Vicky Haigh’s Daughter

This case came to my attention “by chance” and I ended up building a website that attracted over 28,000 visitors in four months.

It was the first family court case that has ever been made public, thanks to John Hemming MP who removed the gag so that the mother and Doncaster Council could be named.

But Doncaster Council gagged me and threatened with prison.

So do click on Register, if you’re interested in the past, before she was sent to prison – for 3 years – and released after 9 months. However, back for 28 days, after a supposed breach of her probation order. You can’t make up what these people get up to! Vicky put this list together of whose children are taken.

The key question is: if the Police doesn’t do the job of “returning stolen goods” (or kids), who needs to prosecute them in the Public Interest and to defend the Rule of Law?


16 Responses to Vicky Haigh’s Daughter

  1. Tom says:

    What an excellent advert for your website the conclusion to the Vicky Haigh case that was reported in all the papers today

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  4. Any ideas re bona-fide case against York and North Yorkshire County councils my son found hanged Tuesday 6TH JUNE 1995… “God’s county” protecting child abusers, stitch-up, cover-up. Public enquiry? Whilst the media feasts on the blood and the pain and the hatred…. What about a rally in York against child abuse UK ?? UK=GB&I 07594525821 STOP ABUSE YORK??? Slainte! Child abuse? Not in my name!

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  16. Anonymous says:

    Well the Police always perused the ex claiming domestic violence after I scratched the car he had replaced after stealing mine. The police are meant to be investigating their officers and the many incidents reported and ignored by me. Social services darent disclose archived evidence that my father abused me.

    It seems from my understanding of psychopaths that they are often in power. So, do we give up. No! I will do time if it can have a beneficial affect on the injustice of our law system.

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