Swiatowid test flight. The satellite has reached the stratosphere

On Saturday, a stratospheric balloon with Swiatowid on board took off from the student town of Wroclaw University of Technology. The test flight was to check the operation of individual modules of the first Polish commercial satellite.

Swiatowid reached an altitude of 28 kilometersow. During the flight, the operation of the satellite’s onboard apparatus was tested. Swiatowid passed the tests flawlessly. It sent telemetry data to Earth on the status of the instrumentow on its deck. By the way took some photographs. The satellite after several hours of flight safely returnedocial to Earth.

Swiatowid is the work of the Wroclaw-based company SatRevolution. SpoThe company has been on the market since 2016. It specializes in the design and serial production of artificial satellitesow for international space agencies and other entitiesow, zaroboth private and public. It is also conducting research work on other space technology solutions.

In November, Svyatovid is scheduled to be launched aboard the International Space Station, from where it will be put into low Earth orbit.

The Svyatovid is made of a special aluminum alloy, which will make it immune to all kinds of vibrations and cosmic radiation. Rapid temperature fluctuations from minus 150 degrees C. C. Up to 300 st. C., ktorims it will be subjected to, also will not cause it much harm. Swiatowid’s weight is less than 2 kilogramsow. The satellite is 10 centimeters tall and wideow, and its length is 20 centimetersow.

Modular satellite design proposed by engineerow with SatRevolution allowing easy customization of the instrumentow, whichore to be on board it, to the customer’s requirements. The test flight mounted a camera with which theorej took a photograph of the Earth, but Swiatowid can be equipped with many rofter devices.