Police Harassment (no. 30)

Compared to Maurice Kirk‘s experiences with three different forces over three decades, Michael Doherty’s story is quite different, and it made into the Guardian, from where I copied the text in his summary.

But how do you compare injustices, trauma, frustration and utter disbelief in what we  would like to believe in: law and order!?

What a bummer: the police, instead of doing their job, raid him and drag him away handcuffed and in his dressing gown!…

George Monbiot suggests in his article the only remedy: sack the officer responsible.


35 Responses to Police Harassment (no. 30)

  1. Maribeth Freeman says:

    I need information on police harrassment, since I am a victim of this for many years now. If you have any info, please email me at wildolivecosmedics@yahoo.com .. I am so upset presently over being watched, because I was set up and the court system here is behind it all. They pulled my driver’s license which was NOT indicated in court that this would happen, and now they stalk my business and my home trying to catch me driving. I was tazed 10 times 5 years ago by the police.. the evidence “disappeared” but i had pictures of the tazes.. I am DONE with playing their way! They lied in court.. I can prove this.. I need help, but need legal info on what to do, b/c when I called the State Bar for help on harrassment charges, they informed me that they could not help me with that. Thanks for any help!!! Maribeth F.

    • peter oakes says:

      Dear Maribeth.
      You did not make it clear where you are from !

      Your term “i asked the state bar” sounds American. Are you from
      the USA. ?

    • sarah says:

      Am Being Gang Stalked, Mobbed and Harassed at Oradea Faculty of Medicine/ Romania
      Class of 2009-2010

      I am French originally African. I was a medical student in Romania. I was forced to stop my studies due to a serious problem that I am trying to understand because until now all seems to be a nightmare.

      I started the first year of medical studies in Oradea, a small town near the Hungarian borders. It was in 2009-2010. I used to live in France before that time. My problem has started at the first year with some problems with other students in the English section. An European student in the upper classes who was also the head of the students association tried to have my attention but I was not interested. He tried many times even through my face book (I don’t have one anymore) but I always refused him. He then decided to destroy my life as a result of his revenge. As he was very good in computers and the new technology, he hacked, destroyed my computers, stolen my mails, Skype conversations, tapped my phone. I was receiving strange and threading messages through my computer and my phone, they say that all my conversations were going to be published. He entered in contact with everybody with whom I had had argues in the past (most of them were members of the students association). Together, they turned my life in a real hell by using the mobbing method. I had many friend, a very good social life inside and outside the school. They destroyed all that by spreading rumors and lies about me. People started to flee me, even those who never talked to me before. I lost most of my friends. I tried to ask why some people began to be weird with me but I was labeled as mentally sick when I asked. This psychological pressure went on for 3 year. I did not understand what was going on until the end of my third year. I knew that something was going behind my back but I didn’t know what or how to deal with it! I talked to my best friends about all: the isolation, the rumors, the insults, the hacking, the threats, the vandalism and the thefts of my belongs. I even met a psychiatric doctor who is also a teacher at the school, I told her my story. They all advice me to ignore the preps and to continue my way. And this is exactly what I did but the perps never let me alone. They wanted more than ruining my reputation, more than just isolating me. They wanted my complete destruction as a result of their hate and revenge. The psychological pressure was extreme. Every new single day there were new recruited and involved people. They were many and I was alone, who would believe in my story? I contacted the Romanian police for the hacking and threaten messages, I showed them the evidences (I took pictures of everything). The police simply ignored me. I told the police in France as well; they told me they could not do anything because I was living in another country, they asked me to contact the Romanian police. I met the Romanian consul in Paris who told me the same. I was totally lost and scared, I was not feeling secured in Oradea because the perps tried to murder me many times in the past. The head of the student (now former) already threaten me by telling me that I was going to be sent to a Palliative service. One of their local friend tried to crash me with the car (I saw the driver s face), I was poisoned the day of my surgical semiology exam during 3d year, something serious happened during my general surgery practice. In three years they managed to make me appear as the most hated person in my class, in the school but also in the small town. Their gang stalking method worked perfectly, they used all the destructive tactics against me but I stayed despite everything. By the end of the third year I finally found out about the gang stalking crime and who was behind all of my suffering. I then decided to talk to the former president of the students association. He was in the 6th year at that time. I took a friend of mine who was also in the same class as him. I put all in the table but he denied everything despite the facts, he also told many lies. I then decided to write a paper telling the truth and the lies about me. I distributed it at school. The former president felt threaten he called his best friend (who is a real criminal). His friend collected all my paper after my departure (as I was told later), they were afraid of the truth because they will appear as liars. They then decided to get rid of me, to end it all.
      Then I left back to France for holidays doubting about nothing.
      I came back to Oradea at the beginning of October 2012 to start my the 4th year. Strange things started to happen in the second week of my arrival. I was followed in the street, everywhere I go by many, many local people. Somebody took my picture in the street. I started to have several and serious tachycardia for no reason, even when relaxed at home. My skin was burning; I was so tired for no raison. I noticed that the people upstairs (steps) are following me in every room I enter. I was not able to sleep; I was wakened up every night at 3 am. I as terrorized, what is going on? I made a lot of researches. I then found out about electronic harassment and gang stalking. I told the police of Oradea. They had two solution for me;
      1- Either to consult a psychiatric doctor.
      2- Or to transfer to another school, they even suggested to help me with the transfer (they knew it was impossible as the year s already started and no transfer was possible).
      I contacted the French consul who told me that they were nothing he could do. He advised me to go back to France if I was feeling unsafe.
      I then decided to go back to France for a while. I felt very sick during the flight. I thought I was going to die. I arrived at Charles de G airport, I took a new sim number I put the card in my phone and suddenly I got a strange coded text message from a French number that I never knew.
      I started to see many different people around my house following me everywhere. I was scared; I couldn’t go out to shop without being followed. I called the police many times, they ignored me. The last time they asked me to go to a police station I went there, it was 2am, my neighbor put me in front of the station and he left. I stayed from 2 am to 5 am, they finally told me that the person who used to take the complains was not there, they asked me to go to another station, I took a taxi, I left at 5 am I arrived to another police station they kept me until 6am then rejected me out for no raison, I went to another, same scenario, until I arrived to the last one in the north of Paris (I didn’t understand that the objective is to send me as far from my house as they can to expose me to the biggest and the most horrible street theatre). I entered the station, many police men were there, they took my bag look inside it as if they were looking for something then they rejected me out. it was 7-8 am Saturday (November 2012).where I was an easy target for a crazy number of people specially hired to terrorize me : police men, ambulance cars, cleaning companies, and many strange people , they followed me in an every single street in Paris, I was chased as a rabbit. I was scared to death, I thought it was a long nightmare I wanted to wake up but all was true. I was obliged to run in front of the cars, they were taking my pictures; I lost my shoes, my bag with all my money inside. I finally landed in a friend’s house. He also witnessed the strange police concentration in front of his house. I was in a miserable condition, he took me to my doctor who advice to see a psychiatric doctor, I refused (I have doubts about my doctor because we met him by accident in the street, all was planned). Then my nightmare continued with the electronic harassment (mainly done by neighbors) and the sleep deprivation in my flat but also in my cousin’s house. I was so tired. I was forced to be hospitalized, to take drugs against my will. I stayed there for several days for observations then they released me.
      After this hospitalization, I lost most of my friends and the ones left believe in the mental illness, very hard to take.
      I left France to my home country for a while for peace, the attacks had stopped there, I came back to Paris and they started again after a few months. Until today they still attack me during my sleep, they manly target the top of my head; the density became lower but still hurts. They also keep me awake until the morning and this is because the upstairs neighbors are recruited to torture me. Now I understand exactly what is happening to me (thanx to internet), despite the lake of evidences.
      Since July I tried to get back to Romania as I have no choice, I have to finish my studies. I applied to another faculty but surprise: the school did all, told lies about the inscription to block me. They asked impossible paper (I think only me is asked this kind of paper), the gave a very short time to handle them. I tried other faculties (also in Romania) the result is always the same. I understood then that I am not allowed to go back to Romania any more. I really don’t know what the problem is. I am considered as a dangerous person in Romania but also in France but why? Nobody can tell me. ! Is it because of my origins, my religion or because some people went to the Romanian police and told serious lies about me? The Romanian and the French authorities are holding something serious about me and I don’t know WHAT! It makes me feel sick.
      During these 3 years of medical studies in Romania I spend a lot of energy, time and money, I left my only child to go to school but now my future and my life are destroyed for no raison. There is nothing more I can lose.
      I feel so bad because I am treated as a criminal or/and terrorist while the real criminals get away with their crime.
      This is what gang stalking and electronic harassment can do to innocent people…

      My criminal jobbers/ gang stalkers:
      G Britvic : sociopath, hacker, hater, liar, chronic school failure, criminal using money to destroy lives.
      S Sheick : sociopath, liar, hypocrite, criminal
      I Martin : knows nothing about medicine, jalousie with no personality. Rich dad is always there.
      J Vomer :superiority complex, manipulated, stupid, can mobbed people even without knowing them
      H Shabbi : inferiority complex, hypocrite, jalousie, born hater
      S Banbouni : inferiority complex, jalousie by nature, knows nothing about medicine.
      M Reiys Beit : jalousie, knows nothing about medicine, cheater
      Of course there are many others, recruited to harass people but all of them are just stupid manipulated kids that I ignore the names. They participated in this horrible terror because they were afraid of the heads of the stalking/mobbing crime.

      Please inform everybody around you about gang stalking and electronic harassment.


      • What a story! Thank You!

        Keep your strength of faith despite it all!!!

      • Your drama is like fraudulent bankruptcies, home repossessions, child snatching and even cancer: people have become so numbed and dumbed that they only ‘wake up’, when they are hit themselves.

        I am told that people now talk about child snatching in the train in Wales.

        Maybe they’ll talk about electronic harassment next! Long live the blogosphere!!!

  2. hello i run a climbing center for inner city kids at st agnes beacon hill cornwall the hope project , i was informed by the police that i should close this as they do not want inner city kids here . they told me this after racists in my area twice burned down my centre the police know who did it but refuse to do anything about it they the racists and the police are stiill harrasing me to sell up and leave . just this morning i was harrased by a wel known psco from the village who told me he will be back to look at me on my land as he said he is just seeing the view so i cannot do anything please see http://www.thebeaconofhope.co.uk for my full story thanks sam xps im in need of a human rights lawyer to help fight my corner

  3. The Infidel says:

    Video or record everything preferably video as they seem to wind their necks in when a camera is about. Get someone to covertly ‘accidentally’ record them threatening you while going about your daily business

  4. Hi Sabine can you please add my story. There is a PDF detailing mine and my 4 year old’s year-long harassment by the Metropolitan Police on my web site on this page:

    The PDF is here:

    I have complained to the IPCC and the IPT (Investigatory Powers Tribunal). The IPT manage complaints about intrusive surveillance.
    Regards, Charlie Foulkes

    • I’m still travelling, Charlie, but will do my best soon. http://www.punishmentwithoutcrime.wordpress.com is a good place for your terrible story!

      • Oh sorry, didn’t know you were away. xx I guess it is also difficult to find somebody trustworthy enough to share running the web site. No worries.

        Once you are back, I would like to ask what I can do to see more on Vicky Haigh / Thompson family documents as I can’t log in.

        Also I am very confused about the Caul Grant case. I know it started with his baby dying and medical negligence, but all I can find online now is later stuff that happened after release from his first spell in jail. i.e. about his being able to break the law with impunity. On a back burner though, you must be very busy.

  5. Dear Charlie

    No, Caul is not in jail. You can email him.

    Can you be specific about the document that you’d like to get to?

    Vicky Haigh’s site is set to PRIVATE. Therefore you need to click on REGISTER.

    That does not apply to Phil Thompson. Hence I don’t know what you refer to.

  6. Hi Sabine
    I am in need of a McKenzie friend to assist me in prosecuting the Met. Can you please suggest one who works in the area as I can only find ones that do Family Law.

  7. Green Samuel says:


    We have been going through similar harassment/oppression to many on here, but thought we were alone until finding this. It’s shocking, but at the same time a relief to find others in a similar situation. I have just written a short web article which I hope you don’t mind me posting a link to here: http://oppression.eu5.org/ . I deliberately wrote it in a rather literary style as I thought this might mean it would be less likely to be removed by the perpetrators. I hope it doesn’t give the impression of not being serious.

    Keep fighting


  8. Green Samuel says:

    It’s hosted in Europe, but the hosts don’t seem to disclose which country. Do you think it would be safer abroad? Or outside Europe? Or do you think (as I do) that countries are all collaborating on these things (like silencing each other’s oppressed citizens)?

    • I think that it takes a LOT for a site to have to come down, and I think it’s more if it targets powerful individuals rather than criticism in general.

      I don’t think that countries collaborate (yet) in this fascist manner.

      • Green Samuel says:

        Yes, I guess that’s why I kept it general. I did have a post removed from a media website a few years ago, in which I named and criticised an organisation who nearly killed me and several other people including children by setting fire to a hillside. But then that was somebody else’s website. I might add more detail to my website sometime. I do hope you are right about countries not collaborating on this. I had assumed that they would as they seem to collaborate on a lot of things but your website would certainly suggest otherwise! Long live the WWW!

  9. Green Samuel. I am in UK and tried to access your site as I am looking for info on organised stalking. My IP provider (library) blocked access. This happens a lot. I also have great trouble publicising my situation of being gang stalked. It is very unusual that I am able to get a comment on anywhere. If this subject is a concern to you try the websites – targeted-individuals; exposegangstalking; targeted individuals are bait.

    • Green Samuel says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment and suggested websites – these are really interesting and I have to admit I had come to similar conclusions myself. Based on the evidence we have I am convinced that it is the state which is behind this, but I don’t see that as contradicting your explanation (I take it these are your own websites). After all, anyone wanting to do the sort of things you describe would surely gravitate towards positions of power. My website is rather rhetorical and doesn’t add much to what you have written – I wrote it before I found Victims Unite; before I knew others were experiencing similar things and so I thought I had to convince people. Now I think I am preaching to the converted! I’m not an I.T. specialist and so have limited knowledge of how website blocking works and can be avoided – maybe someone else can provide more info.

    • Green Samuel says:

      I just tried to private message you a copy of the text from my website but I can’t seem to find such a facility on here. Are you still unable to access it? I could email it to you if you can somehow get me your email address.

  10. Patrick mcdonagh says:

    I’m being harassed terrorised by London police

  11. moto says:

    Hi there colleagues, its impressive piece of writing about teachingand entirely explained, keep
    it up all the time.

  12. satangov says:

    Raymond Inv. Micro-ing USA Using Illegal Authenic Darpa Alien Tech Comp. Invisible Micro-ing US Citizens For Obama / 2 Mil Yr!

    Howard Raymond said Palm Desert., CA. Police could arrest him right now at 72310 Blue Ridge Ct. CA 92260 dor micro implanting CA with an Alien Computer
    and the Palm Desert Police Dept. Do Not Know They Are Invisible Micro-ed they only know about The real Micro’s implants.
    Invisible Adv. Alien Tech. micro program (not a real micro chip) in your right eye retina from your computer or cell and believe it or not forms an invisible cell phone connection and an invisible cam that can view you at any angle, record, harass or wifi torture you. It’s unbelievable! It is Advanced Invisible Alien Darpa Tech. using restructured computers taken from real extraterrestrials captures for war and technology.
    USA Gov. Darpa Agency Invisible Micro Computer Right Retina Eye Implant Program From your computer from Howard’s alien computer at home. Darpa Obama invisible Alien Computer program micro-ing citizens for 10 years wifi torture or alien wars.

  13. organisedstalkinguk says:

    I am a victim of gang stalking in the UK, in my case orchestrated by members of my family, and with the knowledge of the whole community. I’ve been mobbed out of work, lost all my family and friends, and been homeless for a short time. They have the power to stop me finding a place to live, and I have almost no chance of getting a (non-abusive) job. There is state involvement (Police,DWP, NHS etc). I’d be grateful if you could take a quick look at my blog, where I’m documenting my experiences:



  14. natalie says:


    Im a British woman that has been getting troubled since 2015 through electronic harassment and public stalking in England. This started with various musicians on Twitter turning some trivial postings about “music copyright” into full on harassment of me and my family in a horrific way. I thought this was some men I use to know working in the music industry causing me this trouble until some teenagers in the street one day stalking me told me to check out Madonna twitter postings, I wasn’t following this woman nor any of the other ones that began to get involved in humiliating me over this! Prince, Thome Yorke, Kanye, Rhiana, Beyonce,Dev Hynes Justin Bieber,iLiketrains, Katy Perry Wichita Records Heavenly Records Virgin & XL Records and endless other musicians joined in online, just based on twitter nonsense they were posting relevant to this, they went on a senseless witch hunt of public shaming online, with fans stalking me in public or just online trolls troubling me at my families home and even at my doctors. Various US record labels began to join in and before I knew it the harassment got out of control. The situation got nasty because some popular musicians instigated this, not because I did anything wrong but because these individuals were promoting the hate further than it should have gone to have me targeted and harassed. There is no excuse for what they put me through and the extreme hate campaign that spiraled out of control there after. They have just been ridiculing me in the UK, through law firms, to online marketing, Victims Support a charity that supports people who have been harmed or harassed posted an image of a woman that looked identical to me for a laugh after I contacted them.

    I closed my social networks in 2015, I supported a lot of bands out there and Madonna turned this into some reckless publicity stunt, that ruined my career and my life. Since, my computer has still been continuously hacked into, we have tried everything to secure our routers, computers and networks yet unless its somebody with Edward Snowdens skills this has been an irritance and a form of harassment. I don’t know what else they want from me, since I have lost everything since this started, they manipulated every aspect of my life and damaged a lot.
    I’ve been discriminated by the local police and I know they don’t deal with cybercrime, these individuals just need to leave me alone if they are still involved in this, as Im not troubling them and will never use a social network service like twitter, their support has been 0. I don’t want nothing to do with these artist. I’m not a fan and Madonna has already done some bizarre things in the past including threatening to blow up the white
    house. There are some music staff that have accused her of having hackers harasser individuals she obsesses about, I don’t know who exactly is behind this and have been discriminated in the past for just mentioning this, so Im cautious. Since typing this email up I’ve had people showing up around our home, some is a coincidence but one neighbor told us they were contacted to keep tabs on me and control what I did, which is ridiculous.

    I prefer not to give further details if that is alright, I just hope these individuals never get the opportunity to stalk and harass by encouraging their fans to torment a member of the public as they have with me, its been four years now! The disturbing thing is that somebody has been monitoring my computer and phone activity for three years now instead of contacting my lawyer and clarifying who may have been behind all of this. My family have been aware of this and neighbors and we have had enough. Since the local west yorkshire police and even some ambulance have been paid off to monitor my computer 24/7 over the last 4 years, to silence me and CEO Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg know all about what happened but the cowards have refused to help.

  15. Zad says:

    Ive been having terrible trouble with a “_gang” within west midlands police I’m not well have a brain tumour and it seems their inspector is behind it all I want to bring it to the eyes of the press what he has been condoning, a lot of what he has been condoning is racist as well

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