds with Her Majesties Court Service.

    Unfortunately depts. of State will never apologise or admit to “getting it wrong”
    they have the blood of many suicides on their hands and countless broken
    marriages & destroyed families caused by their lies, not forgetting
    the hundreds of patients in Mental Hospitals driven into “nervous breakdowns”
    due to the cruel degrading inhumane treatment they have suffered

    This is just one minor example of the criminal offences by the state & local
    authorities, police, I have had to endure. I hope this information goes
    worldwide as a warning to all those people who believe in democracy the
    rule of law, and justice, it is all fraud and deception ! with no Remedy as
    required in the ECHR. There are no Human Rights or Rights of any kind
    for a decent citizen in the UK. We are secretly enslaved in a corrupted

    • Whether we are traditional royalists or republicans; the English Law does defend the rights of the people. It can be improved to do away with the adversarial system, and have a more investigative system. In my view this would evens things up, as it provides a better chance of getting to the truth.

      The fault is with abuse of discretion when the Courts and or authorities fail to comply with the Handbooks, and other guides, Court Procedure Rules, Practice Directions, Statute, or gives unfair weight to the other parties argument. This is where it all goes wrong. They close ranks to protect the authority, there are exceptions, that show that not everyone is corrupt, and there are some with honesty and integrity.

      Quite clearly you have experienced injustice first hand or very close family. I emphasize with that because I also have that same living nightmare that never stops.

      • Bill says:

        as someone who has been a victim of “civil law” I feel I’m qualified to put you straight:

        The law protects the rich and powerful, not the proletariat. I was a victim of an accident : A council worker left a drain cover off in the dark on a flooded path. I received 5 fractures. Three operations, arthritis and a limp. We had to sell our home to survive. My marriage fell apart after a judge ruled that I was in the wrong! The worker lied in court. He had broken 6 criminal laws and 8 health and safety laws. None of which counts in a civil court in this country. I had a bad legal team, I could not afford a good one! Norman French and maritime laws were used against me.
        The Magna Carta is alive and well. A law for the nobility only!

  2. obsesiverights says:

    It is my opinion drawn from information in the public domain that this kind of corruption of personal integrity has created a “We never make mistakes” (Certainly not ones that the public will find out about) is proven by the evidence that we don’t see. The “Independent” “Public inquiry” is managed by the government as an interested party that points the judicial inquiry to steer it in such a way as to evade specific points that tarnish the interested parties interest. Any mention that might open peoples eyes is to be blacked out, as a legal necessity.

    It is often the evidence that is concealed that proves the crime. Make no mistake section 3 of the Fraud Act 2006 makes it an offense to fail to disclose information that you have a duty to disclose and by this to make again for himself or another or expose another to loss. (see Fraud Act 2006)

    I cannot think of any authority that has not been corroded by the corrupt culture that causes good men to do nothing when they see the wrong going on in their organisation. They keep their silence and their jobs at a cost to their conscience and to the people they betray. Honest people have left or been sacked from their jobs for whistleblowing. Public money has been paid by the corrupt, to silence others, and even more money has been spent to use the courts to obtain gagging orders. It is my opinion that this is an abuse of process and contempt of court. It is using a legal means to achieve an illegal objective. [ Gagging orders serve to silence or stop publication of matter that the Plaintiff wants stopped.] If it has been published on the net it is unstoppable. – Solicitors from Hell were gagged by the Court. Try Google and see many more with that title and publishing the same. That was Law Society money wasted. Silence is only Golden for the corrupt and the greedy.

    It is said; “All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”

    It is so shocking that for too many people despite all the recent exposures that have exploded into the news and the numerous Public inquiries (paid for out of the public purse) have come to their decisions that very few if anyone believes. The old saying goes; “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.” –

    The time is now it is simply a matter of uniting all the Victims of Crime and Legal Abuse into one voice. If everyone tweets etc then “Britains Never Never Will be Slaves” but if we do nothing EVIL succeeds, and we will deserve all we get, despite all the brave souls that have stood up for their rights.

    English Law provides where there is a right there is a remedy . [ Ashbey v White (1703)2 Ld. Raym.938] and any interruption of that right , however temporary and however slight is considered a proper subject for reparation.

    • That’s excellent to know: where there’s a right, there’s a remedy!

      Let’s seek and use them, these remedies – against all the odds!

      Many thanks for your comment!

      • obsesiverights says:

        The thing about remedies is that it only starts when “They” accept that a wrong has been done. I have abundant evidence that takes time to start telling and showing. But the Court (or Judge has already decided) and I prevented from the argument because the judge wants to finish on time. It took me five 2o minute hearings to get the Court to dismiss a claim for payment a) which had already been paid. b) was contained in a charging order against me. C) and the solicitor was making a claim for the same money that had been paid, and unlawfully contained in a charging order in his favour and he was claiming the money again. That is double billing a cost he had already taken and tried to force the sale of my house to pay for it. And that is the tip of the iceberg. ( No Crime! Just fraud and “that’s what solicitors do. they make mistakes!”

        Class actions may be a way to go when things go wrong, but we need a common wrong. Class actions are a power in themselves thats why we need to get together and communicate.

        • Yes, Lord Sudeley said we need to ‘group cases to change the law’.

          That was the beginning of discovering a whole spectrum of white collar crimes!

          I’m not very aware of successful class actions in the UK, are you?

          John Hemming MP said he’ll take “well evidenced” cases forward.

  3. peter oakes says:

    Fast Forward. Nov.2017. HMRC thieves visit again ? For two years or more
    we have followed the same procedure ! We now get a fine for late payments !
    £300 for submitting late payments. We are confused and write to HMRC for
    explanation ! only to wait 3months for a reply. NO explanation ! just another fine of
    £300 for late payments. Total now £600. How can that be ? after two years of acquiescence
    to our procedures then now move “the Goal post ” and cry foul !

    I am contacting the HMRC Commissioners for an explanation ! My belief is the UK
    economy is broken ! Government is bankrupt & bereft and is now thieving it,s way
    to stay in business, or may be they are setting me -up for another malicious bankruptcy

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