Miscarriages of Justice

The more experienced victims become with their own and other people’s cases, the more cynical and disillusuioned they seem to become.

Mrs Little’s case seems to prove that the disillusionment is well placed!


10 Responses to Miscarriages of Justice

  1. AL-RUBY says:

    I have been a victim of the Department of Health Alert letter. The Trust at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital refused to conduct an investigation in the allegations, these were not challenged to be perjury when submitted to Courts and tribunals by eminent Barristers who were representing me (Michael Mansfield, John Hendy, David Berkeley, Richard Seabrook and Nicholas Leviseur).

    This serious absent attack on the Trust Employee and DH employees has cost me all my monies and the future of my son.

    Inspite of a GMC verdict of no credible evidence to my favour, the Judges refused to entertain that decision and kept dismissing my case with hefty fines. This has led to my bankcruptcy.

    Lord Carlisle has offered to take my case for a private criminal for 60k but warned me that the Attorney General at that time (Lord Goldsmith) stops 98% of all private criminal prosecutions. He added that the Police is useless in similar cases and will not investigate the criminal offence of perjury.

    This reflects the level of corruption in our Courts and Tribunals supported by a corrupt Attorney General and the Police.

  2. Stanley Embling says:

    As noticed the MPs who swindle “Expenses” or “Allowances” off their Employer, (namely The British Public) get investigated by the Police, then prosecuted!… Low and behold are then afforded Legal Aid Funding paid for by British Public to defend them…

    Yet notably on the other hand… Employers who by acts of fraud and theft, rob their employees of their rightful assets/property, Police will not investigate or bring charges against such employers because they claim: “It’s an employment matter”!

    Isn’t the filching of “expenses” and “allowances” by the MPs an “Employment Matter?????”

    Therefore:- As a victim of such fraud and theft from me by a “Corporate” employer / their agents vicarious, I can vouch such facts… Therefore the above and my own account do help confirm just how corrupt and biased British Justice has now become!…. And shown more and more by the Police, the Judiciary, lawyers and Public Authorities, Quango’s.

    This is done deliberately to deprive most all impecunious victims (unless privileged as MPs) of getting their Democratic Rights, Fundamental Freedoms, access Common Justice, and not least Restitution!!..

    Stanley Embling…

  3. This is a very astute analysis, Stanley!!!

    I hope to be able to refer to it soon – certainly in the spirit of the “Coalition of Resistance”!

    See http://bit.ly/8Zs6uR

  4. david.a.sturgess@btinternet.com says:

    I have found dyfed Powys police liars and alsothe professional standards of dyfed Powys police are liars to the ipcc in the reports covering up police officers lies, and perjury.

  5. MOHAMAD AL RUBY says:

    Now this is the case as it stands .. because …not only that the Powys Police know that the Judiciary is corrupt that the Police or any Governmental Authority can get away with perjured statements … against anyone of us ..but if we start cleaning the Judiciary .. this would be when the Police will not be able to lie on oath..or any one else .. we need the first step .. the first step is reconstruction of the Judiciary and cleaning it from the Mafia State which is governing it and controlled by the few the Masonics and The Church of Scientologist and other secret groups etc…

  6. Ady Saxman says:

    Please go to the following radiologist group on Face Book https://www.facebook.com/groups/radiopaedia/ scroll down until you come to the post made by ‘Ady Saxman'(myself as an alias) and look at the answers given to the two questions posed with regards to the MRI images posted (my own, but my identity and hospital which carried them out ‘blacked out’). I have two radiologist’s reports (one an original) the other a copy from my medical records, which state that the scan was ‘normal’ with no damage whatsoever. The scan was taken by reason of a personal injury claim in an RTA, and against a 3rd party drunken driver, who was responsible for the crash. The reason why the two radiologists claimed there was no damage, was because they were covering up for one of their colleagues in the N.H.S, an orthopaedic surgeon at Dewsbury hospital who snapped both of my knees from dislocation (without forewarning or anaesthetic) 3 and a half months after the crash that caused the injuries, to then in-turn deny ever doing this. I have uploaded the MRI scan onto the Radiology site by stealth, as this was the only means by which I could acquire a truthful rendition of the true extent of the damages recorded on the scan. If I would have left my name and the hospital un-blackened out, then no radiologist would have commented, as there is an unwritten ‘code of practice’ not to come against a practicing colleague, especially under the remit of the N.H.S. The reports (comments) made on the site are from genuine radiologists, who had no fear of reprisals, because the reports were conducted under anonymity with regards to the identity of the person and indeed the hospital in the scan. I don’t know if these reports / comments will be admissible in a court of law, but they prove undoubtedly that the two radiologists who compiled the reports in my own litigation case against the 3rd part drunken driver for personal injury committed perjury (I did report this incident to the police at the time, but it was a case of “it’s ok for you to say there’s damage, but who from the medical fraternity says so?”. But now I have got evidence, in which case, it should open the floodgates of litigation (for myself) against numerous N.H.S hospitals that have dealt with my case, and it would be resolved in double – quick time and out of court, otherwise the N.H.S would risk some of their employees being imprisoned for perjury (remember the recent case of Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce over driving points, this is way worse!) for they were protecting ‘their own’ under the remit of the N.H.S. I have the full MRI scan on computer disc as well as film, my acting solicitor in the RTA case, knew that there had been a dreadful miscarriage of justice, but it was beyond his remit of expertise, so he had the decency to post them on to myself. Instructions from the hospitals to him, were to ‘destroy and not return’ and I wouldn’t doubt for one second, that these are the originals, as this would be a convenient ‘mishap’ to destroy vital evidence on behalf of the hospitals. I also have video footage of my injuries, including the dislocations. This video was uploaded before I put my scan picture up onto the Face Book Radiologist site http://youtu.be/c6Bict_D5mQ There are parts 1 – 4 which tell the whole shocking story, but I don’t want to jeopardize my case. Please contact myself if you are interested in this case or can direct me to some lawyer that will take on my case and can help in any way, as it’s been a long haul and a lone battle to get to this.

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