Why I haven’t paid my mortgage for 2½ years

This story is a most interesting example of how a potential victim of ‘securitisation companies’ has become a fighter.

Albeit taking place in Florida, it could equally have happened in the UK, given the degree of ‘globalisation’ that the New World Order has been aiming at…

Kissinger has just visited George Osborne to ensure the end game is reached…

Before it was Alan Greenspan who gave Gordon Brown free advice…

That’s how the poodle relationship gets maintained! Or might UK politicians consider that small is beautiful???


9 Responses to Why I haven’t paid my mortgage for 2½ years

  1. SUSAN PHAIR says:

    Hello I am a victim of mortgage fraud and I cannot find any solicitor to help me in my area of gloucestershire legal aid . Or in fact any organisation to help or cannot find any other victims to seek advise from. Reported to police but although gave an 8 page statement the broker has not been charged. I have even found out that although the police confirmed it was fraud the broker was not charged. I went to court today and have to return with some help from someone ? I could lose my home , I have gone through hell for 2 years and it has badly effected my health. Please could you help me?

    Thank you
    Sue Phair

  2. Yes, Sue,

    the Police have this Memorandum of Understanding with the Law Society NOT to investigate fraud.

    Some MPs are aware of that.

    Yes, people don’t find lawyers. It’s all terribly terrible!!!

    Have sent you an email.

  3. Not sure if it’s any help but why not contact UKColumn at http://ukcolumn.org

    When I ran into difficulties I decided to sell up, i asked for a redemption figure, then put the house up for sale.
    Two weeks later the mortgage company said were not going to allow you to sell, we are going to reposess and sell it at auction.
    I took it to court and won, the Judge allowed me to sell on the open market. but my sale kept falling through or having difficulties.
    I asked the Auctioneer why he was being so ruthless, his answer was because he already had a buyer, my estate agent had put a bid in for my house behind my back.
    I had two children living with me and that estate agent knew if I couldn’t get the equity out of that house, I’d be homeless and pennyless.

    If there is money to be made from stealing your house, that feeling that you are being circled by vultures is not paranoia, they really are circling.
    Keep records of everything, so that even if you lose, you may be able to get back at them after the event and hopefully win back the money and compensation.
    Good luck.

  4. Adrian P says:

    Keep records of absolutely everything, they will make mistakes and leave behind clues of their actions and intentions, even if you lose you can take some comfort in knowing that if you are prepared to be determined in pursuing the matter, they have probably left behind enough information and clues that will hang them later on.
    You have three years to put in a claim to the courts agains any wrongdoing ( i think its three years )

  5. Wow, what an experience and what advice BASED on experience, dear Adrian!

    Thank you very much!

    Yes, I’m in touch with UK Column. And everybody needs to know about them.

    Did you actually come out as a winner???

  6. Adrian P says:

    Sorry for the multiple posts, but i would also add, trust your instincts, in your situation, no one is your friend, ( well, a few might be ) you have money or a valuable asset, they want it and aim to take it from you, don’t think they wont throw you and your dependants onto the streets, they will.
    I would also add forget about solicitors, even if you win they will cost you a packet, we the people need to start organising our own common law legal people prepared to battle for people like you in court or even to let these crooks know that people like you Do have friends who will take action if there is any wrong doing and on a no win, no fee basis.
    ith that in mind can i suggest thsat this website team up with other groups on this nmatter and set up a printable, downloadable standing order form where people can pledge £1 per month to pay for fuel costs, transport or bed breakfast accomodation etc. or even £1 per year to set this up.
    Any cases that are won can make a donation to top up this fund.

  7. Adrian P says:

    Did I come out as a Winner, well yes and no, I eventually sold on the open market, by then I knew my estate agent had a bid in for my house and told him to withdraw it and act for me not himself.
    The sale went through, however I never realized how big the network was, one of the people involved in the sale afterwards borrowed 6k from me, offering me a Job helping others in a similarf situation and accomodation with my children.
    He even agreed to negotiate a settlement with my creditors a final settlement, I signed three papers allowing him to act as my Agent.
    This guy was a mid ranking civil servant acting for XXXXXX county council, so he is to be trusted right ?
    I’d gone from bing homeless and pennyless to being offered a job, a home for me and my children, all my debts dealth with and a few grand in the bank.

    there was no work,
    no accomodation,
    I never got my 6k back,
    and months later the banks began ringing me up saying where is their money telling me they have never heard of this guy who had never contacted them.
    I eventually lost my children who went back to living full time with their mother, spent months living in an old minibus, a small boat.
    Couldn’t get any benefits or housing from the Social services despite a year of trying, even got a charity involved to no avail.
    Despiter the fact that I had a hard fought for shared Residency order ( not a contact order ) from the courts with my children, a report from a professor stating my ability to work had been compromised.
    Your probably think it couldn’t get any worse…. Wrong, when I ran out of money, the Envoronment agency told mre I couln’t live on the river in the boat as I needed to buy a river licence so they prosecuted me, I had to have the boat, only worth around £1000 taken off the water and I went to living in a car.
    Borrowed money to continue to seeing my children, then of course the car broke down, had to scrap it and was forvced to leave the area and moved to XXXXX , where I’ve remained ever since.
    Naturally i took the matter to court, I sued my local MP when she refused to help for racial and sexual discrimination, she didn’t defend the case and I didn’t collect because I hadn’t sued her fo money, just to help me with my situation.
    I sued again from where I am now, I sued the Labour party for £1million,
    (it’s not much but there is a recession on you know).
    The Judge said My claim was baseless, and threw it out, I said i wanted to appeal, he said you can’t and held onto the order until I ran out of time.
    Fortunately, I pursuaded the nice lady in the court to write on court headed paper when the order was dated and when I was handed the order.
    Like I say, keep records, let them hang themselves and be persistent.

    Did I come out a winner, ?
    the answer is no,

    not yet I haven’t

  8. Jake Maverick says:

    I used to keep records on everything. No point though. They just came down the phone line and deleted them! Backups to! Hard copies also went missing from my home….it was a Council property!
    These ‘people’ also rape, murder and torture people not only with impunity they also most often get promted for it!

  9. Anonymous says:

    i keep hard copies of everything but do not store them at my home. theyre in storage and thats where they will stay unless needed.i dont trust people, but if no one knows where things are stored except me then there is no need to do anything until i need them.

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