Misconduct of Solicitors

There are a number of complaints that have not gone anywhere, because the Law Society covers its members up.

Here’s a list of complaints to show that you are NOT alone.

You could also try the new Legal Ombudsman.

86 Responses to Misconduct of Solicitors

  1. John says:

    I have experienced problems with the Official Solicitor. 10 years ago they were asked to take on a case against my parents for child abuse which has crippled me mentally. Having never looked at anything in relation to the claim against my parents they declined “because of lack of evidence.” When I took the papers and the evidence to their offices to ask them to look at the evidence they refused. Several years later a psychiatrist asked them to take on the running of the case. This time they did not even reply. A legal adviser informed me that they did not want to take on the case because of costs. Then the perpetrators of the child abuse (my parents) died and the official solicitor at this point decided to take on the runnning of this case. Apparently because they could be paid significant costs. My parents’ estate was £1.400.000. It was devided between my brother and myself. I have been awarded after probate £200.000. Where has the money gone?

    • Dear John

      I’ve asked John Hemming MP who asks whether your solicitor lives on Fair Isle. If that’s him, he would offer to talk to his / your MP.

      Can you confirm or email me on sabine AT 3d-metrics.com?

      • John carroll says:

        I am a victim of the judiciary in Birmingham it is absolutely corrupt I am fighting for solicitors who without making me a wear submitted false representations into the Chancery and had and a Tomlin order l had seen or not signed buy me or witnessed was approved which read, I wish all my interest in my property to be transferred and give full title to someone who was not entitled to it, and I have been fighting them to get back what is my they took away because they could, they have persecuted me and abused me also they run me down with a car and punched me to the floor. I went to hosptal. Chief constable said it was a accident. Fitted me up and put me in Winson green prison hoping l would top myself, just to keep their theft from me covered up there is no justice for the people in this land, they forget that the courts belong to the public. it is my belief that a criminal gang operate in these courts to rob the vulnerable people of the assets and the vunerable people have no reddress to getting it back they have robbed me of £300,000 cheats and Liars thieves the lot of them crooks and US the people should Rise Up and put them judges and corrupt officials on trial. There are more people imprisoned with lesser crimes than the of court officials and judges. thank you my name is John Carroll abused psychological abuse degrading treatment. Let’s all meet up and protest about NO JUSTICE. why can’t we have our own court. JESUS CHRIST WENT INTO THE TEMPLE AND THROUGH OUT ALL THE RABI’S WHO USED THE TEMPLE FOR CHEATING AND GAMBLING ETC ETC. THE SOLICITORS AND JUDGES USE THE COURT FOR THE SAME REASON. I am age 74.d o b 18.04.1941 and they have taken and robbed me, A PENSIONER !! through causing me fear. a d the courts condo it. It sick. John Carroll. Thanks for commenting back.

  2. Anonymous says:

    solicitors from hell back on line, thank god.

    family barrister Carol Mashembro in bristol, did her dirty tricks in the south west, with corrupt firms/corrupt judges via family court.

    • Keith Reeds says:

      Hooray….. Solicitors from Hell are on line.
      We need real Justice, there are loads of Solicitor’s greedy actions need reporting. A solicitor frauded us and remains unconvicted as he covered it up.
      More sites on line like this PLEASE

  3. Anonymous says:

    SRA IS PROTECTING CORRUPT SOLICITORS. brick wall against the truth coming out

  4. Anonymous says:

    Judges swear an Oath to the Queen.
    Is the Queen under the control of others?

    So many can prove corruption in the courts.
    we now have the european arrest warrent. illegal.

    uk government appears to be trying to bring in by the back door, House of Lords, a police force, like the F.B. I .This appears to be illegal.

    M.P’s should make a stand against the above.
    what about the bill of rights 1668.

  5. Dia dhuit! Little doubt ongoing cover-up re District Courts-Martial 11/02/1985. The Royal British Legion recognise “anomalies” – need to pursue redress of grievances, “a stitch up”. And then issues/matters surrounding abuse of my children and cover up York council and others. I will battle on as necessary within confines of the LAW in spirit of the LAW as intended. Had others listened to me, had others listened to my son DECLAN G.M. CURRAN… “…… son found hanged” 6TH JUNE 1995..
    Abusers… mill-stones round necks, cast into sea(of quick-lime) a.s.p.:a.t.e.

  6. mauricekirky says:

    I employed solicitors twenty years ago against the South Wales Police and soon sacked following their unprofessiional conduct. My next commited suicide leaving ten years of search for independant legal advice.

    I recently employed a solicitor who has now disappeared off the map!

    The barrister cannot find him and for a week none of my calls get through or e-mails acknowledged .

    http://www.kirkflyingvet.com blogs and downloads indicate the seriousness and magnitude which I will also comment upon on Dialect Radio, Bristol 2pm Fridays 93.2 FM


  7. Norma says:

    The law society….
    Lets take a look at what they are….
    A monopolist is defined as a single supplier that constitutes the whole industry. The legal definition of monopoly is a firm which has a market share greater than 25%. Monopolists tend to have the … the right or have been given ” legal monopoly by goverment to be the only one company to carry out the supply…of a particular product or service.

    Is the law society a “Limited company”? well they are registered as a limited company.
    The Goverment rebuffs victims time and time again, yet it is Goverment that is at the head of the realm of the law society which is and does operate as a “monopoly”. that being the case the Goverment has the power to take away
    that legal power if a company abuses its position and power.

    Mr Vince Cable must in his role as the Bisuness & Industry Secretrary investigate if the law society has and does use its powers for the advancement and benefit in its “own interests” the monoply rules do not allow for this, nor does it allow a company to “overeach its powers” when those powers are and, in particular used to put at or disadvantage the Public in favour of its own company interests, employees and or members.

    Here we have the law society registered as a Limited Company, yet it has the monoply over the legal industry, a Limited Company that spans internationaly, can Mr Cable explain how on earth a company that is so large, powerful, and being “internationaly exspansive” can possibly be perceived as a “limited Company” ?

    Is it not time to break up this monoply, to bring about healthy competion, fairness, and choice for both the public and the legal industry, giving rise to a more affordable service?.

    If a Limited Company is allowed such unchallanged power, then victims of legal services will continue to be let down and more importantly “unprotected”
    When a company fails to appropriatly use its own regulation to protect consumers of “legal services” then on that one basis alone merits an investigation by the Bisuness & Industry secretrary.

    When this all powerful company can rule that a member of the public who has paid for a service, in that, the consumer has had a “adeqiaute Service” in order to protect its member, when that member did not even provide a “contract of Service” to that consumer required by “Law”, which according to the SRA/Fraud unit failure to provide a contract of service is in fact a “Crime” when that member then goes on to perpetrate numerous acts of fraud, and pervert the course of justice, how can that possibly be an adeqaute service Mr Cable? and please note the law society is, in this statement confirming the word “service”

    So were does that leave the consumer of this paid for legal service, and were does that leave the law society member? is this not only an over reaching of this “limited Company’s” power but also an abuse of its powers?

    Are we the public to continue t be forced to live with the damage and injustice that this “Limited Company” has power the to address in the interest of public protection, but instead uses its powers to dissempower the public, by re-appropriating consumer protection to protect its members.

    Lets bring this company in line with the consumer protection act, and in order to do that the “monopoly” that is law society MUST in “the public interest” be broken up.
    We the public demand consumer protection, we the public need consumer protection, and radical reform of the legal industry.


    • Could you ask your local MP to write to Vince Cable, Norma?

      That seems to be the best use one can make of one’s MP.

      MPs’ letters get ‘fast tracked’ by Ministers, whereas the public gets ignored…

      Your analysis matches ‘When corporations rule the world’!…

      BIG SIGHS.

  8. Hari says:

    We have problem with solicitor, my wife CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndromes)disease and PTSS(Post -traumatic stress disorder. Her pain and depression is worsening and spreading in other parts of her body,this neglect fueling her problems.My wife solicitor has ignored her problems and her few medical experts are writing her witness statement without her clinical records since 6 years,Solicitor is refusing to obtain those NHS reports for witness statement. When we indicate solicitor’s faults then my wife union has stop her funding.Wife solicitor and her union solicitors are forcing her for negotiation. Her life at risk due to pain and depression but she left helpless and vulnerable by her helping hands.They are not happy to produce her clinical records for medical experts as well as for Court purposes. They are asking for to do negotiation in little money,which does not even cover her past loss and nothing about future. But her problems are well documented in NHS hospitals and GP records and she is still in treatment. I have also no idea what to do,I had no litigation experiences in my life.Please give me suggestion.It is real problem and we are sufferer,Please help us

  9. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:








    IN THE MATRIMONIAL FAMILY PROCEEDINGS ACT 1984 AFTER SECTION 31A (Which is inserted by Section 17 of this Act) insert-

    31C JUDGES-

    (1) A person is a judge of the Family Court if the person-

    (a) is the Lord Chief Justice

    (c) is the president of the Queens Bench Division

    (e) Is the Chancellor of the High Court

    (h) Is the Puisne Judge of the High Court

    (j) is a Circuit Judge.

    (q) is a judge of the Upper Tribunal by virtue of appointment under paragraph 1 (1) of Schedule 3 to the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007

    (x) is a District Judge (Magistrates Court), or

    (y) is a Justice of the peace who is not a District Judge (Magistrates Courts)

    but see also section 9 of the Senior Courts Act 1981 (Certain Ex-Judges may act as Judges of the Family Court).

    They have failed to take into consideration of the Family Law Act 1986 Part 3 Declaration of Marital Status Section 55 (1) (d), 58, 59 (1) (2), 60 and Repeals made under that Act.

    It is not me who has been wasting the Time of the Courts and Expenses on the Tax Payers, as there has been Deliberate Concealment, Mistake or Omission for a considerable number of years.

    Nelson Mandella who spent more than 27 Years in Prison, as the United Kingdom Government and the United States of America wanted to control the economy of many countries in Africa.

    The First Zambian President Dr Kenneth David Kaunda of Zambia, He had also spent a year in Gwelo Prison for the Struggle of Independence from the United Kingdom.

    Other British Judges are colonial and Imperialist minded person, as the Senior Courts Act 1981 does.’t apply to any Country outside the United Kingdom. When any Person who is living outside the United Kingdom, than he/She has to comply with the Constitution of that Country.

    Other Solicitors and Other Barristers they do mislead the Court, whilst they do benefit from the proceeds of unlawful conduct.
    When a Litigant in Person does make this charges, than He/She is labelled as a Vexatious Litigant.

    The Meaning of the words:- If on an Application by the Attorney General for an Order under Section 42 of the Senior Courts Act 1981-

    It does not state that if any Person who applies for a Civil Restraint Order-
    As Section 2 (6) to (8) of the Civil Procedure Act 1997 which was in force on the 9th July 2003 in Bhamjee versus David Forsdick, Rueben Taylor, David Elvin QC, Robert Walton and the Treasury Solicitors
    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee versus The First Secretary of STATE (John Prescot at the time)

    There is Rough and Fraud Justice in the United Kingdom

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail ABdulhai Bhamjee

  10. colinberry2 says:

    Pleading for justice.
    Injustice involving a horrific accident.
    If anybody is wondering why I am turning to the police, and claiming this case is fraudulent.
    The 1st solicitor we had, never knew the meaning of CPR rules, took 3 to 4 months to answer our letters, never saw the plaintiff till 8 months after the accident. The Law Society said that they could no longer be involved, the next step for us to take is to sue the solicitor for professional negligence, could you imagine a person that badly injured have to start a 2nd case suing her solicitor for professional negligence. To obtain is bundled of files the firm wanted 15,000 but we had to pay £5000 +VAT.
    My opinion of the 1st solicitor, a child that has been given a sweet shop for Christmas.
    Our 2nd solicitor, failed to turn up at the hearing, had the case dismissed.
    I went to the health and safety officer for Waltham Forest to obtain their report, our solicitor phoned me after hours to say that I could not have the report because Costco’s had accepted liability, this is our 1st solicitor the only job that he had done that took such speed, after visiting the health and safety Department that evening.
    So you see within the 1st month I manage to have the firm except liability, only for the 2nd solicitor to have the case thrown out of court.
    I had to approach the Law Society to have the firm obtain a barrister to get the case reinstated because liability had already been obtain.
    A huge Law firm opposite London Bridge Station, called Anthony Gold would only take the case on if we sue the previous Solicitor for professional negligence and get our compensation that way, of course we refuse.
    After several attempts to get another Solicitor we finally got our final one, with time totally run out.
    My opinion on the 2nd solicitor, the case was conducted by his superiors who ran the firm, the firm was totally lacking in empathy, the solicitor only had 2 years experience and he was dealing with a brain injury case. Rootless, prepared to take the fall on behalf of Costco’s.
The 3rd firm, I thought I had finally found a fully experience Solicitor with experience of brain injury, she heard our case I presented her all the documents I had filed so far. She also obtains the bundle from the 2nd Solicitor. I cannot remember of hand how much it was but considerably less. I realize this is our last chance, the time has run out.
    Happy to know that I had obtained a solicitor that understood brain injury, I could finally relax. She call me later and said she was extremely busy her partner would run the case while she was way, but finally it was apparent that she had given the case to another partner that specialize in mesothelioma asbestos disease, well I find myself totally trapped I cannot get another solicitor because my time is up, that means my 3 years it is over. I have to accept the consequences.
    The 3rd solicitor knew that I keep all copies provided by the firm, letters and e-mails, so this Solicitor hardly sent us any letters or e-mail, he made us go to his office whenever he needed to discuss anything.
    What the previous solicitors fail to do, He never obtain the required rehabilitation my wife required his expert witness promised to help my wife and said he could definitely help her, but he never followed it through.
    He never knew the meaning of fiduciary duties, never followed my instructions. He decided to call in an official Solicitor to take over our place and ended the case.
    Not exactly the type of plumber you would like in your home. Recommended job, dictator.
    My opinion on this Solicitor, extremely heartless, only suitable to work for the SS, would be handy if Hitler was still around, extremely devious.

  11. p b slater says:

    Could some one call me please the misconduct by Shakespeare’s solicitors Birmingham would fill several pages or give me an address I can write to you at Philip Bertram slater 01902 563303 regards

  12. City Lawyer says:

    Helen Mulcahy of Hill Hofstetter caused millions of pounds of losses to NCFC because of her defective advice and misleading statements. at the same time she acted as solicitor and self style publicist for the fraudster Russell King who was behind the purchase of the Club. NCFC has stated that it intends to bring claims to recover these monies.

  13. Helen says:

    we have recently suffered a bereavement, my father dying suddenly, leaving my profoundly deaf mother alone after 60 years of marriage.
    Both my mother and father had learning difficulties and in 2011 they informed me they had made wills with woolcombe and yonge solicitor in Plymouth with my sister made executor.
    Upon his death we contacted the solicitor to be told your sister is not the executor, we are.
    we found that a power of attorney had been sold to them in my sisters name and due to their learning difficulties they were confused thinking this was the same thing.
    Woolcombe and yonge are taking a huge percentage of the entire estate including the family home which is in joint names with mum, she is devastated and the misery inflicted by this solicitor (Gemma) makes us feel that she has spat on my fathers dead body.
    When my sister complained that they had been miss sold as they did not understand what they were buying, no hearing loop for mum, no audio will for dad who was registered blind and their combined learing difficulties, she was told I don’t know why you are angry you are not the beneficiary – we were outraged, we are angry for our parents, dad worked hard all his life and wanted mum to be looked after, and as far as we are concerned they have been stolen from.


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  15. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:

    Application for Permission of the High Court Judge under Section 42 (3) of the SCA 1981 and For a Stay of Execution by Virtue of Section 70 of the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 and other Relief for an Injunction Order. Claim Number CO_4353_2014 issued on the 18th September 2014 High Court of Justice Administrative.

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee


    (1) The London Borough of Waltham Forest Council & Their Agents

    (2) Newlyn PLC (Enforcement Agents) & Their Agents

    (3) The London Borough of Newham Council & Their Agents

    (4) The London Borough of Redbridge Council & Their Agents.

    The Civil Procedure Rules Part 5 does allow non-parties to obtain copies of the Court Documents upon the payment of Court Fees-

    The Criminal Procedure Rules 52.8

    (3) These goods must not be taken under the warrant:

    (a) Cloths or beddings used by the defendant or by any one living with the defendant

    (b) Tools, books, vehicles, or other equipment that the defendant needs to use in the defendant’s employment, business or vocation, unless the defendant is a corporation.

    Schedule 12 Paragraph 18A of the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007


    (d) The Sum so payable is not a Traffic Contravention Debt.

    Motorists whose motor Vehicles have been clamped or removed by the Enforcement Agents, should consider the above.
    As the Road Traffic Penalty Notice is not a Licence for making money by the Borough Councils as Cash Cow

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

  16. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:

    The Criminal Justice and Data Protection (Protocol No 36) Regulations 2014.
    Statutory Instrument 2014 No 3141
    The Secretary of State being a Minister designated for the purpose of Section 2 (2) of the European Communities Act 1972 in relation to criminal Justice and data Protection, in exercise of the powers conferred by that section, makes the following Regulations.
    A Draft of the Regulations has been laid before and approved by resolution of each House of Parliament in accordance with Section 2 (2) and paragraph 2 (2) of Schedule 2 to, that Act.

    You should read the Statutory Instrument-

    I also request that Section 2 (1) and 3 (1) of the European Communities Act 1972 should be taken into consideration.

    The Information Commissioner has a Statutory Duty also under this Statutory Instrument, but has previously failed to take appropriate action against the Bar Standards Board and The Independent Police Commmission.

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee.

  17. Manni says:

    How do you report a high profile solicitor who is have consensual incest relationship with his daughter that produce children, without not be found out and been kill by this person?

  18. Utterly traumatised by witnessing first hand 3 firms of corrupt solicitors committing significant Fraud in a Probate case, against a Litigant Person, the son of the deceased …
    To the extent of making significant fraudulent representations,one firm even allowing their client to impersonate a solicitor from their firm and a third firm looking for almost £40,000 in fraudulent costs.
    With additional complications due to Police involvement I am now unfit for work, with the son of the deceased who is now finally feeling fit enough to commence challenging the Police.
    SRA, Ombudsman, Law Society, MP, Action Fraud – none of whom have proved to be of any value in looking for some kind of accountability.
    The evidence is overwhelming. The circumstances are overwhelming. We must overcome 😦

  19. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:

    ENFORCEMENT AGENTS: [BAILIFFS] Misfeasance in Public Office.


    SCHEDULE 12 PARAGRAPH 18A (1) (D) The sum so payable is not a traffic contravention Debt.

    The Statutory instrument 2013 no 1894
    Regulation 4, 5 and 29 (3) (d).

    Section 85 of the County Courts Act 1984

    Except- Traffic Contravention Debt as mentioned in Section 82 of the Traffic Management Act 2004.

    Some of the Officers in the Metropolitan Police they don’t record a crime against the Enforcement Agents, and report to the DPP for the Offence of Blackmail.

    The Office for the Judicial Complaints will not take complaints against case management decisions against Judges. Since some of the Former Members of the Law Society are now with the Judicial Appointments & Conduct Ombudsman
    and Some of the Former Members of the Legal Aid Board, are with the Legal Aid Board Directors.
    There is a change of title but same other persons in their official post.

    I believe that the above is true

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

  20. John Carroll says:

    I am a 74yr old male victim of theft of my property a and money in excess of £250000 by B,ham solicitors Peter Boynton, Kevin harriss James of lrwin Mitchell, Graham Perigo Bourne Jaffa and David Goldsmith colluding in a secret conspiracy to defraud me by way of CPR 6.7b who was not authorised to act or.made me aware. B,ham district judges and the staff in the B,ham civil chancery division. All are guilty by association of what has happened to me by forgery of a electronic signature on a consent order (to min order) not witnessed with no hard copy. Concealment of documents like Particular of claim. Consent order. Land registry document
    I have been abused and sycologically abused, victim of inhuman and degrading treat mentioned, bullied , threatend and robbed run down by a vehical pounded to the ground by a person 20yrs my junior and fitted up and put in prison hoping l would commit suicide so non of this would come to light. I have no support from anyone. They all walk away. I told the head of the Birmingham Chancery Division l was not offered the consent order or much signed it. They told me it’s not for them to prove l signed the consent order but for me to prove l did not. I’ve never had a hearing or a fair hearing. I have all the evidence but no one wants to help me and so these people whp are criminal gangs are left in the PEOPLES COURT to robb us all.

  21. John carroll says:

    I am a victim of the judiciary in Birmingham it is absolutely corrupt I am fighting for solicitors who without making me a wear submitted false representations into the Chancery and had Ann Tomlin order not signed buy me all witnessed approved which said I really wish all my interest in my property and transferred full title to someone who was not entitled to it and I have been fighting them to get back what is my they took it because they could they have persecuted me Dad abuse me they put me in prison just to keep this covered up there is no justice for the people in this land don’t forget that the codes belong to the public it is my belief that a criminal gang operate in these chords to rob the vulnerable people of the assets and the Bonneville people have no address to getting it back they have robbed me of £300,000 cheats and Liars theories the lot of them cooks and the people should Rise Up and put them judges and corrupt officials on trial there are more people imprisoned with lesser crimes then the of course officials and judges thank you my name is John Carroll abused psychological abuse degrading treatment

    • John carroll says:

      I spoke the words of my last comment and some words have been Missspelt. I apologize and hope understand thank you. May I ask you, what can I do to get regress for the crimes they have committed against me I’m a lay person and my only knowledge is what I have had to learn regarding CPR etc etc I have been subjected 2 judicial abuse. The courts as I know them are not fair to honest men and women as I said it is run and operated by a criminal gang who use the court has their office. They believe the courts band not the public. Can anyone tell me what to do about the authorities who are Crooked bent liars that do exist in the court. The courts belong to them. Not us the public

  22. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:

    Section 50 and 51. Since this Act does bind the Courts in the United Kingdom.

    There are Persons who are wrongly being declared as Vexatious Litigant under Section 42 of the SCA 1981.

    There are persons who are wrongly issued with Civil Restraint Orders and Extended Civil Restraint Orders,
    When they are relying on the Bhamjee Versus David Forsdick Case in the Court of Appeal on the 25th July 2003 in B1/B2/B3/2003/0596

    The Judgment given on the 22nd July 2005 in the Chancery Division before than Mr Justice Park has not been published on the Public Domain.

    The Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund Ltd which is an Insurance Company for the Barristers in the United Kingdom, they do have the Copy of the Order and they should have the Transcript of the Judgment.

    There is the House of Lords Judgment which does mention of Section 21 and 38 of the Crown Proceedings Act 1947.

    My Motor Vehicles had been ceased by the Agents of the London Borough of Redbridge Council, LC53DMV, YE51 YMD They didn’t inform the DVLA, and The DART CHARGE has issued a Penalty Charge Notice for non-payment of the Charges.

    I had reported to the Police, but they didn’t take any Investigations and report to the DPP for the Crown Prosecution Services.

    There is unfair Trading by the Solicitors, the Redbridge Borough Council
    and other Barristers.

    The Consumer Rights Act 2015 has come into force.

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

  23. PLEASE help us who less able to mentally fight against crooked solicitors.
    We have been fleeced by a solicitor and it has destroyed us.

  24. Legal Ombudsman & RSA are self-serving, with a biased for the legal, failing the disadvantaged and vulnerable public.

  25. Solicitors often bully elderly clients who are unable to protect themselves, never great outcomes, there is on-one to help them take the complaints higher, unlikely to get forwarded to the Solicitors Regulating Association, very few can do this mentally and there is no support

  26. John Carroll mob 07736 319 177 says:

    I am layperson age 74 male. I am a victim of a criminal gang who still do operate within the Birmingham Civil Courts. l am a victim of a conceald cosent order not signed by me or witnessed. 4 solicitors are involved 5 high court judges taking my name of the deeds and giving full title to someone not entitled. I was not made aware. I cannot get any help and they have tried to shut me up. I have the evidence but its of no.use has the judge is bent Fraudulent misrepresentations where submitted to the chancery division who are involved and are all guilty by association. In excess of £300,000 l have taken by corruption within the court. It has taken me 10yrs to find out how l lost my house. To stop me. I have had an attempt on my life.car driven into me. Punched to the ground threats to.kill degrading treatment. Tried to get me sectioned. Ime still fighting on my own. Right is right wrong is wrong. No justice in courts. It not the people’s court. Its there’s. Peter Boynton must be the MAFFIA DONN. Under common law l want my own court and hold these devils decile to account for the suffering they cause. They are the same wicked breed of people who crucified Jesus and nailed him to the cross. The court is there Temple. What they have done to me IS BECAUSE THEY COULD.-JOHN CARROLL

  27. John Carroll mob 07736 319 177 says:

    Can u help me please.

  28. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:


    The Legal Services Ombudsman doesn’t deal with complaints against Solicitors who were instructed by the Other side.

    The Bar Standards Board-The Bar Council they have imposed time limits for making a complaint against the Barristers from the Other side
    The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, the time limit has been increased from 12 Years to 20 Years.

    Section 50 and 55 of the Solicitors Act 1974-
    There is a Legal Right to make a complaint against Solicitors in the High Court of Justice- but this isn’t mentioned in the Civil Procedure Rules and Criminal Procedure Rules.

    There is Judgments in the House of Lords- Advocates have no Immunity whether Civil or Criminal Proceedings on the 20th July 2000.

    The Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments Act 1982
    Special Jurisdiction Article 5.
    A Person can be sued————.

    Section 50 and 51 this does bind the Courts in the United Kingdom.

    The Lord Chancellor SS Ministry of Justice is liable and Responsible for the Judges in the United Kingdom under Section 9 of the Human Rights Act 1998
    and The Crown Proceedings Act 1947 Section 1 and 2.

    I thank you in advance.

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

  29. Debra Dudley says:

    I have been failed by my solicitor who ignored my instructions which exacepated major delays and consequently homeless. The impact on my life has seriously affected my health and my daughters education

  30. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:

    The London Borough of Newham Council who had suspended the Housing Benefit, they had issued Possession Proceedings in the Romford County Court, when an Appeal was pending for the Housing Benefit with the First-Tier Tribunal.
    The London Borough of Newham Council didn’t process the Housing Benefit Claim Form in the Year 2003 where we were wrongly evicted from 81A Upton Lane, Forest Gate, London E7 9PB.

    I have three Children with a Wife, If I was alone I wouldn’t have a problem since This world is not my Home as I am just a Pleasant time Passer in this world.
    There are many Large Companies in the United Kingdom which does operate on a Business Loss as they don’t make a profit.

    My Motor Vehicles had been ceased by the London Borough of Newham Council and Redbridge Borough Council, when the Motor Vehicles are Exempt Goods, as the meaning of the Word “Except Traffic Contravention Debt” as under Section 82 and 83 of Traffic Management Act 2004.

    Her Majesty’s Government of the United Kingdom had ceased to have Jurisdiction over Jamaica in the Year 1962, How does the Privy Council register Appeals from Jamaica Land, The Amount of Money has been wasted which should be large amount, but they do increase the Court Fees.

    The Lord Chancellor has not appointed Circuit Judges in many County Courts in many Parts of the England, as the District Judge has no Jurisdiction Power to determine claim from Direct or Indirect Discrimination by Public Authorities.

    The District Judge in Romford County Court has transferred the Claim to the County Court at Central London to be determined before a Circuit Judge.

    When the County Court does make Possession Orders for non-payment of the Rent, the Courts are required to inform the Secretary of State, It isn’t known whether or not the Secretary of State has been informed.

    There are two Secretaries of State- Ian Duncan Smith- Since He is not interested for the Welfare of the Children, whilst He and the Bar Council have failed to obey the Family Law Act 1986 Part 3, Declaration of Marital Status and M. F. P. A. 1984 Part 3 which is on the Public Domain.

    Debra Dulley can contact me on my Email Address i.bhamjee2@talktalk.net since there is a Limitation Period of Six Years, as there is a House of Lords Judgment in Arthur J S Hall versus Simmons where it was ordered that Advocates have no Immunity whether Civil or Criminal Proceedings.

    Rupert Jackson QC He was a Barrister where He had lost in the Court of Appeal in December 1998, Since He is now a Lord Justice of the Court of Appeal, He is known to the Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund Ltd Directors, as there shall be a conflict of Interests.

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee
    Tell 07882129431

  31. We have been fleeced by a solicitor dealing with our family will, the Legal Ombudsman and the SRA don’t acknowledge the fraud, they are on the side of the solicitors. They ought to be surveyed and brought to account.

  32. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:

    RE:- Section 50 and 55 of the Solicitors Act 1974 and Judgment given in the Court of Appeal on the 14th December 1998 and House of Lords on the 20th July 2000 Financed by the Solicitors Indemnity Fund Ltd and Offence under Section 38 of the Public Order Act 1986 Anxiety.

    Please kindly take into consideration of Section 50 and 55 of the Solicitors Act 1974, as this has not been inserted under the Civil Procedure Rules and Criminal Procedure Rules, which does cause unnecessary expenses and Burden.

    There is a Criminal Offence under Section 38 of the Public Order Act 1986 where the Metropolitan Police has not charged the Enforcement Agents and Solicitors, as Weightmans LLP wants to milk their Client the Metropolitan Police, and Bevan Brittan LLP who are also Solicitors for the Law Society Disciplinary, As they can’t become the Solicitors for the National Health Services.

    The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Ian Duncan Smith has resigned, where other Solicitors, Barristers and Judges should resign and retire, whilst the Jack Straw MP had made a Statement at the Law Society when He was the Secretary of State for the Home Department,

    The Case of Ezeh and Connors Versus the United Kingdom (Application Numbers 39665/98 and 40086/98 judgment given on the 9th October 2003 which is in the Public Domain where any Person can see and view.

    Mr P. Sales was a Barrister at the Time, He is now the Lord Justice Judge in the Court of Appeal.
    He was Present in the High Court of Justice at the directions hearing on the 25th October 2000 before than Mr Justice Scot Baker.
    Section 11 (a) (b) of the Human Rights Act 1998 and Section 2 (1) of the European Communities Act 1972 had been argued.

    There is no fair hearing under Article 6 of the Convention Treaties for many Litigants in Persons in England and Wales, If a Litigant in Person can’t afford to pay the Costs for the Solicitors and Barristers, than this doesn’t mean that the Litigant in Person is abusing the Process of the Court, and Being a Vexatious, as the Judges are relying on Repealed Parliaments Acts and Statutory Instruments.

    The Law Society are aware of the Family Law Act 1986, and under Section 55 (3) of the Family Law Act 1986, their members are not parties to the Dissolve Marriage, but they continue to victimise, harass and Discriminate me for unknown reasons.

    Some of the Former Members of the Law Society are with the Judicial Appointments Commission, where they do make suggestion that their members should be appointed as Judges,

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

  33. Rick Whitehead says:

    The SRA will not acknowledge any fraud that happens to vulnerable people, they ignore them, even though they have stated last year that they would improve this situation

    • Yeah, it seems that Public Authorities need to learn the art of apologising…

      • Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:






        THE METROPOLITAN POLICE WHO DOES NORMALLY INSTRUCT WEIGHTMANS LLP in Misfeasance in Public Office, the Solicitors does have the documents in the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords, but they will not admit liability as they want to make more amount of Money,

        There is a Judgment given in the Court of Appeal on the 27th October 2010, Case Number B3/2010/0635
        Clinton David Jacobs Claimant/Appellant
        Motor’s Insurance Bureau Defendant/Respondent.

        There was a Hit and Run Accident on the 19th July 2015 at Tiptree Crescent, Ilford, when unknown Driver and Motor Vehicle had hit into three Motor Vehicles,
        The Motor Insurance Bureau who does refuse to pay damages,
        This does amount to direct or Indirect Discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.

        Persons who are on Low Income or those who are claiming Public Funds Benefit, they are being penalised whilst there is an Offence under Section 38 of the Public Order Act 1986.

        There were many other Persons who had hated the Late Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher, but she was one of the Best Woman in this world, who was prepared to change her mind, whilst the Zimbabwe Independence had come after the Commonwealth Conference in Lusaka, Republic of Zambia.

        The Independence and Republic of Zimbabwe was worn with Bullets, and that Independence can’t be taken away by the Solicitors and Barristers in the United Kingdom.

        Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia and The Late Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda of Malawi had spent some period in Gwelo Prison in the year 1959.

        Yours Faithfully

        Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

  34. T says:

    It is a big problem as the SRA will not help vulnerable people, they will only deal with the big cases of fraud.
    It is time for a new body to regulate.

  35. Loudmouth says:

    I have just made a complaint againist a number of Solictiors, a QC and their firms, whom was surpposed to represent me in a Criminal case. But both of them, didn’t challenge any of the evidence, being presented by the CPS. Eventually, at the sentencing stage, I dismissed these bums and represented myself. I produced a document challenaging the CPS assertions, if I hadn’t, I would have been in prison right now. The Judge, was a star and although, the evidence I produced couldn’t been used, she advised me to seek legal advice and appeal. She then reduced the penalties to the absolute minimum. Instead of six months prison, got 150 hours Community Payback, in reality 63 hours and £60.00 fine. The CPS wanted £1250.00.

  36. Solicitors Regulation Authority fail to protect vulnerable victims of crooked solicitors. Time for a new independent regulation authority.

  37. Jim Bates says:

    Yes we have found that out too, the SRA are biased on the side of the dodgy solicitors, there needs to be more legislation to support the vulnerable victims.

  38. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:



    2. ON THE VEXATIOUS LITIGANTS, I have mentioned the decision given in the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division, than Court of Appeal and than the House of Lords. The Defence had been prepared by Jeremy M Sullivan QC and Brian Ash, Section 32 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1971 had been left out.

    3. I had appeared before than Mr Justice Sullivan in the CO/163/2000 Proceedings in January 2001, Where I had raised Section 73A of TCPA 1990 which had been inserted by the Planning and Compensation Act 1991.
    Whilst Section 2 (1) of the European Communities Act 1972 had been mentioned on the Claim Form and Amended Claim Form.
    Since the High Court Judge on his own Motion He should have taken that Judgment on his own Motion.

    4. NON-DISCLOSURE OF FACTS: There is a Legal Right for any Person to make an Application to have the Judgment Order set aside on Non-Disclosure and Deliberate Concealment, Mistake or Omission.

    5. There is Section 50 and 55 of the Solicitors Act 1974:
    This has to be inserted in the Civil Procedure Rules, Family Procedure Rules and Criminal Procedure Rules- As every matter should be resolved in One Go. This is to save the time and Expenses for every one. The Costs for breach of the Professional Rules of Code of Conduct on Solicitors this needs to be increased for Litigants in Person
    Bevan Brittan LLP they do represent the Law Society, whilst they do conceal and suppress evidence.

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee.

  39. Les Raines says:

    The Solicitors Regulation Authority have not helped our situation, they have covered up for the crooked solicitor. Anyone know where we can go to next, we are vulnerable and it is difficult getting the help? Thank you

  40. The SRA and Legal Ombudsman have stonewalled us, is there any other assocation who will help the victims?

  41. We are in the same position, there is so much corruption in the legal system, where can you apply to after approaching the SRA and Legal Ombudsman, who are on the side of the solicitors?
    A solicitor has robbed us of over a million pounds.

  42. Walter Wood says:

    To John Carroll. Sorry to hear of the horrific problems your having with the corrupt legal system, it must be very traumatic for you. Hope you find justice in some way.
    We too have come into contact with a solicitor who is a crook in suit.

  43. michelle wilson says:

    I am still having trouble with awful solicitors, Harvey Copping & Harrison. I have had problems with them pretty much from day 1, and sadly I am stuck with them. “Why and How are you stuck with them?” I hear you ask, well I am just a measly beneficiary to my Mums Will and the solicitors in question are the named executors who refused to renounce, thus was forced into using them and there is nothing I can do about it.
    So far they have made countless mistakes, they can’t even do simple maths. According to them 76 – 4 = 74. Now, of course they are charging thousands for the privilege of being so awful, but what is worse is they said “it will cost around £2,500 to £3,500”, only to be slapped with a bill months later of just under £14,000, with no warning what so ever.
    Then the icing on the cake is the fact that the estate is still not finalised (its only been 2 and a half years since Mum died) and sure enough, they are still charging, so that lovely £14,000 bill shall continue to rise, to the expense of the beneficiaries (me and my younger siblings).
    I have been very lucky to have had a reasonable Ombudsman ruling, BUT as the estate is still open, it does not stop the issues and charges continuing to rise, and what can I do about it, nothing.
    It would be bad enough dealing with these people as a client/customer, but at least clients have some rights and are able to sack them if they have issues. But beneficiaries are stuck and forced to use them if they are named as executors. It basically gives them the permission to do what ever the hell they want and take what ever they want from the estate.
    Oh, and I am not the only one having trouble with them, I have friends who are also having issues with them. But hey, at least they are clients, they can do something about it.
    Their name again, so that people can make note of it and avoid them like the plague: “Harvey Copping & Harrison”, based in the Essex areas of Wickford, South Woodham and Canvey. (apparently the are Quality solicitors. This could not be further from the truth)
    Avoid them and spread the word of how awful they are so that others are aware and can be warned.

  44. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:






  45. henry ellis says:

    We have been cheated by a crooked solicitor who has taken advantage of a family member with dementia. The SRA were uninterested and covered up for him. Were do you get true justice in a sick legal system?

  46. There are far too many crooked solicitors, we have been robbed by a few. Time something was done about this, the SRA and Ombudsman are protecting them

  47. JP says:

    Its not only in the UK – there are corrupt solicitors and corrupt major banks in Australia.

    My former husband opened a business bank account with St George Bank Australia (a Division of the Westpac Group) using my name, which I was unaware of. He then used an invalid Power of Attorney to operate this account move our funds into this account which I had no access to. He literally stole our joint funds. St George accepted this without question.
    His solicitor Mr Ross Hirst, from Hirst and Co Family Lawyers, Brisbane Queensland, Australia, kept these documents hidden from me and the Family Court. My solicitors Mr. Myles Walker and Mr. Gavin Lai from Emerson Family Lawyers Brisbane also kept these documents hidden from me, so that my former husband’s fraud was not revealed to me or the Family Courts.

    My solicitors pressured me into accepting an unfair settlement where I had to agree to being part responsible to his business and personal debts, which I had no control of and he had no authority over the business.

    Then his solicitor, Mr. Ross Hirst, took complete control of the sale of our joint property, selling it for 100k less than its worth.

    I have had hundreds and thousands of dollars stolen from me by the St George Bank Australia and solicitors Ross Hirst, Gavin Lai and Myles Walker, from Emerson Family Lawyers.

    Yes, I have been through the system in complaints, but the Legal Service Commission refuse to investigate these solicitors. The Financial Ombudsman refuse to investigate the bank.

    What other options are there when you are dealing with these corrupt solicitors and banks?

  48. Saul Grove says:

    A crooked yorkshire solicitor has frauded our family out of our inheritance and we are devestated. More sites are required like this to make people aware of the corruption in British law.

    • michelle wilson says:

      I feel your pain and have had similar issues. It is a shame that such websites that do exist to “name and shame” are usually not very high on searches. So people looking for the particular companies/people in question do not see all the issues and problems caused. There is also the issue that not everyone will make a public complaint. Most likely do not even complain at all, especially if it is against solicitors/lawyers, as most people are afraid to battle the “professionals” in law, from fear of losing/being worse off. The company I have had trouble with: Harvey Copping & Harrison LLP, I know for a fact that I am not the only one who has had issues with them, but yet, I am the only one to have actually complained/done anything about it. Of course, my one single little complaint, which hardly has any impact, (any impact is minimised even further as I am merely a beneficiary, with no rights. If I was a client, I would have rights and be able to do a little more about it). Either way, my single little complaint is hardly going to make any impact at all. So it does not help if others do not speak out about their issues with such companies/people.

  49. Anonymous says:

    My name is John Carroll age 75 and a layperson and a victim of bullying and voilation of artical 3 H.R.A torture and degrading treatment.
    It is the case. The Birmingham civil and justice centre Chancery division operated two case files simultaneously . The one file of orders saying no contact l was made aware of . The other saying l agree to relinquish all my beneficial rights in my jointly owned property l was never made aware of. I was told by the police that court had deleted my name off the jointly owned deeds of which l paid £170,000 deposit and it was given to a person l was not married to whilst a £75000 joint mortgage was still registered in joint names against it. I was not notified or the Halifax of the transaction by the court or by the Land registry. On the 4th of March 2015 l had a hearing at 10.30 before district Judge Truman at The Birmingham civil and justice centre saying that l wanted back what belonged to me as “l had not received the consent order 4BM30192 or agreed it or much less signed it. I said that my property had been obtained fraudulentI misrepresentations being submitted. I was then told l must sue the solicitors for what had happened. This did not distract from the consent order being fraudulent and void. I made a aplliction to have the order revoked. The Court Chancery delteted the key words in the judges transcript altered the dates on my appliction put a CRO on.me for 2yrs saying l had mental issues and cant take action against the people who have cheated me who submitted the false documents. Where do l go and who do l go to to get a recission. The court does not protect the public. Mobile No 07736 319 177 or text or E.mail : xmascarroll11@yahoo.co.uk.

  50. As a retired solicitor, I have had cause to complain to both the SRA and the Legal Ombudsman. In my experience, neither of these organisations is fit for purpose. A blind eye is turned to conduct that would not have been tolerated years ago and those making decisions to close down complaints are not the brightest and best, unfortunately. The harsh reality is that there is no appeals process, no reliable avenue of redress for the consumer and little political appetite to address this depressing state of affairs.

  51. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:

    RE:- CASE OF MAGYAR HELENSKI BIZOTTSAG VERSUS Hungary Application Number 18030/11 8th November 2016 European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
    Breach of Article 10 of the Convention Treaties
    Please kindly see the above judgment, and any Person does have the Legal Right to have his or her case Re-open in the Court of Appeal under the CPR 52-30 Rules, previously Taylor and Another Versus Lawrence Case in the Court of Appeal.

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

  52. M. Azur says:

    AVOID the following: MORGAN HAS Solicitors-Stoke Newington High Street, London.
    These Legal Vultures, claim to represent you in Criminal Defence, but will betray you to the Racist/Human Rights /convicted(Alder v Crown prosecution service) Crown prosecution service . Once they get Legal Aid from you they will, disobey your instruction, supply you with no Defence papers , and if you sack them, they will force themselfs to represent you, against
    wishes. Dated 20th December 2016.

  53. John Carroll says:

    Where and Who can l go to, to get help get against this B.ham civil chancery devision that have stole my property and monies in excess of £250000 off me and there was not a case for me to answer. They took it because they could. Ime age 75 and they have cheated lied submitted fraudulent documents not disclosed to me
    Degrading me. Causing me distress physiological abuse atttempt on my life. Fitted up put in prison l month. To stop me from continuing to get back what they have stolen. I never thought this happened. Ime treated like Hillsborough. Stephen Laurence.. Birmingham six. etc Police wont help no one will. Ime outside the circle. They say if you cant beat them – join them. NEVER, I can go anywhere. I nnever have to go out the back door or look over my shoulder. I have respect everywhere l go because lve earned it. John Carroll. xmascarroll11@ yahoo.co.uk. 07736 319 177

    • I think that our only consolation is our conscience every day and when we die.

      They have to live with theirs – even though it seems on hold, parked or even switched off.

      THANK YOU for sharing your horror story, John!

  54. John Carroll says:

    I am age 75 and a victim who is victimised by the Birmingham civil courts Chancery division who hold a consent order that I did not receive or agree or much less signed saying I agree to relinquish all my benificial interest in my jointly owned property and give to another person.(theft) Peter Boynton solicitor / deputy District Judge willfully submitted fraudulent misrepresentations plus the non disclosure of all material. I have no voice. In fear of the consqences should l complain. I have had an attempt on my life and put in prison plus tried to get me sectioned.live alone no one to help me fight the corruption that does exist in the judiciary uk. Please help. John Carroll 07736 319 177

  55. Keith Reeds says:

    A corrupt solicitor stole my money due to me in a will… and got away with it, the SRA and Ombudsman protect them.
    Yorkshire. K Reeds

  56. david lake says:

    the court of human rights is another corrupt british ruled bent crooked twisted place u wont get anywhere u will be blocked at the door .i have a full case to back my mouth up ,they are totally corrupt. here are some bent barristers n solicitors to look out for robert toone barrister the engine house leeds jonathon french barrister . close thornton solicitors darlington andrew jackson solicitors york. helen baxter merritt solicitors yarm stockton on tees wishlade solicitors stockton on tees watson woodhouse solicitors stockton and middlesbrough all corrupt regards d lake

  57. david lake says:

    i was first falsley accused when i was 12 yrs old they said i stole a bike ,total crap in court the option was if i did not plead guilty they would put me in a home till i was 18 . this made me a criminal then i was falsiey accused twice , that was 3 times falsley accusen between the age of 12 and 18 then i ve had the same crap over again in my life thats child abuse by the bent bastards the system is utterly perverse and totally corrupt i aim to expose as many of them as possible d lake

  58. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:

    I, Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee request that Section 179 of the Housing Act 1996 Duty to provide advisory Services (As amended)
    (3) The Authority may give to any person by whom the service is provided on behalf of the authority assistance by way of Grant or Loan.
    “Financial Abuse” includes-
    (a) having money or other property stolen,
    (b) being defrauded,
    (c) being put under pressure in relation to money or other property, and

    Since the Local Government Ombudsman Commissioner, The London Borough of Newham Council, and many other Local Authorities, and the Bar Standards Board doesn’t take the New Parliament Act into consideration and change their mind, It does appear that the Local Authorities are relying on Repealed Parliament Acts and Statutory Instruments, whilst the Court Officers and Judges are only interested in taking into New fees order, but does not take into consideration of the New Parliament Acts or Statutory Instruments, In my Previous submissions which I had made of Section 50 and 55 of the Solicitors Act 1974, since there is a Legal Right to make a complaint to the High Court or the Crown Court against the Solicitors.

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

  59. david lake says:

    all government departments who regulate solicitors barristers are corrupt the full system is purley bent

    • Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:

      RE: Section 241a “Gross Human Rights abuse or Violation” as inserted by the Criminal Finance Act 2017 Chapter 3 Section 13 Civil Recovery.

      (4) The third Condition is that the conduct is carried out-
      (a) by a public official, or a person acting in an Official Capacity, in the performance of his or her Official Duties, or
      (b) by a person not falling within paragraph (a) at the instigation or with the acquiescence-
      (a) of a public Official, or
      (b) of a person acting in an Official Capacity,
      who is instigating, the conduct, or in consenting to or acquiescing, in it, is acting in the performance or purported performance of his or her official duties.

      The Time Limit for a claim under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 is a period of Twenty Years,

      The Minimum Amount had been reduced by previous Statutory Instrument to £1,000-00.

      The Metropolitan Police doesn’t record a crime when it is reported to them, they normally say that it is a Civil Matter and not a Criminal Matter when Perjury- Subornation of Perjury is a Criminal Offence.

      The Information Commissioner is aware that the Parliamentary Ombudsman Commissioner does not have the Jurisdiction Power to carry out Investigations about Criminal Proceedings, they insist that a complaint should be made to the Parliamentary Ombudsman Commissioner.

      The Judicial Conduct and Investigations Office does not carry out investigations on case management decisions where there has been wrong decisions made.

      This does cause injustice to many Citizens who are on Low Income or who can’t afford to pay higher amount of Fees for the Barristers and Solicitors as some of them don’t carry out Legal Aid Funding Work, when the Lord Chancellor does have the Power to grant Exceptional Funding, as the Lord Chancellor is also responsible for the Court Officers and Judges in the United Kingdom,

      Yours Faithfully

      Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

  60. David marsh says:

    There is a fact that all solicitors commit crime from conspiracies to murder children to rape and murder of children

  61. david lake says:

    i ask every one to get the truth out about the bent “justice” system if u all kick off we might get some action d lake

  62. david lake says:

    remember the birmingham 6 the guilford 4 cardiff 3 carl bridge water lads barry george and thousands and thousands of more people falsley accused ,made guilty by the bent “justice” system. their is no such thing as a misscarridge of justice it is bent judges bent barristers bent solicitors bent prosecution bent police bent freemasons bent council planners all government paid idiots full of corruption d lake

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