The Nigerian Family with Six Stolen Kids

Ian Josephs is a former local councillor who runs a most successful language school in Monaco. He’s been helping families regain their children ever since the 60s.

Now 80, he still helps on average three cases a day, paying for women to have their babies abroad when needed.

He says that the case of the M-Family is the worst he’s come across, in terms of criminality and cover-up.

The oldest daughter has been missing for over a year and he does fear the worst…

I don’t have all the details of harassment, cruelty and criminality, but:

  • British Govt Detains Nigerian Couple’s Six Children is an article that appeared in the Nigerian national paper Leadership on 21 August 2011
  • I do have their statement that explains the farcicalness of their “legal representation”
  • I was at a hearing where Ian Josephs and I were refused as McKenzie Friends.

Since none of the supporters could be at the hearing today, Maurice has taken on the challenge of cleaning up the mess:


2 Responses to The Nigerian Family with Six Stolen Kids

  1. Ishaya Baba says:

    What I am reading is sounding like a fiery tale. Can this be happening to a family I know very well. I know that Musa and Gloria are the true parents of these children that God has graciously blessed them with. I know the children and while in UK each time I call Abraham their senior son as my friend. This unfounded allegations are coming from the pit of hell. Lord have mercy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Alicia smith IS a FAT get

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