Supportive MPs

There are lots of victims who have had bad experiences with their MPs. But I am trying afresh with this Parliament and am happy to report:

  1. Austin Mitchell MP has always championed our causes – no matter whether on behalf of ‘changing the system’ or of victims of ‘the system’
  2. The late Rudi Vis MP went as far as using an adjournment debate to put Jeff Lampert’s case on record
  3. Stephen Phillips QC has been supportive of Paulette Cooper by writing a letter to the Lord Chancellor on her behalf and getting a prompt response. More recently, he offered to work on her behalf as part of Bar Pro Bono
  4. Nic Dakin MP has expressed his support for Stanley Embling
    and has asked questions with written answers about victim support schemes
  5. Alun Cairns MP has written on behalf of Maurice Kirk
  6. Margaret Beckett MP is writing on behalf of Norma Ferrie‘s ongoing investigation into the improprieties that led to the fraudulent possession of her home
  7. John McDonnell MP has offered to join a “virtual All Party Parliamentary Group” to help victims of financial exploitatin and legal oppression.
  8. Jo Johnson, MP for Orpington has written to the Lord Chancellor on behalf of Edger Coppard.
  9. John Hemming, MP for Birmingham Yardley, who attended our meeting on 25 January 2011. He has stuck his neck out particularly on behalf of Vicky Haigh and super-injunctions.
  10. Ian Liddell-Grainger, MP for Bridgwater, Minehead & Exmoor, describes beautifully what MPs are good for and how their powers are limited. He is supportive of George Wescott who has been poisoned by Government imposed chemicals he had to use to dip his sheep in…

For each MP I am establishing a ‘sympathy profile’ based on the signing of those Early Day Motions (EDMs) that are relevant to our issues and concerns.

Based on the ‘sympathetic profile’, I emailed some 100 MPs, but the response has been very small, as usual…


9 Responses to Supportive MPs

  1. Stanley Embling says:

    I would like to thank Nic Dakin for his support also the other MP’s supporting other Victims ….

    • That’s really good of you, Stanley!!!

      May the word spread among MPs!

      Have just encouraged another victim to present his new MP with a single page…

      • rita codanda says:

        Dear Sabine McNeill,

        I have just been given this contact email and cannot find the telephone number.

        My case is the kidnapping of my brother my social services and the legalization of it in court when 25 members were screaming me to sign a blank peace of papers. I have been fighting eight years with lawyers, thinking they were professionals but now understand it is a case mounted against all the family to open their care home business. His is denied proper food, proper care, medical care, visits, holidays. He was kidnapped, when my mother opened the door to a social worker, trusting him to visit a place. Once there, she was duped in visiting the house, and my brother has been locked in it since 2006.
        I was not informed. My mistake, my neighbours were threatening to kill him, I rang the wrong number social services, instead of the police, mentioning moving out of the zone, but it was too late. He was kidnapped.

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  3. I hope you find it as interesting as I do that WordPress puts in this reference to “Supportive MPs” as a comment.

    This is the ‘magic of networking’ put into action by smart programmers!

    Let’s hope that lots of people benefit. At least it makes me smile!

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  6. I would like to share some videos with you. The first video is for all the children that have been snatched from their parents or orphaned like my poor Nan. I hope people will find it in their hearts to stop putting up the brick walls and help fight verbally to give children a voice against bullying grown ups in power! Every child deserves a happy childhood!

    The next video is to prove just how bad things are in the UK and ask “Why would the Council put a Lottery Magazine in a Library which glamorizes things that destroy all family values?”

    This next video has a conversation I recorded for my MP to ask the question “What is Women’s Aid doing to change the media to be more child and family friendly?” The answer was nothing, same with Social Services. That should be part of their job description. I have two friends and their children lucky to be alive. Their husbands were addicted to things on the Internet that made them into bad people!

    I am shocked at how many Governments have ignored my letters requesting help and support for justice against sites that destroy family life on the Internet and small businesses. These sites should be fined and instead of Lottery Funding being used to fund things that destroy family life, they should use the money to protect it.

    I am proud to take after my Nan, she helped save the £1! Thanks to her I woke up from the brainwashing media and took on her important old fashioned values to pass onto my own daughter. Children should always be put first. Our selfish world needs to change! My daughter wants Mummy at home. She also wants me to continue homeschooling her because of bullying by some children and teachers. If we had a good Government there would be real support for Mothers to earn from home using the Internet! Instead of letting the Internet destroy family life.

    On the 1st March 2013 I had a meeting with my MP. I want to know why people on low salaries are penalised with high interest rates by the Banks. I am paying 14% Interest on a £15,000 loan. £10,000 was to pay off credit cards when my daughters father had to keep changing jobs to find a job that paid a big enough salary to just pay the bills. And the £5,000 was to pay to put the damp right. Sadly I have had to use most of the £5,000 on bills as there is no support for mothers in the UK, especially those who worked really hard before having a child and own a house. The Government and Internet have let my child down because they have ignored my letters for help for struggling mothers to earn from home. When bad sites attacked my small business the Police told me “Tough luck, this sort of stuff makes the Government Billions each year and one little women from the village will not change a thing!”

    This is my last video and one I am very proud of. I got to work with a famous man from children’s TV. If the Internet was child and family friendly I would be working with him now. Shame on the UK for making excuses for things on the Internet that destroy all morals and values. Bring back good old fashioned family values and lets see our children smile again!

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