UK Ltd

The general term is ‘the establishment‘. Maurice Kirk calls it HM Partnership.

Five videos by John Harris, a fully-fledged carpenter, who has contributed to The People’s United Community, point out the difference between

  • Natural Law
  • Common Law
  • and Corporate Policy
  • Civil Policy
  • Political Policy

And he describes the sinister use of ‘corporate law’ for the purpose of ‘ruling the country’ as United Kingdom Corporation, registered with all its ‘sub-companies’ in Dun & Bradstreet, such as the

  • House of Lords
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Social Services plc
  • Department of Transport
  • David Cameron MP
  • and Alistair Darling MP.

And John illustrates the difference between the ‘law of the land’ and the corporate enforcement law:

Corporations, such as the Ministry of Justice with its Courts, have to run for the profit of their shareholders and directors to continue their existence.

This explains how their ‘income’ is produced from the assets of claimants and / or defendants in court.

All in all, we try to take them by their words and the intentions of their Coalition Programme.


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  3. The pain of loss, the pain of absence, the lies told me, the lies told about… 11.2.1985 DC-M stitch-up: 6.6.1995 “…son found hanged”. Put York Yorkshire under the magnifying glass, switch on the light; it’ll keep the dark away… Let my children be, set forward on course, Clan/Family call to arms, the Word of God our guide and shield, to evil I will not yield. “the FALSE wisdom of unbelievers will reap its fruit of divine punishment”… Also google – kennethnoelgabrielcurrandeclangarrettmatthewcurran – ACAL? association of child abusing lawyers? Also cllr hills? Rubi & Sky Robinson 2/8/2003 York”house torched”! Who? What is pete Dwyer? Blood on hands? York rite Orange order lol?

  4. liz robillard says:

    Liz Robillard currently detained

  5. Tammi says:

    Please help my family is experiencing this at the present time.

  6. Adam Hiley says:

    support British

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