Stories as News Releases

In the attempt to draw attention to the plight of victims, I am building up a list of media contacts. But it seems more likely that web sites disappear than that stories are being picked up.

Still, here’s a list of news releases:

Besides a list of stories about the “Flying Vet” Maurice J Kirk BVSc:


January 21: Towards a Public Inquiry into White Collar Crime

January 31: Unprecedented Parliamentary Support
for Victims of Financial Exploitation and Legal Oppression
through current UK legal and judicial processes
(aka “white collar crimes”)


November 2010: on behalf of Paul Talbot-JenkinsRoutemaster Bus to Expose Corrupt Solicitors and Judges

October 2010: on behalf of Lewis NicholsonVictim of Fraud, dying for Justice and here on MAARS – The Global Legal Network

July 2010: on behalf of Raymond FoxHomeless UK man with nuclear induced illness seeks legal redress

June 2010: Lack of Public Confidence captured in Online Petition

May 2010: Over 500 Signatures and 3,200 Page Views
on the “Stop the Oppression of the British People” Petition


2 Responses to Stories as News Releases

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  2. Michelle says:

    know of a family in Scotland that had their daughter taken from them with no warrant from the police, by social services. There is a gagging in order in place, no solicitor/lawyer will take their place on I feel for this family any advice???

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