Maurice J Kirk BVSc (no. 23)

RCVS-Appeal-to-Supreme-CourtThe legal battle story of this “flying vet” is truly beyond belief.

Here he stands before the Supreme Court, having just delivered one of his documents kept in well over 100 Lever Arch files for the Judicial Committee of HM Privy Council housed at the same building in Parliament Square, London.

Here are five one-page summaries:

  1. a general overview
  2. a summary of psychiatric reports that nearly lead him to be incarcerated in a high security prison
  3. the machine gun case, where a decommissioned machine gun attached to one of his planes became the subject of court case, helicopter chases, seven months imprisonment, incarceration in a psychiatric clinic and covert surveillance
  4. South Wales Police also maliciously colluded with lawyers of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to get him struck off; but the real block in fighting for his right to practise his profession comes from the Royal Charter that protects the College and its lawyers from prosecution
  5. his experiences in Guernsey, the tax haven, an essential part of what Patrick Cullinane calls HM Partnership.

While he is on asylum in France and waiting for his hip to be replaced, his medical records are not being released. I took this as a headline for this news release and built this website to complement his own.

He was put in a mental hospital and being imprisoned, while his bank is closing ranks on him, too…

He is no. 23 on Grouping Cases to Enforce the Bank of England Act 1694 and introduces himself on video to our meeting at the House of Lords in March 2010.

Now he wrote this letter to his MP:

Judicial ‘Meltdown’ in the Principality

Dear Mr Cairns MP,

Further to my yesterday’s letter and your 7th July 2010 letter to Cardiff Prison, still unanswered, concerning the way I was refused, awaiting trial, access to legal representation, medical attention and my own medical records, it may be of no surprise to you to know that I was again imprisoned, recently but this time in a Cardiff police station, where exactly the same conduct was repeated. I was refused access to any legal representation, at all or have released my urgently needed medical records needed by my anaesthetist to carry out surgery for a long over due total hip replacement. The police psychiatrist refused to see me in my cell to allow my right to be interviewed.

It appears the whole lucrative judicial industry, in the Principality, is in complete ‘melt down’ and is now running completely unchecked with the key players reliant on ‘Crown Immunity’ to prosecution, that is not only an ‘abuse of process’ but a clear embarrassment to our current sovereign lady, Her Majesty The Queen.

An example is the law firm currently defending the police, these past eighteen years. They have had two partners in court with a barrister QC, one specialising in defending the Chief Constable while the other specialises in prosecuting him. The QC will act for either, of course, as he has a contract with the Cardiff based firm, not even needing to print out the usual ‘authorities’ in a case or ‘skeleton arguement’, simply needing to use one of the ones of a previous ‘in house’ case, that week and charging.

No wonder, when my secretary was asked to find a lawyer in Wales to act, some ten years ago when I had income, over eighty solicitors refused and the Law Society offered but one firm ‘ prepared to take on the police’……. the very same firm currently defending the South Wales Police.

Settlement ‘out of court’, therefore, with such a cosy relationship of ‘no accountability’ to any one, would mean no more guaranteed tax payer’s money pouring in each day. This is exactly what is also going on in my other case at the moment, against the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, currently before Their Lordships at HM Privy Council, for refusing to convene a court for my application ‘to practice veterinary surgery’. Again the lawyers and college are dependant on their immunity under the 1967 Royal Charter indicating a judge must impose bias.

I am now nearly four months down the road since hip replacement surgery was urgently booked under private medical care at the Vale Hospital.

I am now vomiting all morning having been prescribed Morphine Sulphate and Diclofenac with the hope it is better than the mind blowing Oxycodone. I am using up previous local anaesthetic impregnated suppositories, due to the side affects of current medication and the 2001 surgical interference needed following my twenty eight day flight in my WW2 cub sitting on a rather hard life raft to Australia!

Nausea and confusion is seriously hindering my preparation for the ten week trial that starts in a few days.

While my GP is struggling to find another medical opinion, in South Wales, a fat chance, Cardiff judges continue to refuse ordering Dr Tegwyn Williams of Caswell Clinic and the Crown Prosecution Service in disclosing their falsified joint evidence they put before His Honour Judge Bidder QC, on 2nd December 2009, pleading I was far too dangerous to be let lose from Cardiff Prison and that I must be transferred to a high security psychiatric prison for an IPP, indeterminate prison sentence.

Lies were concocted by the lawyers that had me arrested by armed police,last June, purely to prevent my civil action to progress and eventually obtain the identity of police officers in some hundred or so incidents of harassment or ‘non action’ when I laid complaint of arson, criminal damage, assault, actual bodily harm, theft and burglaries of my veterinary surgeries in Llantwit Major, Cardiff and Barry.

Can any one out there help me, please, to obtain the evidence?

yours sincerely,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Copies to Chief Medical Officer and Alex Howells, NHS Administrator

Here is his latest sentence of imprisonment – for contempt of court!


15 Responses to Maurice J Kirk BVSc (no. 23)

  1. Guernseyman says:

    The sad truth is that this man is a nutcase. He goes out of his way to cause trouble wherever he lives or goes in the world, but it is always other peoples’ fault, never his own. He seems to suffer from paranoid delusions that everyone in positions of authority, and the entire legal profession, is out to get him – as when he claimed that there was a “cabal” of solicitors in South Wales who were conspiring against him.

    He claims that he “fled” Guernsey in 1992, in a rubber boat at night – as though he were some hero of the French Resistance escaping from occupied France! Well, in Guernsey we have a saying: “There’s a boat in the morning”, i.e. if you don’t like it here in the island you are free to leave on the next boat to England. No-one here shed any tears over his departure.

    • I just wonder how well you know Maurice so that you believe you can claim “the sad truth” about him…

      If you haven’t shed a tear over him, why do you bother to write bad things about him, anonymously?

  2. Russell Deering says:

    yes i agree its a bit of an in depth snip from an anonymous person haahhaha bit fishy if you ask me!!!!!!!!

    What Maurice is saying makes sense to me!!


  3. Ian says:

    I know nothing of Maurice Kirk, beyond what I have read about him in flying magazines and on the Internet. In my opinion, either he is a very unlucky man, an innocent abroad, for whom fate seems to have dreamed up a series of unbelievable situations that have resulted in so many bad things happening to him, or he is, at the very least, a genuine eccentric, who has brought a lot of his troubles upon himself; a maverick, with a strong sense of his inalienable right to do pretty much as he pleases. Not the sort of person who willingly abides by the rules and regulations. Without doubt, and based upon what appears to be the facts of the case, I am inclined toward the latter. Whatever your motivation, surely no one with even a rudimentary grasp on reality would try to fly an aircraft near to the President of the United States’ ranch, even if his intentions in doing so – to deliver a ‘thank you’ letter for having been rescued from the sea. He needed rescuing because he was embarked upon a hairaising trip around the world in an unsuitable aircraft, which ditched offshore, requiring the US Coastguard to mount a rescue attempt. His world has imploded from then, but, in reality, and anecdotally, it appears that he has constantly butted heads with authority, rightly or wrongly and I genuinely believe that his misfortunes are largely of his own creation. He would be a wonderful person to know, notwithstanding the above and would doubtless feel that despite everything, his has been a life well lived…

  4. Tim Fleming says:

    When I read glib remarks from folk who have no real grasp of the machinery behind the system,
    I give you the following advise, study your History, do your own research,
    Educate the fool & you no longer have one. Maurice Kirk is one of the most intelligent men I have ever met, I rubbed shoulders with CEO’S from around the globe
    Best Regards Maurice, remember its not over till we win.

    Tim Fleming. Blacklisted Construction Worker 1968 Ivy Bridge Development. By Turriff.
    My crime; To stop the unessary loss of life on UK Construction Sites
    But it cost money to do the job safely, building workers were two for a penny
    “the meat in the sandwich” according to the Builderberg Group

  5. Anonymous says:

    I knew Maurice and Kirsty from, around, 1992-1995 when my cat was run over. I needed to take our cat to a vet. So I met Maurice, became involved in his aviation side as I myself was an Engineer and a pilot but his antics drove my beyond common sense so I got myself uninvolved…..

  6. Rhiddian Parker says:

    Sir, we do have overwhelming proof of fraud in documentation format involving, court, coucil, police, land registry of which I am happy to submit you on request.

    Should you wish to view remit a forwarding address

    • I’m afraid we can’t cope with helping victims any more. I have been victimised so badly myself that I need to look at my own survival. Soo sorry! Hope you can find help in your area!

      • Rhiddian Parker says:

        Hello Sabine,

        thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to reply to my email.

        I got the impression this was the right platform where I could submit valuable and true evidence to support your campaign to reveal the truth, frankly I feel I’ve been snubbed by you.

        Within my possession I have valid documentation ready to expose which can be substantiated and validated via a stream of correspondence covering a period of ten years.

        However, if you feel this is not within your remit because of the stress you’re still experiencing in dealing with your own issues then Id appreciate just one more moment to ask your opinion where my documents might be best received.. ie direction to another victim site or expose’ platform.

        In anticipation

        Mr. Parker

  7. Roger Gough says:

    Sabine, there is a report in the Guardian two days ago that Maurice is missing on a flight. You may of course be aware of this. If not I will e-mail you with the full contents of said item, regards Roger

  8. Rogerr Gough says:

    Good news Sabine, glad that he’s OK, regards, Roger

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