Norman Scarth (no. 27)

Norman ScarthI am Norman Scartha WW2 veteran, born in 1925, proud to be British until the age of 70, when I learned (by chance) that there are many rotten apples in the judiciary.  In memory of all those men who had died around me in WW2 – & what we believed we were fighting for  – I made it my mission in life to expose corrupt judges.  It has proved to be a very dangerous mission.

The first potentially lethal terror attack came just seventeen days after the European Court for Human Rights had ruled that I was the victim of a violation of Article 6, and JUST SIX WEEKS after I had appeared in the Civil Appeal Court, and told Lord Woolf (MR) Lord Justice Otton and LJ Ward “Her Majesty the Queen, whose courts these are, is badly served by the shysters who now infest the judiciary.“

On that quiet Sunday afternoon (8th August 1999), I was alone at home, doing no wrong in any shape or form.  There came to the door a mob-handed gang of West Yorkshire Police, being used as a Private Army – without even the PRETENCE of a lawful excuse.   They demanded entry, & when I refused, they radioed for back up with a battering ram & riot shields.  The intention was to silence me by fear, a heart attack or a stroke the hoped for outcome. 
Few men of my age would not have had one or the other.   Because concerned neighbours had gathered, they did not use the battering ram that had been called for, but instead laid siege to the house for THREE HOURS, before backing off saying, “We have decided this is not a police matter – BUT WE’LL BE BACK!” In the days, weeks and months which followed, my desperate S.O.S. messages were faxed to EVERYwatchdog’ in the land.  A curt brush-ff came from only two – from the rest, not even acknowledgement!

The police had licence to commit any crime against me with impunity.  For eleven months I dared leave the house only three times.  It was unlawful but very effective ‘house arrest’, imprisoned by fear – and I am NOT a timid man!

After 11 months my fears proved justified, when they DID smash into my home, and gave me a brutal kicking that put me in hospital.  There followed the malicious prosecution for a NON-EXISTENT ‘crime’, and a Kangaroo Court ‘hearing’ where I was given a sentence of six years in prison, plus four years on extended licence.

After one and a half years, the sentence was quashed, and I was carted off to Newton Lodge Gulag ‘Mental Hospital’, Wakefield, the intention being to pump me full of drugs to turn me into a zombie.  However, honest nurses would not be party to such depravity, and I escaped the fate of Andy McCardle.

So, after four months in the Nuthouse, the sentence was re-imposed, and it was back to prison again till I had served four years (2/3rds of the the six) when I was to walk free, having ‘Paid My Debt to Society’ .

Instead, I was UNLAWFULLY dragged back to the Gulag again for a further two years.  So, my actual time in custody (following the eleven months ‘house arrest’) totalled six years.  Mind you, being ‘on licence’, as I was for the next four years, is hardly ‘freedom’.  A sadistic Probation Officer – and there are quite few – only has to snap his/her fingers and you are back in prison again.

11 07 18 HMS MatchlessThere you have the bare details of what happened between 8th August 1999 and April 2009, when my ‘Licence’ ended.

He’s no. 27 under Grouping Cases to Enforce the Bank of England Act 1694.

He introduces himself on video to our meeting at the House of Lords in March 2010.

And domestic violence and Family Court victim Sharon Ann Kilby publishes his bio and writings here.

As an exceptional paper, the Sovereign Independent has been covering Norman’s plight.

And Russia Today produced this excellent video:

More on Norman Scarth – in Prison since 26 July 2011 for having Recorded in Bradford Court.


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  7. To clarify the sentence “Few men of my age would not have had one or the other”. This referred to my earlier statement, “The intention was to silence me by fear, a heart attack or a atroke the hoped for outcome.”

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  10. Anonymous says:

    How dare our so-called Courts of Justice, inprison this old Gentleman. Where is the Justice in that!!!!! have these Judges nothing else to do? when they fine a muslim man £50 for burning a poppy? Yet, a decent old pensioner gets 6 Months for recording in the court, the Judge responsible should be bloody well sacked. Dus he realise, that if it was,nt for Heroes like Norman, maybe that particular Judge Guilty of one of the most serious offences, would’nt be alive today, sucking his wages from the taxpayers, If the courts were more honest, then, the likes of Norman would’nt have had to record, the cases. Disgusted


    • JM says:

      I was also quite disgusted that that guy was prosecuted in first place, never mind fined £50….I’m old enough to remember the concept of freedom of expression in this country….and considering what the poppy really represents these days i totlly agree with the sentiment!

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  18. liz Watson says:

    It is an alarming sign of the times – that Police State Britain focuses more on serving the criminals and criminalising / torturing and punishing the innocent, than anything else. With police and Judicial / legal corruption at an all time high, we now have Armageddon upon us – and Norman is caught in that ‘net’.

    Norman is a very brave man, whose actions have been heinously misunderstood by those people who have dissociated from their own feelings and their hearts – his ‘cry’ from the heart for change and help and social / judicial / political reform in the way that HE knows best to communicate, is so very much deeper, than they could ever willingly appreciate nor have the humility to listen to and comprehend: dictatorship is all they know. They have nil tolerance of anyone else’s view that clashes with their own sickening agenda. They want everyone to be robotised and ‘good little citizens’ who jump on their ship of deceit and oppression, adopting the same expressionless state that they suffer with: the ‘men in grey suits’ mentality.

    It is the same ‘cry’ from the heart that most of us have, who are observing what happens when one’s innate ‘freedom of expression’ threatens that sector of Society who have been getting away with using ever-deceptive measures to keep binding us all in ‘chains’, for years. This is the REAL issue: not the neutral act of expressing how he or any of us, feels. Where is the REAL ‘offence’ Norman has committed? Nada. (“sticks & stones may break my bones, but…words can never hurt me”). Taking offence at his passionate expression, is a different issue, and insidious too.

    The question that all of us COULD be asking them is this: what is it about Norman that you take offence to, rather than taking offence against the criminal and profligate banksters and their entourage of ‘professionals’ aka bandwagon-jumpers, who are fleecing the majority of us and eating us alive ?….stealing our homes, thieving our assets, pensions, even our children? Or the courts who are engaging in so much skulduggery and case-fixing with the nepotistic legal profession, that any chance of “justice” has the same odds as a £10 million lottery ticket! Enter Her Majesty’s courts at your peril…best to stay away.

    The criminals and despots in power are now having their ‘last hurrah’. The county councils all over Britain – who openly collude with the private police forces posing as “Authorities”, are the real enemy – for they use the wicked and oppressive threat of incarceration and imprisonment / committal proceedings/ smear campaigns / false ‘mental health issues’ and other such contrivations, including arbitrary arrest and imprisonment itself, as ‘weapons of mass terror’, and peddle lies through the Legal profession as a whole.

    We need to dissociate and disarm these criminals, pronto. By their fruits, ye shall know them. As the Holy book says “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of darkness in this world and spiritual wickedness in high places”….Ephesians 6:12
    We’re with you all the way, Norman…. we’ll remember you as ‘stormin’ Norman’!
    Liz Watson – Founder, One Voice Action Group

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  22. brythonic says:

    Has Norman had a court hearing today? Anyone know what is happening to him?

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  27. john squire says:

    Sorry sharon forgot to tell you why i am sending this letter;below said letter is a letter from private eye asking for more details about norman scarth. As you can see I have explained to private eye that I am not a main player in the N scarth campaign……as you probably know more than me; or know people who know more than me; I have forwarded contact details of private eye, so the main players can comunicte with said paper

    —– Forwarded Message —-
    From: john squire
    To: Heather Mills
    Sent: Wed, 24 August, 2011 13:43:11
    Subject: Re: Norman scarth

    Hello Heather
    In the main letter I sent to Mr Stillman below

    I understand that you use a self censorhip DA notice and hence will not print articles which might contain anything detremental to public opinion of the police courts, and justice system, unless instructed to do so by said parties (police/courts/government) or the information is so wide spread it is no longer news. However, would you be willing to run an advert concerning an English judge who inprisoned a pensioner (contempt of court) for six months because he tried to record a hearing. Comparing the story with another english judge who does not dispute that he was duped by a solicitor who falsified court exhibits and bore witness to non existant evidence in order to pervert justice, but decided the solicitor should not face any (contempt of court or SRA) consequences.
    The advert based on the above set of events will name the judges give access points to the evidence and ask readers to write to the pensioner at leeds prison as a form of protest against the use and non use of the 1981 contempt of court act.

    John squire

    The evidence I was referring to was concerning the double standards when siting the contempt of court case, which result in Solicitors, police, and judges not sufferring when they show contempt of court in order to pervert justice, but a ww 2 veteran going to prison because he showed contempt of court in order to try to prevent a perversion of justice (I can prove police recordings are tampered with by the police to protect the police, and therefore I have no reason to disbelieve Norman when he says court recordings are tampered with by the courts to protect the courts)
    I am not a leading player in the campaign to release Mr Scarth therefore I am not privileged to all the evidence concerning his victimisation. However, it is obvuious he is being and has been victimised, just by reading the bare details on the sites campaigning for his release.
    I will be forwarding this e mail to leading advocates for Mr Scarths release, and hopefully they will contact you. In the meantime I can produce evidence concerning the following contempts of court: I understand that some of them may be classified as purgery rather than contempt, but in my eyes purgery is contempt.
    A Solicitor admitting that claims made against the police were falsified by a junior member of his staff on a document which was meant to be used in court
    and stating the falsification was authorized by the police
    A CC claiming to have read a claim form (lying) then not knowing what was written on it
    A Solicitor claiming to have read arson threats in e mails, which he cannot produce….signed on statement of truth
    A solicitor forging a police statement then verifying it as genuine.

    Please let me know if you are interested

    From: Heather Mills
    To: “”
    Sent: Mon, 22 August, 2011 23:59:46
    Subject: Norman scarth

    Dear Mr Squire – Thanks for your emails to our advertising department about Norman Scarth, which have been forwarded to me. You said in your email to Mr Stillman that you have gathered the evidence in the case in support of Mr Scarth and I wonder if you could either forward it to me, contact me on the number below or email me with your contact details.

    Many thanks

    Heather Mills


    In the Back


  28. WIGGY says:

    NORMANS CASE IS AT THE ROYAL COURTS OF JUSTICE TOMORROW THURSDAY 25TH AUGUST 2011 FROM 9AM ,PLEASE COME ALONG AND SUPPORT NORMAN remember the judge locked norman up in the public interest ,well not in my name ,we need a peacefull show of strength ,lets get this elderly war hero home ,MAKE THE DIFFERENCE

    • paul hagan says:

      NORMANS CASE DATE FOR APPEAL has been set for 9th september 10:30am @ the ROYAL COURTS OF JUSTICE the strand /LONDON be there NORMAN needs YOU ,you can check by going on website ( http://www.royal courts of justice listings) the day before the case to find out what number court his case is in

  29. Rabbi Tav says:

    The time has come to do something. Would you consider including Sovereign Independent on your Sites for Support and DWPCorruption on your Other Victim Sites?

    My whole life has been dogged by these corrupt swines. Two cases on the go right now!

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  33. Steve says:

    Shameful treatment of some one who stands up against the establishment , glad I left England

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  35. says:

    There is an excellent article in the Real Truth magazine entitled JUSICE FOR ALL. I recommend people to read it because it is spot on about how the judiciary and courts have become riddled with corruption.

    Type REAL TRUTH MAGAZINE in Google search.

  36. The link to the article “Justice for All – An Impossible Goal?” is

    The subtitle: Legal systems worldwide, which should maintain order and deliver justice, are riddled with loopholes and corruption. What has gone wrong?

    But the suggested solution is to replace the absence of God.

    I cannot but think that the reform of “money” in its evil and dishonest form would be the human solution. However, it seems that gods are required to make that happen…

    More on – the chronology of meetings and websites addressing monetary reform under the label ‘Forum for Stable Currencies’.

  37. Norman Shilling says:

    The British Police have been corrupted by ‘Common Purpose’. Common Purpose is a change agent being used by Fabian New Labour to implement its hidden Communitarian agenda. It is a ‘Trojan Horse’ fifth column operation and part of the mechanism being used by Brussels to undermine and soften up British society to pave the way for the take-over of Britain by the European Union (EUSSR).

    One way that ‘Common Purpose’ are doing this is by infiltrating their ‘graduates’ into positions of power in the media, national and local government, the police and the judiciary. ‘Common Purpose’ needs these ‘graduates’ to run the bureaucracy of the New Dictatorship of what they call the ‘post-democratic’ society. All ‘Common Purpose’ ‘graduates’ have been corrupted and are totally untrustworthy.

    One of the main targets of Common Purpose is the police because Common Purpose and New Labour want to merge Britain into the EU Police State. New Labour has already turned Britiain into a police state. There is a surveillance camera system in Britain which would have been beyond the wildest dreams of the Stasi.

    Police officers are supposed to operate ‘without fear or favour’ but there are plenty of favours being done by senior Common Purpose police officers for their colleagues in the Common Purpose network.

    All police officers who are Common Purpose ‘graduates’ have been corrupted and are totally untrustworthy. They are a disgrace to their uniform and should be removed from iffice immediately. Common Purpose has corrupted and destroyed the reputation for integrity of the British police.

    Search the web for ‘Common Purpose’ to find out more about it.

  38. I also KNOW Mr. Norman Scarth and he too, is an example of how evil the British Apartheid so-called ‘Laws’ and ‘Justice’ system of oppressing, prosecuting and incarcerating of the Good and harmless people in society, instead of the real criminals, themselves included.

  39. Correct Sabine,

    This is what GREAT BRITISH ‘JUSTICE’ is about and as I too have experienced with the said Labour Tribunal, Magistrates etc. is concerned.
    This British Apartheid System Laws and Practices Controlled World, also favours terrorists and criminals and immorally and illegally discriminates against and terrorises decent, innocent, vulnerable and hard-working people.

  40. Thank you Claudine. If you would like to be kept up to date with my current activities, please send me your email address.
    My new one is .

  41. Go Norman Scarth ! Well done ! Give the Lebensborn Sonnenkinder Neo-Nazi 4th Reich Numb-nuts what for ! These elites are worse than Adolf Hitler– they have radioactive weapons ! I heard about you at Seeking Solutions– TNS AFRN-Eire. Keep up the good work. By: Arthur, US Army Hall of Knights Kransberg im Taunus HHC & HHC 1/33/2/3 Spearhead USAREUR NATO ’79

  42. Thank you Arthur. The Quislings who now hold every position of power & influence in Britain are indeed ‘Worse than Adolf Hitler’,.who, for all his faults, had a degree of honesty. The Quislings gangsters hide behind a nauseating pretence of Democracy, Human Rights & the Rule of Law. We have none of them! As you may or may not know, at the age of 86 I have been forced to flee the land of my birth & seek safety in Ireland. 2 years & 5 years in prison face me if I dare set foot in Britain again.
    In truth, they don’t want me in priosn, but in a Nuthouse, so that my exposing the Judicial Mafia can be dismissed as the ramblings of a lunatic.
    Adolf said, “I will not rest until every German sees it as a disgrace to be a lawyer.” So, he wasn’t wrong on EVERYTHING!
    There is much to tell & I don’t have time to put it all on my blog. If you would like to be on my mailing list, please send your email address to me:

  43. Dear Norman

    I have been extremely busy, hence the delay. Happy to read you still.
    My old address is full so I have a new one and will write it to you.

    I am Praying very hard that the British etc authorities and gross Power Abusers of despicable, uncivilized, savage, conduct and policies can learn to be Proper christians and Change fo rthe Good of all humankind, animals and the Earth too.
    They still have no Consciencious or sense of Responsiblity or Care, Humanity whatsoever.

    God Bless.

  44. Dear Jesus

    I Pray that the regimes Worldwide who have now adopted and enforcibly implemented these grotesque inhume enforced ill-treatments of gross Human, Medical and Civil Rights Abuses against millions upon millions of people annually, lifelong and forever Nazi-Communistically Systematically evilly against Decent, Innocent & Vulnerable poor people fir their Human Experimentaions sadistically, lyingly and immorally, since 1700’s in London, UK first for their racist excuses of hatred against certain people whom theu lyingly nad immorally misdiagnose for these purposes of their enforced incarcerations etc. would stop as we are hearing of far too many hereof.

    Yes, there may be some people who are in need thereof, howery the authorities are abusing their great powers with this also evil, lying over-lengthend Law which is very Stasi-like indeed and abused against too many innocent people for political and hateful racist ‘reasons’ , excuses and LIES.

    Why do we have to have regimes of evilness?


  45. Sabine said in support of WW II Vet Norman, “We can only hope “they” know that we know – thanks to the web!!!” IMHO, Internet publicity such as this builds Norman’s esprit de corps and morale. Norman’s action in the field confronting Jack Boot vaccine mass-murdering, sovereignty-infringing, fiscally incompetent, greedy, selfish politicians & bankers did in reality ‘let them know’ and it served to help educate his peers and those more ignorant. The ‘Land supply’ (except for recently emerged volcanic islands at sea) is controlled, regulated, and taxed. The ‘money supply’ is controlled, regulated, and taxed. The ‘energy supply’ is controlled, regulated, and taxed. The ‘Food supply’ is almost controlled by GMO and tax. When the food supply is controlled, people like Norman will be hunted down by elites and terminated with Extreme Prejudice in the field. A remnant will survive and prosper– may Norman be among them.

    Green Energy is always good for sovereigns like Norman in the cold of winter. Here’s an HVAC and crop warming Heat Pump for those Spring and Fall HAARP induced, cropp-killing freezes– for people like you Norman:

  46. Gruss Gott aus 3AD SPEARHEAD Ritter Halle Kransberg im Taunus, Sabine ! Wie gehts ? Es geht mir sehr gut. Ich kann nur ein bischen Deutsch…let’s correspond about Norman battles, missions, and objectives. I’m very small time grassroots. What are these elite False Flag Operations concealing ? Godspeed. Aufwiederschriben. Shalom, Art

  47. Greetings, sovereign Norman ! I apologize for failing to scroll-up and read your response. I’m a Tank Commander at heart tho’ trained small unit straight-leg light infantry, too. I miss things sometimes, I’m sorry. I admire you so much for tirelessly continuing to fight ! God bless you, warrior ! Sh’ma Manasseh barukh hashem Eloheinu Israel Adonai melekh ha’olam John 3:16, buddy ! All my World War II buddies are dead, save Fighter Pilot Stew and perhaps one other. I miss their will to FIGHT ! Thank God you are still fighting, Norman. God bless you ! NEVER surrender. NEVER. I own property free and clear in Tennessee and Neo-Nazi Jack Boot Thug LEO pigs gassed, grenaded, and shot me (non-lethal 12 gaugue) for asserting my god given sovereignty as the descendant of Captain Michael Holderbaum 5th company 1st Battalion Pennsylvania Col Greenawalt Valley Forge General George Washington’s personal Headquarters Staff tasked with US Army commissary 1778 (1175-1783). These elite NWO idots are playing with fire and God HIMSELF will crush their heads and burn them to the ground ! Amen. I didn’t surrender, Norman. Damn military snipers and LEO pussies . I made a Secondary Fighting Position. Cold, too. 17 F all night and no cold weather gear. Cold as Wild Chicken (Wildflecken FRG USAREUR NATO Cold War back in the day). No gloves ! God made me warm. People die exposed all night motionless fire fight 17 F. Real miracle. I have since escaped and evaded to Arizona, but have not yet begun to fight and will re-invade God willing. I was interdicting a Catholic church/US Army/Native American invader cartel– Black Pope Jesuits and Apache cintora– CA CONUS US target of opportunity and trying to recycle tires– damn idiot LEO pigs are sitting on top of a tender box about to burn down the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge and all the idiots can do kiss judicary arse and hunt for paperwork like Gestapo ! They fund their pay roll through debt and usury that little children not yet old enough to ride bikes must attempt to repay. Damn LEO pigs are armed guard for mass murdering child abortion and stem cell eugenic DARPA experiment. god will KILL them. Man, I’ve E & E’d 60 Clicks through all of NATO and E & E’d East Berlin OpFor Warsaw Pact and made Check Point Charlie from the Pope’s Revenge, thanks to God through Christ back in the day. Norman, Kick those Jack Boot Red Coat Thug arses, Norman, sometimes we have to find a Tertiary fighting position, regroup, praise God, and then re-engage ! I’m small time grassroots, over-the-hill, and out of shape ! My skill sets and experience are below average, but I will not lay down, I even had to fake my own high School graduation when a Teen in order to jgo to university and join the Army as a result of injuries sustained on the Flight Line when a lieutenant tried to murder me. FIGHT, Norman ! Hoo-aaaaah ! God will make a way ! I salute you, sir !

    Build your FAITH, buddy:

    Check out these damn US neo-Nazi LEO pigs strip searching a mother on the road and snatching the tampon out of her vagina in front of strangers and her own children !

    Here’s how I’m fighting right now:

  48. Norman, Jensen Firearms Tucson and HEBREW G.I. Joe Maynard, formerly of Maybel at the U of A would have respected your fighting. Maynard continued to fall-in dressed in his WW II combat uniform in the 1990’s. Parachute Infantry PIR 5/6 June 1944 Operation Overlord. Last time I saw Maynard his boots were bloused and spit shined. He was a real G.I. Joe Nazi-stompin’, Commie and Neo-Nazi huntin’ Paratrooper. God willing, I’ll tell you a funny story about when he got shot-up D-Day and was in Normandy hospital. Living paratroopers, shot-up during D-Day, still remember the ‘K Ration chocolate Bar and ice’ ice cream Maynard made in hospital. K Rat Chocolate as you know was loaded with Ex-Lax LOL… 🙂

    WW II vet Jack Lee, U of A Tucson band director and author of the unofficial U of A fight song Bear Down Arizona, would have a hard time understanding the political chattel concepts and thuggery you address. Jack taught me how to play the US National Anthem and I liked him, but he’d waste away on a street whore in a heart beat and went to his grave begging Tucson to hand-out a World War II medal to vets like him. I don’t know if Tucson ever gave those guys another medal… They sure lost their liberty tho’.

  49. 24/08/2012


    AN EMERGENCY !!!!!

    I have just heard that a Friend’s Lap Top Computer was stolen from her yesterday at a London Library at around 3:30pm.

    Will the Somali criminal who stole it, kindly return it to the Library and then she will leave £200 with them, for him to collect afterwards to purchase his own.

    She says the British Police as usual/ typucally, had given her an e-mail address, but the e-mail he gave her has been rejected. He has also NOT called her as he had promised yesterday either.
    This occurred to myself too when we were in London in 2006 & 7, because they simply do not care and pretend to be crime fighters, but only interfere with innocent people such as peaceful protestors etc.

  50. We must accept battlefield KIA, WIA, MIA, POW, and equipment loss, Claudine. Yeah…it’s tough– I’ve lost people, a truck, equipment, and even my side arm once. It was US border Patrol Agent Beatty’s… It served from 1909 until 2006 in the field beginning defending the US border against Pancho Villa under Black Jack, 17th French D’em L’Infanterie Verdun, AEF France Black Jack WW I, US border, and on it’s last mission helped interdict the Catholic church Us Army invader cartel run by Cintora apache Tribe/Vietnam. It went out in a blaze of glory as a firearm of US Army 1909 Department of the Army should. We must strive for higher levels of John 3:16 personal professionalism. That’s my goal.

    Godspeed. Shalom. Art

  51. Anonymous says:

    THANK You Very Much Arthur.

    Godspeed to you and us all TOO! Amen.

  52. Claudine Fourie says:

    The above was in fact sent by Claudine, but she had placed her name in the wrong line.

  53. Claudine Fourie says:





    BY: Claudine Fourie

  54. We must all be on guard against treasonous, greedy, and self serving humans and humanoids. As I’ve documented else where: Ron Bracey DoD USAF reports having Terminated with Extreme Prejudice a humanoid clone near Groom Lake Areas 51/52/53. USAF and DoD JCS Areas 51/52/53 Ben Thompkins Jr. reports peer suicide and repeated EXOTIC ordnance weapon testing within CONUS US most apparently thermo-nuclear in nature. USN SHAD/Project 112 J.B. Stone reports covert secret testing upon US military and civilians WITHOUT their consent.. As a DA 1775 element I have taken hese first-hand reports personally and they indicate that in the US political, military, and Defense Industrial Complex leadership has NO/NONE/ZERO regard for the sovereignty, life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of We the People. I have personally been gassed, grenaded, and shot by military/police SWAT/cops/sheriff while on private property and having not done personal injury or property damage and all while interdicting a Catholic church funded invasion of the US. It is self evident that local law enforcement will engage, reduce, and destroy anyone protecting the US Border unless they are goy human resource political chattel and funding police payroll through unlawful taxation. We must appreciate how badly vaccine brain damaged these political chattel are and how impaired their thought process and problem solving capability is. They have been reduced to a bureaucratic and rule following capability as was seen in Nazi Germany, communist Russia, and Stassi DDR East Germany. For example, they are so brain dead that they cannot identify US invaders being smuggled in-country in an 18 wheeler commercial truck in an operation where a US citizen political chattel Apache tribe member and US Army veteran of Vietnam is paid USD 2006 $5,000.00 for each individual in a truck load of invaders brought in-country. These cops can only read ID cards, license plates, and some written records. These types routinely aid & abett the mass murder of babies by Rx and live vivisection dismemberment in the womb by sonic and vacuum weapon probes. They mutilate their own children’s brains with vaccines. they sexually mutilate their male child penis with circumcision as these fore skins are worth a bout USD 2011 $ 100,000.00 through commercial bioplast COTS human flesh trafficking. I personally know a cop/military who has a 2″ erection as a result of a over-zealous profit motivated infant circumcision. We must appreciate that modern cops are too vaccine brain damaged to identify M.O. and FOLLOW THE MONEY and penis sexually mutilation for stem cell profit & human flesh trafficking and 50 million dead babies is evidence even a vaccine brain damaged cop may glimpse– JUST BARELY by the Dawn’s early light. We are talking about a sociopathic brain damaged enemy that mass murders babies and attacks its own people and country with nuclear weapons and NBC ordnance. This is a serious issue, hence we can expect equipment loss– after all, they have murdered about 50 million babies in the US since 1973 and many of those politicians and law enforcement and military use the abortion human stem cell products as a rejuvenating skin cream. These types are genuine Zombies– the products have even been sold openly on Tv in the US by personalities like Oprah. For such mass murdering individuals it is a small thing to beat-up Norman or steal a Lap Top. BE CAREFUL. BE ALL YOU CAN BE DA 1775

    Remember that Politicians, military, and police love sexual perversion and frequent whores and brothels– such whores and brothels require organization and protection– cops and military protect and prey on them just as they did in the Cold War RED LIGHT ZONES of Frankfurt and Nuremberg for decades. All NATO soldiers know these things.

  55. We should all be aware that anyone may post anything Online and pretend to be anyone. Unless the creator God stands guard the watchman stands guard in vain. Real-Time i’m validated by West Point combat commanders and a MAC-V staff combat vet. Many Va and LEO know me on sight. I do not even need ID VA RO as they will anything to have me political chattel. Readers may evaluate posters based upon their fealty to Messiah, anti-abortion child mas murder & human flesh trafficking mission, and pursuit of GREEN alternative energy free of oil dependence. These have always been THREE (3) reliable witnesses for me. I personally require a fourth (4). Sovereignty, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and not foisting their incompetent public debt & usury upon little children not yet old enough to ride bikes.

    I’m personally documented 80% service connected 3Ad spearhead and 5th Mech Inf US Army and the Us owes me over a quarter million dollars in back pay. Andres/McWherter WEST POINT and Kimner MAC-V. I don’t want their stinking money– I want GREEN energy now such as E-CAT EU Rossi and stochiometric HHO Santilli water fuel. i am, weary of all this Rag Head Camel Jockey Sand nigger Gook slope and charlie killing AL/CIA/DA American Legion Central Intelligence Agency Department Army.

    Stand for something or fall for anything.


    Most soldiers and civilians reading this site would crawl on their hands and knees and beg for a quarter million USD and 80% service connected military pay. I cannot be bought. Hall of Knights Kransberg 1979 3AD SPEARHERAD

  56. L’Chiam ! H’vah Na’gilah, Sabine ! I pray Norman is living outstanding moral and esprit de corps, too ! He has pinache and is an inspiration to me ! I love World War II warriors who will not lay-down and will continue to fight ! Norman was Arkangel Murmansk. In 1919– my Great-Uncle was Vladivostok and Siberia Russian Revolution US Army– a Doughboy ‘Over there….’. Norman dodging Nazi U-Boats ! Yeah !!! Hoo-ahhhh ! Get these modern Neo-Nazi Red Coats, Norman– they ain’t half as bad as a Nazi Kriegmarine U Boat backed by Donitz !

  57. Claudine says:

    Good. Thank you Arthur for your story and info. I am sorry that you had to experience such horror too. Will pray for also.

    God Bless

  58. Trevor says:

    Why are they evil British authoritatians Forcing the disabled into jobs which do Not also exist, yet they
    support the lazy and criminal, abled ones for generations, especially the millions of muslims who are of generations too, in Council flats and never worked in the UK, as we hear?
    The British Parliament is also far too big, Nazi-Communistic and costly, with rooms full of useless, oppressive over-sized Laws against the decent people and which protects. The evil ones including among themselves of since the 1700’s, to-date even using and teaching their medical staff to Lie about patients/ victims of abuses too.

  59. I’m not sorry nor should you be, Claudine (your empaythy is nice but the school of hard knocks is a great teacher) ! We need to saddle-up and kick these tyrants in the arse ! These human flesh trafficking, baby murdering, war mongering, fiscally incompetent, planet polluting, self serving idiots enslaving children not yet old enough to ride bikes, need some one like West Point Major McWherter, US Army to cave their heads in with an Entrenching Tool before we wind-up with One World Government. Norman knew first-hand how bad Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Russia was– imagine these modern Red Coat Jack Boot Thugs with delusion of God’s Kingdom and Outremer (with them at the helm) running a One world Government ! Just look at the debts, Chernobyl, Fukujima and HAARP to see how they will turn earth into a mess that looks like radioactive Bikini Atoll nuclear test site: Operation Crossroads.

    They are Satanic control freaks led on by hell itself.

    I cannot do much. None of us can, but every little bit helps. I’m doing all I can with GREEN SUSTAINABLE energy in support of heavy weight EU cold fusion contender Rossi E-CAT.


    Everyone can do something very small like we do. Godspeed. Shalom. Art

  60. Trevor– IMHO, because the leaders are led by hell itself and their employees are bought and paid for with debt payroll foisted upon little children. These types are selfishly sociopathic like most soldiers & cops– they love power and money and are corrupt child mass murdering abusers. Self evident– just look at the aborted baby human flesh traffic stem cell trade and eugencic programs they operate and protect. Like a Nazi-era ‘GOOD’ German– they will go along to get along with anything as long as they are paid $$$. Godspeed. Shalom. Art

  61. Pingback: THE DEATH OF JUSTICE for our Children is a head-hanging disgrace of which every Briton should be profoundly ashamed | Victims Unite!

  62. Link exchange is nothing else however it is simply placing the other person’s blog link on your page at suitable place and other person will also do similar for

  63. skribat says:

    a true man for justice, we should all be very very proud that there are still some like Norman prepared to fight on our side for our rights and freedom .. the ‘system’ and it’s evil agents have done this man a great wrong.

  64. Thank you Skribat. Though badly shaken at first when all my lifelong beliefs were shattered, I now care not a jot about the wrongs inflicted on me personally. In fact, I regard it is a compliment that evil people should go to such lengths to silence me.
    As Sabine says, I am far from the only one, though It might perhaps be that the persecution inflicted on me has been more blatant.
    The problem is not so much that Britain is an Orwellian Police State, Quislings holding every position of power & influence, but that so many of the rest are happy for it to be so – or too frightened to speak up. Often when I tried to tell people the truth, they would say, “Don’t tell me – I don’t want to know!”
    No need for anyone to worry about me personally, I have never been happier: Well settled & feeling safe in Ireland, I am better able to fight back from here. . If you are not destroyed by persecution, it makes you stronger, & so it has been with me.
    No country was ever perfect, nor was any person – certainly not me. Even God does not provide ‘Perfect Justice’, & my fight is not so much justice for myself, but, hopefully, to lessen the IN-justice deliberately inflicted on so many.
    Norman Scarth


    The “Justice” handed down on Norman Scarth is little short of disgraceful.
    Hardly surprising though when we have MINISTERS wishing to change the age of sexual consent to TEN(10) and to legalise incest.??!!
    I call upon the readers of this wonderful website to visit.

    The ICO Commissioner Christopher Graham is a FRAUDSTER and he is running with BOTH the FOX and the HOUNDS.
    For proof of this go to GIA/3037/2011 Dransfield v ICO and the Devon County Council.

    In a nutshell, the ICO are committed to the unfettered access of the GETOUTOFJAIL Vexatious decision handed out on a whim.
    I can name some of the ROGUE PA here and now.
    Devon County Council.Carmarthen CC,Wirral.Harlepool CC,Stockport Boro Council.Cheshire.
    However, the BIGGEST ROGUE PA of them all is non-other than the ICO???!!

    The GIA 3037/2011 has been used UNLAWFULL by over 150+ PA Nationwide


    Gov641 Handling FoI requests for industry sector panel members fees
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    Last updated 07 February 2014
    Related Links
    Bus410 Fees and expenses paid to the Sector Panel Members

    Fees and expenses paid to the Sector Panel Members
    Bus424 Fees and expenses paid to the Sector Panel Members

    Fees and expenses paid to the Sector Panel Members
    Bus425 Fees and expenses paid to the Sector Panel Members

    Fees and expenses paid to the Sector Panel Members
    Bus440 Fees and expenses paid to the Sector Panel Members (Welsh only)

    Fees and expenses paid to the Sector Panel Members (Welsh only)
    Bus441 Fees and expenses paid to the Sector Panel Members

    Fees and expenses paid to the Sector Panel Members
    5 February 2014. You asked for copies of all information contained within emails that make reference to the FOI requests made by members of the public seeking details of the fees and expenses paid to industry sector panel members.
    24 February 2014

    Dear ,

    Complaint in respect of request for information – reference ATISN 8082

    I wrote to you on 13 February to acknowledge that I would be dealing with your complaint regarding your request for information as an Internal Review under the Welsh Government’s Code of Practice on Access to Information.

    I note that in your request you asked for all emails that make reference to the FOI requests made by members of the public seeking details of the fees and expenses paid to industry sector panel members.

    On 5 February, you were advised that your latest request was refused on the grounds that it was considered a vexatious request. In your complaint, you state “The fact that I believe you are incorrectly refusing my FOI requests does not mean they are ‘Vexatious’.”

    I have considered the detailed explanation you received about why your requests were refused on vexatious grounds. I have also considered guidance from the Information Commissioner’s office regarding the use of ‘vexatious’ under Section 14(1) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA). In addition, I have further taken into account my letter to you of 19 December, 2013 regarding my review of your previous request reference ATISN 7867.

    I have reviewed all of the considerations given to your latest request and the reply you received. I have carefully considered the weight, purpose and value of your request (in terms of the public interest) as well as the wider history of your requests against the detrimental effect on the Welsh Government in terms of the impact it would have on resources in dealing with it. Whilst I acknowledge that the Welsh Government has an obligation to answer requests for information, there is also a requirement to protect public resources from requests which are persistent, frequent and overlapping where the serious purpose of the request is not in the wider public interest.

    In this case, I am in agreement that the public interest in this information is low and that the request is born out of your own personal desire to investigate how the requests have been handled. With this in mind, and having regard to the balancing exercise of serious purpose and value of your request weighed against the detrimental effect on the Welsh Government, I am satisfied that your latest request is a vexatious request within the meaning of s14(1) of the FOIA. To that end, I do not uphold your complaint.

    Any information released under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or Environmental Information Regulations 2004 will be listed in the Welsh Government’s Disclosure Log.

    If you believe that I have not followed the relevant laws, or you are unhappy with this response you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner. The Information Commissioner can be contacted at:

    Information Commissioner’s Office,
    Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF
    Tel. 01625 525747
    Fax. 01625 525510

    Also if you think that there has been maladministration in dealing with your request then you may make a complaint to the Public Services Ombudsman who can be contacted at:

    Public Services Ombudsman for Wales,
    Ffordd yr Hen Gae, Pencoed, Bridgend CF35 5LJ

    Yours sincerely

    Mick McGuire
    Director, Sectors and Business

    5 February, 2014

    Dear ,

    Request for Information – ATISN 8082

    I wrote to you on 15 January regarding your request for information. You asked for all emails that make reference to the FOI requests made by members of the public seeking details of the fees and expenses paid to industry sector panel members.

    I have given careful consideration to your latest request for information and I have decided not to deal with it on the grounds that it is vexatious.

    Section 14(1) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) states:

    Section 1(1) does not oblige a public authority to comply with a request for information if the request is vexatious.

    ‘Vexatious’ is not defined within the FOIA. However, in the leading case of Information Commissioner v Devon County Council & Dransfield [20120 UKUT 440 (AAC), (28 January 2013), the Upper Tribunal took the view that the ordinary dictionary definition of the word vexatious is only of limited use, because the question of whether a request is vexatious ultimately depends upon the circumstances surrounding that request (“Vexatious” is a protean word, i.e. one that takes its meaning and flavour from its context” para 24). The Tribunal concluded that ‘vexatious’ could be defined as “…manifestly unjustified, inappropriate or improper use of a formal procedure”, though they also conceded it was “an inherently flexible concept which can take many different forms” (para 28).

    In deciding that your request is vexatious, I have taken into consideration the full history of your information requests to the Welsh Government. This is consistent with the Tribunal’s reasoning in Dransfield:

    “Thus the context and history of the particular request, in terms of the previous course of dealings between the individual requester and the public authority in question, must be considered in assessing whether it is properly to be characterised as vexatious. In particular, the number, breadth, pattern and duration of previous requests may be a telling factor” – para 29).

    In Dransfield, the Tribunal recognised that requests made under the FOIA are both “motive blind” and “applicant blind” and that there is no requirement for a requestor to provide any reason for making a request for information under its provisions. However, it went on to recognise that the proper application of section 14 cannot side-step the question of the underlying rationale or justification for the request. They went on to state that, in this context,

    “it is important to bear in mind that the right to information under FOIA is a significant but not an overriding right in a modern democratic society. As has already been noted, it is a right that is qualified or circumscribed in various ways. Those restrictions reflect other countervailing public interests, including the importance of an efficient system of public administration. Thus section 14 serves the legitimate public interest in public authorities not being exposed to irresponsible use of FOIA, especially by repeat requesters whose inquiries may represent an undue and disproportionate burden on scarce public resources” (para 35).

    In relation to this, in Independent Police Complaints Commission v Information Commissioner the First Tier Tribunal found

    “Abuse of the right to information under s.1 of FOIA is the most dangerous enemy of the continuing exercise of that right for legitimate purposes. It damages FOIA and the vital rights that it enacted in the public perception. In our view, the ICO and the Tribunal should have no hesitation in upholding public authorities which invoke s.14(1) in answer to grossly excessive or ill-intentioned requests and should not feel bound to do so only where a sufficient number of tests on a checklist are satisfied.” (para 19).

    In Dransfield, the Tribunal also referred to the earlier case of Lee v Information Commissioner and King’s College Cambridge and agreed with the overall conclusion that “vexatious” connotes a “manifestly unjustified, inappropriate or improper use of a formal procedure”.

    Guidance from the Information Commissioner on vexatious or repeated requests explains that “Section 14(1) is designed to protect public authorities by allowing them to refuse any requests which have the potential to cause a disproportionate or unjustified level of disruption, irritation or distress”. The guidance also suggests that when considering the application of Section 14(1), overall consideration should be given to the serious purpose and wider public interest/objective value of the request as weighed against the detrimental effect on the authority, and/or evidence that the requester is abusing the right of access to information. In considering this advice, I am of the opinion that dealing with your request would be likely to cause a disproportionate and unjustified level of disruption to the Welsh Government.

    For the purpose of identifying potentially vexatious requests, the Information Commissioner’s Guidance sets out a series of indicators (albeit not a definitive or limiting list) which demonstrate typical key features of a vexatious request. The Guidance also allows public authorities to take into account the wider context and history of the request. I have therefore taken into account the context and history of your request and have given consideration to the following headings/indicators within the Guidance:

    • Burden on the authority
    • Frequent and overlapping requests
    • Unreasonable persistence
    • Futile requests

    I have outlined below my full reasoning for reaching this decision under the relevant indicator descriptors. There is a natural overlap between some of the arguments and the decision has been based on the cumulative argument.

    Burden on the authority

    Your request is part of a series of requests from 4 individuals regarding the fees and expenses paid to Sector Panel members, the first of which was received in October 2013. Some individuals have submitted more than one request. Due to the wording of the requests, the proximity in the timings and the fact that they were mostly received from the same source, I believe that these requests are linked. For every request that has been responded to, an internal review has subsequently been requested. Some internal reviews have been responded to; others are still underway. Dealing with the requests and complaints has generated a large amount of internal correspondence between relevant officials and to locate and prepare this information for potential release (in terms of presentation and redactions) would present us with a significant burden on official’s time. When considering whether the purpose of the request or wider public interest in the information justifies the impact on the public authority, the Information Commissioner’s Guidance explains that it is key to weigh these considerations against the distress, disruption or irritation that would be incurred by complying with that request, including any relevant considerations concerning the requestor’s motives. In this case, I believe the public interest in this information is low and that the request is born out of the requestor’s own personal desire to investigate how the requests have been handled. I believe that this is an example of the sort of ‘ill intentioned’ request that the Information Tribunal has identified and I believe that your use of the Act in this manner amounts to an “inappropriate or improper use of a formal procedure” as further identified by the Tribunal.

    Frequent and overlapping requests

    As explained above, your request is part of a series of requests from 4 individuals, the first of which was received in October 2013. Some individuals have submitted more than one request. The wording of the requests, the proximity in the timings and the source, together with the subsequent requests for internal review in each case, including your own, have been very frequent and in most cases we have been asked to conduct internal reviews whilst simultaneously responding to new requests. I am of the opinion that your request is the latest in a series of these frequent and overlapping requests.

    Unreasonable Persistence

    I believe that in submitting your request, there is evidence of unreasonable persistence on your part, in that you are attempting to keep alive issues which have already been addressed in our responses to each of the requests and internal reviews. As stated above, I believe your request is born out of your own personal interest and desire to investigate the background as to how the requests have been handled. Accordingly, I believe the public interest in this information is low and, having expended such a significant amount of public resource on these matters already, I am of the opinion that it would be disproportionate to look for this further information.

    Futile Requests

    The guidance under this indicator suggests that “the issue at hand individually affects the requester and has already been conclusively resolved by the authority or subjected to some form of independent investigation” . For every request that has been received, including your own, the Welsh Government has conducted an independent Internal Review As explained above, it is our belief that your current request is an attempt to obtain information in order to re-open an issue that has been concluded via sight of the internal correspondence and discussions that informed those decisions. Also as explained above, I consider that the interest in this information is specific to yourself and the lack of any obvious public interest means that I cannot justify the impact on the resources of the Welsh Government that would occur if your request was dealt with.

    To conclude, and in consideration of the balancing exercise of serious purpose and value of the request weighed against the detrimental effect on the Welsh Government, I believe this request is a vexatious request within the meaning of s14(1) of the Freedom of Information Act. Accordingly, I have refused to deal with it on that basis.

    Any information released under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or Environmental Information Regulations 2004 will be listed in the Welsh Government’s Disclosure Log.

    If you believe that I have not followed the relevant laws, or you are unhappy with this response, you may request an internal review by writing to:

    Mick McGuire, Director, Sectors and Business
    Department for Economy, Science and Transport
    QED Centre, Treforest Industrial Estate, Pontypridd CF37 5YR

    When dealing with any concerns, I will follow the principles set out in the Welsh Government’s Code of Practice on Complaints which is available on the Internet at or by post.

    You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner. Normally, however, you should pursue the matter through our internal procedure before you complain to the Information Commissioner. The Information Commissioner can be contacted at:

    Information Commissioner’s Office
    Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF
    Tel: 01625 545 745
    Fax: 01625 524 510

    Also, if you think that there has been maladministration in dealing with your request then you may make a complaint to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales who can be contacted at:

    Public Services Ombudsman for Wales,
    Ffordd yr Hen Gae, Pencoed, Bridgend, CF35 5LJ

    Yours sincerely

    Sectors and Business
    Department for Economy, Science and Transport
    Welsh Government

    • I think that ‘the cheating State’ is the right verbal level of counteracting ‘vexatious’ litigants, as we need to wear this label with pride – just as ‘gagging orders’, methinks.

      ‘Perfidious Albion’ is the other appropriate label, methinks…

      THANKS for sharing and resisting, Alan!!!

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  72. ‘Naming & Shaming’ is promoted in this thread. It won’t work: The Legal/Judicial Mafia have neither shame, conscience or soul!.

  73. Ah well, you see, there are times when my brain has no content!

    • skribat says:

      ‘Ah well, you see, there are times when my brain has no content!’ …seems hard to imagine. My best wishes for your future happiness in a better environment free of the evil people who tormented you. One day the good people will see the wrongs inflicted upon you and they will use it as an example to depose those working within a system which pretends to operate for the good of the people, but serves better to fill the pockets of charlatans. skribat

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