Social Services Stealing Children

State Stealing Children contains over 80 posts on David Icke’s website since October 2006.

State Kidnapping is the text I put together in July 2010.

Since then, I published information about The Stealing of Baby Harley in South Wales which caused WordPress to block my site unless I deleted eight posts which I did.

This was caused by an “Injunction Order” by the lawyer of a Local Council. Very annoying situation for a passionate blogger and online activist!

When I published one post relating to a case in the North of the country, I had no idea that there was a “Reporting Restriction Order” that, again, caused WordPress to block unless I delete.

  1. Now I publish My Daddy is a Paedophile, the case behind the second Reporting Restriction Order: a seven-year old girl whose mother has, so far in vein, tried to save her from his father. Since then the Vicky Haigh case has become public, while I set my website in her support to “private”. Please press Register to get access.
  2. The Nigerian family whose six children were stolen is distinctly the worst of all child snatching cases and is waiting to be solved at the highest level of diplomacy.
  3. Child Snatching before the Citizens’ Cyber Court.

Now, that I KNOW how utterly hypocritical and corrupt the family court system is, I wear three gagging orders with pride: from Swansea, Doncaster and Haringey Council.

And I publish

besides these petitions:

I also compiled this Dossier of online Evidence to support the EU petition

The following other sites have come my way:

  1. UK Social Services with a Name and Shame page and a Protest page about the child stealing scam
  2. Freedom Law International
  3. Freedom Advocacy & Law
  4. International Rescue for Families
  5. Families fighting for Justice
  6. One Voice for the Kids
  7. Parents Against Injustice
  8. Researching Reform

119 Responses to Social Services Stealing Children

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  2. Anonymous says:

    my 2 boys are being torn away my name is rockcie severight and my 2 sons ashton and jordan severight they were taken on wrong accusations and interigated alone to say what the workers needed to hear

    • rebecca says:

      This is what happens to me in 2011 my two sons was wrongfully removed from my care because of false allegations mad by their dad and his new partner who works as a social worker in Birmingham west Midlands.
      She has inside experience which was never flagged up. She had been threatening to have the demo ed since 2010 I had complained to social services and they all kept saying I was crazy bitter and. Needed sectioning. Then they succeeded with the false allegations but I never let them win I applied for a residence order and the judge saw sence and gave it to me.
      These disgusting mistakes left me and my boys traumatised and one of my sons has been diagnosed with ADHD also they have both been expelled from school as we were labeled by the school and other professionals as the broken family.
      Its taken me to this year to actually see how many mistakes were made not only social services but also west Midlands police.
      I have made a complaint finally following new information of harassment from my children’s father’s new partner …… OK in novermer 2014 I received a call from her where she started discussing one of her clients with me I was able to record her so now I have proof that she does have my phone number and she is rubbish at her job disclosing other cases wrongfully which in my opinion is a breech of confidentiality.
      So unless I am mistic Meg and have a crystal ball how did I know she was planning on helping him take away my children????
      I am currently in my second stage of the complaints procedure.

    • Ji! says:

      Not surprised the usually dhit and they’ll claim it was the child’s,words and this must be heard to be true however this is there words not the children s anddiarys they use are written in other folks handwriting to be presented to others to !make them believe its the child that’s stating abuse apparently

  3. We need to do something to stop these child snatching money greedy. scare mongering, SS. Me and my partner, who founded are own business in 2004, have three fantastic children that are happy and thriving have recently fallen victim to the SS. With nothing but fabricated and slanderer- ish information have seen fit to threaten us with the removal of our children.

    These threats have come about due to our, in their own words “refusal to co- opreate to their demands” We luckily have many contacts due to our business in the media, both tabloid and radio. We intend to publicise their mistakes again as others have done before us. And put an end to this charade.. Regretfully some have fallen before us and we only hope many not after us.

    • GO FOR IT!!!! PLEASE!!!

      The situation is simply too dreadful to be true, and the mainstream media are a big contributor!!! On the other hand, those few who have tried to make a difference haven’t really succeeded. See

      If you can keep your kids AND blame SS, you’ll set a real precedent for lots of people to be proud of you!!!


    • claire says:

      I have been screwed over by childrens services. They have removed my children without a court order, saying im a risk, even after removing my niw ex from the family home after he was accused of sexual abuse, I am nolonger in a relationship with him and ss still refuse to give my kids back. My kids r living with their dad n I have access. Not court orders have been given to do this. Ss have not given me any paper work regarding this case at all, they have been with their dad since november 3rd 2014. And they r now showing physical signs of sexual abuse after being away from the accused for nearly 3 months. The first sign apearing 6 weejs after being removed from me. I have a residency order which I gained in 2012, to stop their father taking them. I am going to court to enforce this in febuary. But because ss have said im a risk, I cant get legal aid. My kids are not safe where they are. Ss ignore me when I say my children are not safe. They are not following procedure either. I was to undergo a risk assessment, this has not happened yet, it was supposed to be completed by the 31st dec 2014, which complies with the 45 day time scale ss have to adhere to. I have asked for minuets to the 2 CP meetings we have attended and draft reports. I recieved none. I also have had no lust of expecrations ss want me to complete for them to return my children. I was told removing my now ex would be enough. I even attended RASA. (Rape and sexual abuse) the last CP meeting was cancelled. So we are still no further advanced. This is the system. They are going above the law and failing innocent parents. I had a good job and secure home. I worked with children, and now I cant. I have lost everything, the childrens father has put a claim in for child benefit, so I dont get that now, which stopped my rent n council tax being paid n stopped my child tax credits. I have an ESA claim due to the stress and anxiaty caused by this situation, but only get £11.29 a week. So in conclution, due to ss taking my children from a hard working mother who is not a risk and has never hurt or neglected my children physically or emotionally, I have list my children, my job and any form of income, I am now at risk if loosing my home too. How is this system protecting me and my childrens best interests? The childrens act was brought in to orotect children and give them a voice. My children say they want to come home, and ss ignore them. The system is corrupt and Halton LA is corrupt. Where is the justice???

      • Do contact your MP and ask to help the MP’s caseworker.

        You type your post code into to find your MP.

        Make an appointment to see them.

        • claire says:

          Thank you I have sent an email to my MP. X

          • claire68114 says:

            i emailed 3 of my local MP’s they replied this week, telling me they could not help. social services have since completed my risk assessment, ( not on time) and say im a risk, a lier and i dont care for the welfare of my children. im stuck with no way out.

              • claire says:

                I will get on to that asap. Thank you.

              • Rachel says:

                Hi dear please lets help each other ,all mothers together, I recently found a psychologist who works with cases that we are all in ,please pass his name to every one ,Dr Alireza Moafi in London ,his expert with family courts and report and counselling.
                God bless

            • jim says:

              I know how your frustration feels all affected parents who’s had there kids removed have to come all together on one Web website and meet to protest daily to implement the instant return of our kids by however means as the other lot ss won’t do anything for us this line of punishment without crime is concerning a huge trend throughout the UK police raids parents charged and made to feel insecure and disheartened on your caring capacity let’s have a go back at there families and see how those folds would manage wen we claim they’re a risk to there own because the local councils employ gays homos and lesbeins with no kids and tell ordinary good parents they pose risks on what ifs and apply pressure on parents regardless to whom you are there is no one in the UK safe from expected abuse from socialservices if you’ve had past problems etc they’ll wire rite Inn against you and portray you negatively and seek to reduce contact then terminate good progress made and draw back contact till you have nil olas they claim this is upsetting to the kids seeing there parents at contact and this is interfering with there settlement elsewhere and courts and children’s panels won’t favour you as these risks are written down and presented with limited accuracies hope your well and get parental rites called a section 4 firm as a solicitor this will give you a guard that you’ve got a say till the end on decisions made I’d advise all parents to do the same it’s difficult for everyone and there is serious implications by there proposals and have innocent folks charged and reprimanded all for unfair risk assessments good luck

          • jim says:

            My MP and local councillor was useless and don’t listen and are powerless to act Ave been there

      • Billy says:

        Claire, contact Iain Josephs at, he helps thousands of families in your situation each year. you can speak to him personaly by phone and his website has lots of advice and information to help you get your children back. Good luck, and please follow his advice.

      • jim says:

        Sorry to hear the awful experience you’ve suffered your not to blame likewise our self’s they’re all money grabbing so called better people assinged to look after your kids and this is prevalent in the UK as it’s similar that the ss refuse to take note on were the kids want to be and whom with its all a huge con on there inaccurate information they provide and false fullstop I’m currently having same difficulties they say I’m a risk also and got me into seriously big trouble with the courts stating a physical assault after a family feud that’s normal however ss turned the stories and claimed abuse also this was a barrage of abuse with them self’s to gain extra controll against the parents and produce a chronology of significant risk facts concerning our self’s based on what ifs and speculation it’s clear if the courts understand the importance of fairness if there’s been no conviction on assaults or abuse then what ifs don’t count therefor shellfish presumed accounts should not exist either it’s all wrong practices by overinpowerment cash spongers with no hearts so listen out socialservices you won’t win this applies to all the relevant agency’s that work throughout the county in all boroughs in a multi agency approach hope all works better for you and don’t give up seek full parental rites via a solicitor as they’ll use this against yourself as 2006 act were a child is concerned to be born before this year has no real parental tires or responsibility there after 2006 automatic rites apply only if you singed birth certificate and registered the child all the best for the future keep going x share for likes on posts etc

      • Rachel says:

        Hi dear
        I have read what happened to you,
        It happened to me too,
        I lost everything and my daughter too ,
        I am so sorry to hear so many mothers are sharing the same pain , I hope by now you got somewhere with your court case .
        I can maybe help you ,because recently I could move my case to positive level .
        In order for me to see my daughter,I have to pay so much money which I don’t what to do , but thanks God the judge was listening.
        My email address
        I pray for all of us
        God bless

    • jim says:

      Likewise I know your frustration they’re scar mongers with authority infirm publicly that the local authorities near were any lives will have a go regardless of your self’s being honest folks if the local councils up and down the country scrutinise parents then what do they do to there or our children when they do remove them this line of abuse won’t be taking lightly family matters not a corrupt lot of selfish pigs like them stealing wee kids away sapping up the luxury of our kids happiness and the kicks they obtain from hurting the parents and there setups

  4. tracey davies says:

    Our children were stolen by norfolk social services, we got them back 2 years later we left norfolk and moved to mallorca we had only been here 6 months when great yarmouth social services contacted palma socia services and told them we had stolen our children and ran away.

    we have lost our children through no fault of our own. in october this year they split my youngest 2 children up and permanently fostered our children are all in seperate homes they cannot see each other, speak to each other or have visits with any members of our family.

    we do not see them,we cannot go to court, there is no answer to social services, they refuse to answer lawyers, they refuse to comment to the Press.

    in november of this year, my husband and myself were arrested we were held in the police cells of PALMA-NOVA GUARDIA CIVIL, THEY KEPT US LOCKED UP FOR 3 DAYS, WE WERE NOT ALLOWED PHONE CALLS, I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO CONTACT MY lawyer, i was not allowed to contact our friends to look after my dog and cats, they were left to starve and fend for themselves.
    we were arrested and charged with prostituting 1 of our daughter for sex with our landlord,even though our daughter has written a letter saying it was all lies, our lawyer has the letter, we have not been able to go to courts.

    we do not have any visits or any way of contacting our 5 children, our 14 year old has been told that if she contacts us we will go to prison this was told to her by a man named Juanma Vidal he is the so called IDIOT IN CHARGE OF OUR CASE, BUT HE WILL NOT SEE US.,OR ARRANGE MEETINGS ETC.


    we can no longer see Morgan and Jamie the last time we saw them was may for Jamie and july for Morgan.

    as for Palma social services.
    on wednesaday they told the guardia civil in Palma-nova to arrest us they want us in prison
    we were kept in the police cells at palma-nova from wednesday evening until friday morning
    we were not allowed to contact anyone they refused me access to our Lawyer.

    we have been accused of prostituting Amelia to our Landlord for money.

    Amelia has written a letter saying that it is all lies which our Lawyer has.

    The ultima hora have got hold of the story and ran it in the papers, they have contacted the sun, we are now in every paper, internet, etc worldwide. but what they have printed is all lies.
    would you like to sue them for us. these are the links all about us.

    Click here to Reply or Forward

  5. 1. They need to issue a Hague Convention application from Palma for return of the children under Article 3 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child because the UK is not in compliance.

    2. They need to issue an out of time appeal in the UK of all care orders because the evidential standards were not met. There must be a criminal prosecution brought by the Crown Prosecution Service before a care or supervision order can be made.

    3. In both cases they must have formal confirmation that the domestic processes have been exhausted. They must then then apply to the European Court of Human Rights on the grounds of the children’s Article 2 and Article 3 rights which are unprotected in the UK as nothing has changed since Baby P.


  6. tracey davies says:

    Some little light in the tunnel I guess. I spoke with Raul today. He is very clear on the whole case of course. Conclusions :
    The sexual allegations have already being dismissed by the judge because Perfecto had an alibi and the “prostitution” story was proved impossible, your daughter did retract allegations thought we are not clear if she ever consciously made any allegation. But there is nothing running about this from the legal point of view. Only ss are using this or other pretext for keeping the kids.

    The ss did enjoy your request to the police about your unruly older daughter to get 5 children bringing each 3000 euros per month to Nazareth included Rhiannon who is living with her boy friend but still on state responsibility, which allow ss to cash the money despite they don’t give her anything.

    Raul think as I do after speaking to your daughter Paisley that she and her sister, as teenagers, enjoy the freedom in the children home because as long as they respect or seem to respect the “no contact with parents”, everything is allowed from wild sex to drugs and drink. But yes Amelia is given luxuaries and money, not Paisley, indicating the need to buy her silence.

    I searched about their place and saw (you might know it) that it is not a children home but an “hostal”, so a cheap hotel, and it is written in big letters on the building “HOSTAL”. In my experience in Spain, the owners can ask a maximum of 50 euros for a room in the highest tourism period. It is impossible to book a room online and the last track of hotel activity I found there was in 2010. So I think that ss might rent for cheap price the full building (not very big indeed) in exchange of getting it full of teenagers all year. It allows them a very discreet children home and being so close to the beach and the artificial movida of Palma Nova, teenagers might like it.

    Your solicitor is trying to get the judge Balthazar Garzon involved which means that he is well aware of the fraud and potential scandal.

    The British connection is going in the contrary sense of what I thought first : they cannot hope to get the children back in the UK because the spanish business has a grip on them but I wouldn’t advise to try to go back here as they could enjoy the spanish reports to activate their own business. They can’t do nothing about the Palma issue and I suggest that we wait a little bit to launch your daughters applications for data access to make them forgot about your own attempts. Norfolk ss are getting information from Spanish ss, not the contrary.

    If the solicitor succeeds in what he is pursuing, I suppose that the main obstacle will be the possible lack of firmness by Paisley and Amelia to come back living with you. Paisley clearly wants to see you freely and as much as she wants but is unsure about living with you. Don’t forgot that most teenagers think by what they perceive as their own interest first. Also it will be a problem with Amelia realising that she was used and bears (apparently) responsibility for screwing up the whole family. This is very heavy for her and she might push reality away for long.

    The biggest issue are Morgan and James. I will try to get Paisley helping about this, I don’t think that Jackie would be too helpful, I feel with her a bit of the social care ideology but am not 100% sure yet.

    Despite the slow spanish process, there is a fight going and lawsuits in the pipeline against ss, especially from Perfecto. The local paper should not be forgotten which spread the news to the Sun. No investigation, just copy/paste of a dispatch obviously provided by ss all over the countries where many british citizens are living.

    You probably understood this already : spanish and british corruption work differently. The first one is based on a laisser-faire by the authorities. (a judge says that you are not guilty of sexual exploitation but won’t do nothing to make sure that ss cannot use this against you.) The second one is based on the art of making corruption looking like law. The judge would have said that you are not guilty of sexual exploitation but that the ss concerns are paramount when it comes to the best interest of the child, cutting the grass under your feet. So the spanish way is less sophisticated but the way of blowing up the truth is much more difficult because no one challenge ss assertions in court. However it looks that your solicitor is trying hard and might succeed according to Raul.

  7. I am a grandmother and I have proof at my home of the lies emotional blackmail , and how social services even used illegal documents in court, the names of these social workers are Jackie morgan Hemsworth office and katey noble and so called guardian Yvonne smith wakefield office west Yorkshire. I they will go to any means to get there own way even the illegal way .if we lied in a court we would be in serious trouble but these women do it every day my granddaughters were put in foster care then they were moved to different foster carers .then when seen at contact sessions bruises and mars were noticed on both girls they were taken to hospital , then moved again they seemed ok here until a few weeks ago when the vyoungest aged one was taken to hospital the day after the so called accident were she was diagnosed as having a dislocated elbow, and a broken arm she had to have an operation ant the arm potted if that had been a parent the child would have been removed from them no questions asked especially leaving the child a full day in pain before seeking help all this happens and no questions are asked there are loads mor on going things which I will gladly tell you about more later

    • This is sooo disgusting! BUT: I’ve had a great day travelling to Birmingham to see John Hemming MP Caul Grant: Just 30 minutes gave us food for thought and tools for action for quite some time!

      So trust us to keep kicking! “Campaign for Truth and Justice” as the spearhead for “Return our Stolen Children” and “Child Care Proceedings Exposed”!…

      Watch this space: Social Services, Police, Prisons, Judiciary, The Lot!

      • Tracey Davies says:

        I have tried getting The Mp John hemming to help in our case,even though he stated today on the radio that he helps a lot of international cases, and he has been helping the italian lady, he refuses to help me,yet i am British Citizen with british born children that have been kidnapped by consell de mallorca,and no one cares,

    • Dear Mary

      It is really important to get together with other parents and grandparents who are suffering similarly in Wakefield!

      If you go to this Dossier of Evidence, you will find lots of links to Facebook groups. For “Stolen Children of The UK” S.C.O.T. UK has taken the lead and put a demo together outside Downing Street: “RETURN our STOLEN CHILDREN” is the simple message.

      See or short

    • matthew says:

      Can you tell me more about JACKIE MORGAN please. Me and my partner have been having a ride with the Wakefield ss, i dont want to go into detail, but our case has been dropped and picked up again three times now and we have the pleasure of dealing with jakie morgan now. This has been goin on for nearly a year. And its been taking its toll on my family life.

      Thanks – matthew,

      Email –

  8. Some of the information I have collected regarding…

    Evidence of corruption and negligence by Social Services in the United Kingdom

    Helpful information for parents dealing with Social Services in the United Kingdom

    Useful tools and tips to assist in protecting yourself and your family from the child protection industry (written by a barrister from Canada)

    My own personal experience with child protection in Australia….

    Thankyou for inviting me here Phil and well done for how hard you have fought for your children, it is obvious how much you love them, and hat off to you for helping many.

    Stay Strong… Never Give UP!

  9. Madeleine. Salt says:

    Plz could u give me ur email address as I really need ur advice

  10. jackie says:

    Another baby was snatched on 20.12.2013 why they said the baby was at risk from harm because she was being dishonest about the father she wasnt there is evidence dating back from when she was pregnant the baby is 20 months old and she has always met his needs and has never came to any harm always well fed and the house is spotless there is plenty of evidence of this as well the ironic thing is they was going to let her son come home with her if a physiotherapist couldnt come to the foster carers house to teach her how to do the massage correctly he was born with talipies in his left foot then apparently they found one and went on to snatch him the physio thearapist never did go and to qdd the judge in a summoning up stated that there would be significant harm to the child if he was to be removed because of the bond and her son is english and they placed him with somalians with 2 children first time fosterers??????

    • jackie says:

      And would like to add she had a parenting assessment and came out glowing a fit able mother this is wrong she had 2 children taking from her 15 years ago made matters worst by beating the social worker up went to jail and her children were adopted they are using this against her despite having evidence she as channged her life around she never went out stayed in everynight caring for her son this is so wrong

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  12. Anonymous says:

    Sharmila (recordingartist and songwriter) and her daughter Tanisha are in danger. Delta Organisation Netherlands
    Stop Sharmila’s death penalty with forced drugs @

    They locked them up and they want to make her daughter homeless this monday. They want to sell them out for the sexslavery.(childprotectionservice Netherlands,Jeugdzorg,JJC,Delta)

  13. andy says:

    Expert Speakers This is a free event.
    Children screaming to be heard and The Silent Witnesses Conference to be held on July 25th 9am to 5pm at the resource Centre for London on the Holloway road.
    We Invite you or any member of your organization to attend this seated and ticketed event.
    There is no charge a donation to the registered charity is appreciated on the day all tickets can be collected on the day from a member of our team.
    The aims of the conference is to which aims to prevent physical, emotional and sexual abuse and neglect of children
    by promoting the physical, emotional, and social well-being of children. We aim to promote the rights of children
    as citizens, through multi-disciplinary collaboration, education, campaigning and other appropriate activities’
    1:-The fact is that parents who have committed no crime are losing their children to forced adoption!
    2:-Experts who depend on court appearances for a living, nearly always agree with the local authority.They make predictions that parents just might abuse their children (including newborn babies) in the future ,so these parents lose their children to permanent fostercare or adoption,not for something they have done but for something they might (or might not) do!
    3:-Over 1000 UK children /month are taken into care ,Fosterers are paid an average £400/week per child (birth mothers get around £20/week),and a foster agency founded by social workers getting around £1500/week per child was recently sold for £130million !A real money driven industry !!
    4:-Parents whose children have been taken are gagged and threatened with prison if they protest publicly;At contact parents are gagged again and forbidden to get emotional,to speak any foreign language,or to discuss the case with their children otherwise contact will be stopped.
    5:-More children are taken for emotional abuse than physical and sexual abuse added together.Despite “baby P” the number taken for physical abuse is steadily falling as a percentage of the total number of children taken.
    6:-What are the solutions?
    (a)Impose criminal rules of evidence in family courts so children cannot be taken unless parents are proved to have committed a crime affecting their children. Also parents would be free to obtain a second opinion from an expert of their own choosing.
    (b)Abolish all gagging of parents leaving them free to protest openly if their children are taken, and also to say what they like to them at contact without censorship ! Two very simple changes, two very obvious solutions.,but will anyone impose them and derail the money-train ?
    Don’t hold your breath.
    Our Facebook Page
    Email Andy
    Telephone 01469 510 558

  14. Martin hislop says:

    I am a single father of two aged 7 and 9, social services got involved with my ex partner and i stepped in and took the responsibility of aring for them and gave up my job, social serv will not leave us alone and are fabricating evidence to try and take my kids, i feel helpless and sad that we have people like this in power over us, wht the fk can i do besides fleeing/ nothing i fear, my heart goes out to all the children and parents who have lost theres, i will fight them to the death

  15. Ruth says:

    20 Years ago my son was murdered. I was forced to plead by my solicitor because he said the evidence against me was overwelming.
    20 years on I have evidence that Cambridgeshire Social Services spread lies, socalled lost files, and had Social workers lie, and then they were sacked (Bridge Report). The timming of the release of the Bridge Report is also very suspect, because it was delayed until after my court case, when it should have been released 3 weeks before. Police used drug dealers statements, one of which made two completly different police statements about her movements just 24 hours apart with no retraction ever being made.

    Please visit my web site for more details.

    If you can help me get these lies or offer any advice I would be very greatful.

  16. upset grandmother says:

    Hi Im a grandmother, my daught had a baby 11 months ago the SS took the baby for adoption, they wouldnt give her any chance of coming home to her family for help and support to bring baby up, yes she found it hard, any first time mother would! They wouldnt give us the chance of having the baby to look after her, they have wanted her from the beginning! So the LA wouldnt give us any other options just adoption, this wasnt a fair trial, we didnt have a solicitor so didnt stand a chance fightin them without any legal help!
    We went to our goodbye contact with the baby last monday, this was so hearbreaking, my daughter collapsed when they took the baby, we were all so very upset. These evil s/wrkers dont care about peoplies feelings as long as they get what they want, and thats the baby, to boost their bonuses!!
    They blamed my daughter when baby wasnt thriving in the mother& baby placement, but they were wrong cause she still is not thriving now, and my daughter is not with her now, she is 11 months old and only weighs 15lb, she not sitting up on her own, not crawling, not putting on much weight, but the s/wker says we wouldnt work with them, its the other way around, they wont work with us, they lied in court and got away with it!! its one rule for them and another for us!

  17. Jayne says:

    Does anyone know of a lawyer who is not working for the SS that will help me in a court case .Not Brendan Fleming I asked him, he refused, as he only covers the West Midlands.Im in the SouthWest and any advice would be appreciated thank you.

  18. heartbroken mother says:

    I am a mother of 3 children which social services have placed for adoption many years ago, because the reason they say was that they could be at risk from emotional or physical harm. I was quite young and naive at the time and thought that justice would prevail and that they would surely see that i would not harm my children obviously that wasn’t the case and many years on i am still absolutely heartbroken and devastated to say the least. It was only recently that i saw an article about this and it devastated a further to think that there are so many that this is happening to,I wish there was something i can do but i’m unsure where to start and who to trust.

  19. upset grandmother says:

    We are in the same boat as you! those evil people have taken our granddaughter for adoption, saying my daughter would put her at risk or we would! The lies they said in court were disgusting, we wouldnt work with the LA, ha thats a laugh, its them that wouldnt work with us, offering no help or support to keep families together. They have wanted to take the baby from the start! I am trying to start up a support group to help people, so they know they are not on their own! If anyone is interested please contact me asap. I am in Wales

  20. kath c says:

    I agree I am in wales to and would like a support group ss don’t care not even for the kids

    • upset grandmother says:

      Hi Kath please let me know where you are from, if you want we can meet up and have a chat ok Take care xx

  21. upset grandmother says:

    Hi kath where in wales are you i am in Llanelli I am trying to start up a group here but at the moment i can only find a place to hold meetings in the daytime, so if you know of anymore people who would be interested in coming let me know. If there is only a few for the first time i will hold meetin in my house

  22. iain ashmore says:

    Another child needlessly adopted by the state on the basis of emotional abuse. What a farce. HHJ Jones adopted Oliver Andrew-James Ashmore at the Sheffield Family Court today between 10:30am and 11:20am in his judgement Ashmore and Ashmore v BBMC. Oliver is 6 months old born in January this year. What did I do so wrong, I was rasied poorly. Enough to make your blood boil.

    HHJ Peter Jones is corrupt

    Cafcass Ruth Fern is corrupt, she makes up events and stutters because she is so nervous.

    Social Worker Adele Wragg is very corrupt, gave false statements on the stand, got caught out lying on numerious occassions and the judge found her evidence to be reliable and truthful because she made concessions. The parents also made concessions and were said to be manipulating the courts and the social care staff.

    The Psychologist Dr David Iain Briggs is corrupt gave different opinions in court and again the judge ignored this, the Psychologist stated that there was no need for myself and my wife to seperate it was preferable, yet the judge ignored this. He said I was not an immediate risk to my son, yet he also ignored this yet relied on his earlier opinion that I was a risk. How biased can a judge be?

    Family support workers at Barnsley are corrupt they will make any rubbish up on you fabricate events, yet even when presented with the proof the judge ignores this.

    The judge when told there are other options at his disposal, he ignored this and just carried on, dismissed them, the judge had a fragrant disregard for the law. He highlighted how none of us had put forward for Oliver to remain in long term foster care, yet this was set out in my final submissions, amazing another bit of proof that the judge is corrupt.

    I will fight this further all the way, I am going to put forward appeals and appeals stopping my son being adopted or placed. I study law for a reason and i will not give in.

    Oliver is my life.

  23. KATH says:


    • upset grandmother says:

      Hi kath i am a long way away from you, im in Llanelli which is near to Swansea!Isnt there any group near to you? You would be more than welcome to keep in touch and come down you can message me if you like i will give you my number then ok xx

  24. upset grandmother says:

    Hi Ian i am so sorry to hear your news, maggie told me and i have just read it on here, it is absolutely disgraceful, how that judge ignored all that evidence! I would take this all the way and appeal it, they shouldnt be allowed to get away with this! I am thinking of you all xx

  25. kath says:

    hi we had three kids took of us we got one back which was our own son two were grandkids who we went though two years to get them and my husband son made an allegation we were arrested bailed next day thay took all three gave us our 15yr old son back 7 month later our grandkids want to come home but cos thay were three and four thay did not have a voice the police dropt the case as no evidence but social services took it as we were guilty of this we had no chance even felt the solitors don’t work for you thay work for them we had evidence then but brushed under carpet our two other sons gave evidence but that was thrown out we were made to feel guilty we are not and I was put in care when I was young three of my sister were put with foster carers and thay were all abused by them yes I agree all juges should be sacked as ss are the law makers stealing kids for there own gains have posh cars have there own houses thay live a life of riley

  26. kath says:

    hi would love to talk to you you can send your number by email if you like the person who accused us as moved that way but there is much more to it in there lies

  27. kath says:

    hi yes would love to speak to you o don’t now if there are any groups over here thankyou

  28. kath says:

    use my email address if that is ok it should just come to me

  29. upset grandmother says:

    Hi Kath how do i get u email address i keep clickin u name but cus up a blank!

  30. kath says:

    hi is there any one in Caernarfon who would like to set a group up and get together to see what can be done to help us all to try get our kids back and grandparents as we are

  31. upset grandmother says:

    Hi Kath im sorry i havent answered you back we been busy etin things ready for court, my daughter was in court today for hearing to try to get permission to revoke placement order and more contact, it was ajourned til sept for more evidence and statments!

  32. kath says:

    good look in court hope all goes for you and your daughter will keep you in my thought

  33. upset grandmother says:

    my daughter is goin back to court on 22nd Sept! she will be representin herself as the solicitor doesnt know if she will get legal aid yet!
    We havent stopped fighting for the baby yet we will never give up on her. when we saw her last week she is still so thin, she cant crawl, stand up or pull herself up yet she is 15months old, we are so concerned about her, at the state she is in the care of the L A, its shocking! who can we turn to , to help us do something?

  34. christopher says:

    Hi im a prvet investigator im investigating uk ss for serius crimes including genaside human trafiking frets to family life persicution defomation of caracter lieing under outh im in trested in how meany peaple who have had thear child children stolen buy theas monsters dose you or you partner havr rh negative blood type or asspergers syndrome your help and info whald be very hellpfull please post

    • upset grandmother says:

      Hi im just updating you what happened in court with my daughter, she lost the case to get permission to revoke placement order, the SS said because she let baby put a flipflop in her mouth and the father acused her of harrassing him the judge believed them, he had no evidence! she wasnt even in the town when he said she was working! we think the sw told him to say that to make it harder for her to win! the judge couldnt go against the last judges judgement, so we dont know what to do now , baby will be adopted one day and we will loose her, dont know where to turn now!! I contacted Natasha but she hasnt done much only give me a bit of advice, my daughters solicitor didnt get legal aid in time to represent her so now its over she will have to apply to Legal aid again if she goes for another court case! We dont know what to do now can anyone help us please?? we dont want to loose her!

  35. NAME AND SHAME says:

    CHRISTINA BATES health visitor adoption panel

    292 Burnt Oak Lane Sidcup Kent DA15 8L

    Chris Bates is a child protection health visitor who has written false adoption reports for social services and social workers looking to obtain forced out of court adoptions she has helped push through many adoptions that should have never taken place and should have gone to the courts, A truly evil vile woman. She has been reported for unfitness to practice to the HCPC several times however she is still currently working in the public sector as a child protection health visitor and is on the local authority adoption panel.

  36. claire68114 says:

    thank you.xx

  37. kath says:

    some one some were as to stop these crule people were are there kids while thay are taking other people kids thay have cold heart judges are no better thay go along with them what thay say is classed as true what we say don’t matter all thay want is your kids don’t care about them thay are just a number to them and money

  38. mr Russell Carroll says:

    I need help I’ve tried everywhere my daughter has been aboused by her foster carer and the ss have swept it under the carpet and the took my daughter through fraud I need help in taking them to court to prove they have lied to get my children back home I have evidence on all of it I just need help

  39. rose ellen bennett says:

    I was sexually abused by my father when I was 10 but I told the police when I wax 30.there wasnt enough evidence .after which my family reported me to ss.the social worker believed there lies and made up a few lies and they went to court and got a care order to put my son with my mother and father. They told thecourt we rrelinquish care which I can prove otherwise and I haven’t seen him for 5 months. I told as I will not interact with liars and I am now working with spanish ss to get the order dismissed.I can’t believe they have took my beautifulboy from his loving home and put hhim with a sex offender. I hope I get him home soon.

  40. they did the same to me, called me a lyer and put my children with their dad, who was accused of sexual abuse and cannot look after them. my kids cry to come home.

  41. kath says:

    yet again thay have done it to a friend of mine and thay wonder how many emotional disturbed kids in this world kids as soon as thay reach the golden age get kicked out of care these people say thay care but thay don’t just another number money money money tax payers money but when thay pay for some think thay say there money come on some one do some think its gone mad help the kids who want to be home

  42. rebecca says:

    rebecca on May 5, 2015 at 12:11 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    This is what happens to me in 2011 my two sons was wrongfully removed from my care because of false allegations mad by their dad and his new partner who works as a social worker in Birmingham west Midlands.
    She has inside experience which was never flagged up. She had been threatening to have the demo ed since 2010 I had complained to social services and they all kept saying I was crazy bitter and. Needed sectioning. Then they succeeded with the false allegations but I never let them win I applied for a residence order and the judge saw sence and gave it to me.
    These disgusting mistakes left me and my boys traumatised and one of my sons has been diagnosed with ADHD also they have both been expelled from school as we were labeled by the school and other professionals as the broken family.
    Its taken me to this year to actually see how many mistakes were made not only social services but also west Midlands police.
    I have made a complaint finally following new information of harassment from my children’s father’s new partner …… OK in novermer 2014 I received a call from her where she started discussing one of her clients with me I was able to record her so now I have proof that she does have my phone number and she is rubbish at her job disclosing other cases wrongfully which in my opinion is a breech of confidentiality.
    So unless I am mistic Meg and have a crystal ball how did I know she was planning on helping him take away my children????
    I am currently in my second stage of the complaints procedur

  43. dab says:

    my two grandchildren had to given voluntary to rotherham social services,my daughter got a call at 8pm saying she was in court the following day,this left no time to prepare a case,now they wont return them,one goes to my sister in derby the other for adoption,rmbc have refused to asses me for a year and still havnt done it legally now they refuse to do a further assesment of me or my daughter,we have been told by rmbc and the court gaurdian,its a done deal,its not even been decided by a judge,yet there gone,most of the evidence is lies,ludicrous and stupid things,sugesting the kids forrage for food in bins,and dont know how to eat properly,or even know how to play with toys,how can anyone with any commen sence beleive this drivel,its shocking,rmbc the worst council in the uk,so corrupt that the entire board resigned,yet it still goes on

  44. Ellen Murray says:

    SS are as we are aware riddled with corruption and secrecy. I have battled for more than a year now and i will continue to do so. My children lke many many more are innocent as am i, we have been subjected to the atrocities that are detrimental to our whole entire lives. Our whole family unit has been destroyed by vile beings who know only destruction. The abduction as i see it of my children is based solely on lies and more lies. The Social worker responsible for stealing my babies has clearly no moral concenious, she blatently fabricates or lies to make sure she gets what is required of her. She exists merely to damage innocent loving families. I know in my heart even if my children where to be brought home to me today, i know the damage is done and is no doubt irepairable. Many innocent children in this country have been robbed of their right to be with their natural parents, sadly the reason for this is for monetary gain by the corrupt Social Services dept throughout Britain. In the Best interest of the children is not the case by SS its in the best interest of each and everyone of their bank balances. They openly deny its to benefit them financially however it has been common knowledge for many years they do get monetary rewards for kidnapping and destroying our babies no end. The child protection laws are archiac and those who are there to sp3cifically uphold these laws are deceiving, lying bastards that need to be made responsible for their crimes against humanity. And therefor should face criminal charges and be dealt with appropriatly. I certainly would not rule out stoning them in public,.

  45. kath says:

    to true the same thing happened to us some one needs to stand up to them

  46. Anonymous says:

    in need of urgent advice. not for me but a family member. she took her 8 week old baby to hospital as they where blood vessels bust on his hands the doctor didn’t send no blood work off at all and automatically assumed it was down to abuse and immideatly took her 2 children into care. there under a section 20 which social services tried to go behind her back to take off her good thing a social worker accidentally mentioned it and she turned up at the court and the judge kept the section 20 into place. they first went into care at there nanas and the marks came up again took little one straight to hospital and now grandparents are being acused of doing it to try and clear the mams name. now they are in foster care. the marks have came up again and they are saying that they have done it at supervised contact where a social worker is. no blood work has been sent off at all. I need to know what steps she can take she’s frightened to do anything incase she never gets them back. can she go private for blood work to be done? social services seem to want the baby put up for adoption asap she has done everything by the book and I’m worried this will end up li
    killing her these children are looked after spoilt rotten and loved can any one point me in the right direction what to do to help her we can’t have these kids be stolen any advice would be appriciated

  47. Debra says:

    I to have been the victim of social services in Tonypandy South Wales, my children were taken from myself and their father because of family breakdown,(apparently). We fought for two years to get them back while for two years they lied and got one of my children who has mental difficulties(can’t tell reality from fiction) to say the most atrocious lies about us which then he took a step further and started acussing social workers and his foster carer and everyone else. They took the stand in court and admitted that the papers they put into court declaring that they were true were actually not, as the manager had done hers from ” memory” and the social worker had copied hers off her manager, they lost their jobs but we still lost our battle. Only to find out later on that they had picked the judge and while in court when our solicitors were talking that’s all he done was sit in his chair looking up at the ceiling but when their solicitor was talking he was all ears.
    It’s ridiculous, I agree some people shouldn’t have children if they are just going to hurt them and let them starve and not look after them, but parents who actually do love their children and look after them the best they can don’t deserve to have theirs torn away from them.
    The problem with social services is they don’t care how it affects the parents who genuinely worship their kids or the fact that being without them for even a day is like living an eternity in hell.
    Shame on them. My children have been gone since 2011 and still everyday I get up expecting to see their smiling faces and everyday I re relive the same hell of a day when they were taken.

  48. Vicky Hutchings says:

    Hi all i wrote on here ages ago well now our grandchild has been placed with adopters so we have lost her! We are goin to apply for contact and keep putting in applications, we havent done anything wrong to her it was past history and future emotional harm. But how many kids are being abused and emotionaly harmed by them by taking them away from their innocent families, this is so unfair and they dont think of the kids only their bonuses in their pay packets!! I hope one day all these kids will come back and sue all the SS for what they have done to them they are pure evil people, I hope it happens to them or someone in their family and see how they like it!!

  49. Debra says:

    I totally agree with Vicky, social services says that they are taking peoples children for their own good but don’t think about the detrimental effect to the children. They are like a cult of pied pipers, they lead our children away and then subject them to god only knows what lies.

  50. Vicky Hutchings says:

    Yes i know it has happened to another friend of mine she has lost her grandson to these evil social workers lies! it seems that they only want babies so they can give them to strangers so they dont know who their parents are! What about all the other poor kids who are and have been looking for families on the waiting lists, why dont they concentrate on finding them families instead of picking on innocent parents who only need help and support to keep their babies not tearing them away from them!! It is so babaric and why dont this government get off their backsides to stop it happening!! because they are all in with them just like the judges, barristers, solicitors and social workers!!

  51. Anonymous says:

    i think it is time that everybody stands up those whos children are in care stolen by socialservices should find a court and all sue social services and the government for the willful destruction of our families this should have the tumble down effect of hitting them where it hurts start with social services first then individual social workers

  52. Finally hughes says:

    2012 put my daughter at my mums for five days then was told over next two yr s by s. s worker by law I cudnt have my daughter back. Having not spent 6half yrs without one nit apart. The next 2yrs I was tocall ss every week. She visited me once…. Finally the court date came n my daughter was handed to my mother after ss tried to adopt her out… N I gave birth 6weeks ago. Two weeks before birth manager Teresa Woodhall told me they were going for an interim care order on my new born because my first child’s case was less than a yr ago… MY BEAUTIFUL GABRIELLA was born26th Sept St 5day s old they removed her off my beast into foster care… I am so devastated I am opposing this n have alway s complied… It’s almost like they have a baby scamming ring as half the workers are childless lesions not that am anti guy… Just a born again Christian…. N jus because I was in a domestic abuse relationship 4yrs previous I’d rang ss in the first time place. To vet the man I’d met. They told me he had been violent to men. I finished the relationship within 5months 3yrs on I’m still being bullied by these child snatcher s and almost certain their is a racket going on…. Put help yours desperately need Fiona n lloyd hudson

  53. hannah says:

    My two older children was wrongfully removed from my care my daughter who was born early only wright 4bls 4oz was taking in to care at just 72hours old then I find out I was pregnant again with the youngest and went into hiding with the baby for the pregnancy and until my child 2nd birthday before social services know I had the Bab went thought court and keep my child at home all the way through it by only 11 weeks after the court finished social services believe I was putting my child at emotional harm but from the day they taken my child into care who is only two years old at the time and my child still do this now my child legs get way under them and passing out all the time and social worker believe this is normal for a two year old can anyone help my child please thank you

  54. Marie Hughf says:

    Have recently found out My Grandson who Was Twelve Was kidnapped and Beatles mercilessly whilst in they so called care Of social Services Two YouThs Aged 19 charged God knows What Else has happened.They damage they are doing To My Grandchildren is unforgiveable.No Contact With me My heart aches for them

  55. Tracey mclean says:

    Social services stole my doughters they were forcefully taken away and placed for adoption I fought for two years to try and stop them. I lost and haven’t seen my babies for 7 years I don’t know were they are . we did nothing for them to steal our children I had post parton depression after my girls were born that was why they took my babies away. I haven’t seen then since they were two years old children should never be separated from their mothers its wrong and they shouldn’t be able to get away with it.. I did evrythig they asked me to do everything it was never enuf for those evil people and they have to much power I’m not the only one this has happened to they pick on first time mothers and babies are easy to adopt out . I want my babies back I have been looking for them for over seven years I will never give up hope I may find were they are and I hope to tell them I love them and miss them so much

  56. Pingback: Social Services Stealing Children | meggiemom342

  57. Dawn says:

    Let’s not think that nobody knows what the Social Services are doing, the system is bent and lawyers and SS work together because of vested interests. There is simply NO Great in Brittan full stop. If they remove the secrecy in family courts they can’t continue stealing children that the SS hand to middle class people who likely can’t have kids of their own but are offering good money to SS for other people’s kids.

  58. Jade says:

    As we speak I’m going through some trouble with ss, my little boy who has 4 limb cerebral palsy and cannot speak somehow managed to hurt his ear! He ended up with a massive bruise that I can’t explain what so ever! I took him to a&e and they instantly rang the police and social services telling them it was a pinch to the ear 😳 Never in my life have I hurt my little boy and never would! I also just had a little girl Aswel she was 10 days old when they took her and now she’s 2 month old and I still haven’t got them back! It’s such a cruel world! God bless anyone going through what I am right now.

  59. Mrs Sarah a whalley says:

    My daughter was taken after court case which of course was all in Social services favour they took our parental rights away with lies and twisted accounts of wich we could not fight this was 2005 abouts we lost our daughter and she was adopted even though we had two young children and two older children they didn’t bother us after that my daughter is now nearly 16 and we may never see her and be able to explain why she was taken I just hope one day we can although we will never be able to be her parents other Peaple have that privelege now Sarah

    • I can’t bear hearing these devastating stories any more…

      Already in March 2014 when I first presented the issues to the EU Petitions Committee, I suffered from ‘too muchness’… Since then I hear more and more ‘cases’ that are real lives with real sufferings. Why o why, we must ask, and WHAT CAN WE DO TO QUESTION those who make our lives soo miserable???

  60. jim says:

    Parliament square needs as new updated multi national approach reunion on the protection of stolen kids Inn the UK and protesting needs a deliverance of proposals met by the local agency’s police and government share this post.
    S.T.O.P.UK no more familiar instances will be accepted the UK is awash with corrupt individuals in a job that gives them too much control over family matters baby p case Brought too many powers to your local communitys

  61. jim says:


  62. Tony says:

    My grandson has just been taken away from his mom cause the social services because his mom was accused of she may mentally abuse him the woman has never harmed a hair on his head I beleave the whole case was bias against my daughter because she as a mother believed her child and wouldn’t retract the statement so they took him fro her she only now gets to see him once a fortnight for 4 hours

  63. Gut Feeling says:

    The Social Services and all those colluding professionals make me ashamed to be human, let alone British.

  64. Ry says:

    I dont understand hwo social worker, with i could become with 3 years off study give them so much power how can thay take kids with no real evidence i just cant understand
    Happend to my partner

  65. Andrea cain says:

    This is a situation i’m all too familiar with. Social services removed my girls after i asked them to help me as i was struggling. Their evidence was based on malicious calls to police, they even said in the evidence, ‘we searched the property and no drugs or guns were found.’ that however was enough for them to believe my children were at risk, and they helped my ex (who isn’t their biological father) pay legal fees and get special guardianship, while i had to represent myself. I wasn’t eligible for legal aid, as it was classed as a family matter. I was out of my depth and the whole process made my mental health deteriorate, which was also used against me. This was two years ago, but still hurts now as much as it did then. I now see my children once a month and my ex wont even talk to me, not even about the kids, this leaves me with a worthless piece of paper from the court saying the court recognises my PR, but that counts for nothing because the lack of communication from my ex means i am regularly not informed on so many aspects of my children’s lives. I was left feeling bemused by the lack of support for the parent losing the child, there is a sustained period of greif, which should be acknowledged. I am trying to start support groups in the uk for parents in this position, please look up S.P.E.C.S.I and join my group on facebook to access support and help me get the support out there. Thanks.

  66. Karen woodcock says:

    I am asking for your help. My Grandson was taken from a loving family just over a yr ago. He has been diagnosed as Autistic but the SW was convinced he had been abused and was totally blinkered. They put him a therapeutic unit saying his violence and sexualised behaviour which goes hand in hand with autism was too dangerous for him to remain in the family. He is still there and we want to get him home and go down the medical route as he was under cahms before they took him. He is ten in September. Please can you advise.

  67. Reg c Doyle says:

    When they was removing my children from theryre mum they said i could collect them but they lied to me then didnt alow me to contact them. Ive not had 180. Hours contact in 14 years its horrrable they never return calls my son is now an alcholic like his carer . He moved in with me at 18 they wrote to him to return so the carer kept being paid ? If not my daughter would be moved on ive not seen either of my children since. I cant tell you all how painfull it is. Reg doyle lincolnshire

  68. mark ratcliffe says:

    SoCal worker gill Owen of Wigan SoCal services.never told me .my step son was a sex afender .who is in care..the SoCal worker tuck my wife and new born baby daughter to see my step son. In a pub. And never even told me or my wife .my wife’s sons a sex fender. Iv put a complete in with services. There brushing it under the carpit like they all ways do.Jill Owen should of told me. As we had services involved as well .owen put my baby daughter in so much danger.if Owen had of told me my little girl would not of gone on a visit at all. Jill Owen is lieing and covering her arse and telling little lies. .

  69. Tracey moon and terry jackson says:

    Corrupt social worker rachelle hattersley from cudworth / barnsley social services just taken my 5 year old daughter into care just because i said no to contact with bio dad dew to him being violent he threatend to kick our little girls head in when she was 1month old. Paul anthony lane is his name he lives in harrogate and hes a druggie/alcoholic dealer. He wants custody now even though my daughter and my partner who my little girl has known as daddy since she was 2moths old were very good parents rachelle hattersley accused us of not been good parents which all alligations are proved faulse yet they wont let our little girl come home.

  70. Tracey mclean says:

    My two baby girls were stolen by soical services I haven’t seen them since they were forced adopted 6 years ago. I did nothing wrong I had post partum when my girls were born and they were stolen for two years I tried to get them home but nothing I ever did was good enuf I lost the fight when my girls were 2 half . They last day with my angels was she worst day of my life knowing I was never going to see them again it’s been 6 years and my heart is still broken I have done nothing with my life since I lost my girls I just sit doing nothing. They say the worst thing is for a mother to loose her baby to death it isant true the worst thing is not knowing were your children are evry day I look for them on the Internet hoping somehow to find them the worst thing is not knowing if your child is happy healthy that’s all I think about evry day. Soical services are evil people and should never be trusted with the welfare of a baby. If I didant care about my girls I wouldant know that shannon leah was born 30 12 2006 at 4 47 am weight 6 pounds 10 ounces. And my second girl ebony clair born 30 12 06 weight 6 pound 1 ounce at 4 49 am . They are twins they are my life I want them back with me their loving mother I know I love my children even after 6 years of not seeing them I am their mother and I will always love them and one day I hope they know how much I fought for them to come home will someone please help me find them

    • Sooo sorry to read this, Tracey.

      I shall forward your comment to

      and I encourage you to contact them as well.

      I’m just copying and pasting from an email I received:

      There is an enquiry going on about adoption being ethical and the Social Workers part that they play in this. Anyone affected by this must sent their story in to add to the evidence of what is going on.

      Here is the email

      You have until September to produce this information but this is a great chance for the travesties of justice to be addressed. The lady running this is Brid Featherstone and she is a good person

      Twitter @Brigid39

      Also there is a paper going through government now looking at the powers of Social Workers, it is in its second reading, I don’t know more than that.

  71. Emma bamber says:

    Please help i honestly dont know where to to turn, although my children have and were never removed from my care by social services my biological mother managed to get a interim residency order based on nothing but lies which was given by a deputy judge, social services are now involved and doing nothing whatsoever to help me but lie and fill me full of utter crap, i have not seen my children in 6 months… and i am feeling let down by the whole system they wont listen to me, my children are 10 and 7 and never ever had any problems with any services and likewise i had no involvement… social services are a corrupt organisation and clearly dont protect the children who need protection.

  72. Julie lowe says:

    I need a solicitor please am from Barnsley they stole my 3 Kids please help

  73. Debbie O'Reilly says:

    I myself am In the same boat three happy children taken away from there loving home, iv been fighting for them.for the last 5 years and even went to the extent where I am now representing myself in court as I have no trust In solicitors as i found out they are paid to loose cases regarding children. I have witnessed social workers lie under oath, and go to any lengths to keep my children away from me I have been commended in court by the judge but still no further forward the social are now claiming my children are happy with there forever family which is a joke i see my children suffering and they don’t give a damn, I’m starting up a website to help vulnerable families like us from these government child abductors by exposing them, would be Greatfull for anyone to share there stories with me and there workers names to find out how many more people are fighting loosing battles to keep our children safe please email me at to share your sad stories and Try put an end to these horrible people

    • Olga Chernikova says:

      I have signed,
      Sign the petition! Save the children! Petition to save children from unlawful removal. NO to the unlawful removal of minors. Let’s free the children and bring them back to the parents. Psychologist kidnapped the child just to see how he is without the family. An unprecedented case. Every child in danger because of the iniquity of psychologists, social services and judges. We can not tolerate it in a democratic society. It is urgently needed to put in place a package of measures oriented to the common european protection of the families from abuse by social services, psychologists and magistrates. That is the only way to revitalize democratic life and overcome the demotivation, demoralization and anxiety of a large part of European society. You can find me on Facebook Olga Chernikova Digiorgio.

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