Victimised due to being Victorious

Norman Scarth was born in 1925, a hero on WW2, a livestock farmer, horse breeder and ‘horse whisperer’, successful racehorse owner and inventor, before he became a human rights activist since the age of 70 and successfully reformed the law.

Because of these activities, he became a convict: a political prisoner and patient in a mental hospital…

Charles Seven was victorious in the court. But instead of being paid compensation, she because a victim of what she calls organised crime and harassment.

Is it paranoia, one may ask when people start talking about “gang stalking”?

But look at Surveillance Issues published by Paul Baird in Australia.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc has a record of over 100 legal actions, where his success rate kept improving:

  • Somerset: 76 allegations, 52 won [3 : 2]
  • Guernsey: more than 60 allegations, about 45 won [4 : 3]
  • South Wales: 130 allegations, 14 lost [10 : 9].

Maurice always suspected being under surveillance by South Wales Police but had only evidence when he got a leaked report.

It seems that South Wales is the ‘test lab’ for MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements) which, in Maurice’s case included a ‘licence to kill‘ and collusion between

  • South Wales Police
  • HM Prison Service
  • NHS (Caswell psychiatric Clinic)
  • HM Court Services.

Feel for Maurice Kirk, Norman Scarth and Ms Charles Seven, while I prepare the documentation of a whistleblower who pointed out the crimes of his employer…


2 Responses to Victimised due to being Victorious

  1. Charles Seven says:

    Ahhh Bless:-)) 

    That’s the real story..

    The only thing in my case, is my victimisation/gang stalking and targeting began waay before I won in court.. It just intensified after the fact.

    Evidently, us achieving the triumph did us no favours.. and had adverse reactions… Because…, 

    They absolutely ‘hate’ strong people with a passion, because it makes them appear so inferior.. thus, they do EVERYTHING in their power to crush and destroy your life and spirit. Hense their employment of a covert ‘army’ to do it.

    But it certainly makes a welcome change to have our victorys acknowledged.. Means the battle scars after all fought and won, was not in vain.

    Thank you my dear:-))

    Most gracious of you.



  2. Good, good, dear Charles, you are most welcome!

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