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@MoJGovUK When Criminals Rule the World #Police Make the #Law and don’t Investigate Child Sexual Abuse #CSA

‘Innocent until guilty’ says The Law. ‘Criminal suspect’ is the label that Police use for treating innocent people and whistleblowers in the most traumatising, degrading and de-humanising way, as I have last experienced with an after-MIDNIGHT arrest on a Sunday … Continue reading

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Sex, Money or both; Pleasure or Pain, Carrot or Stick: where’s Humanity’s Consciousness?

Tony Gosling is a former BBC reporter and a ‘big picture man’. I enjoy talking to him. He asks pertinent questions and creates programs that are more than interviews. Last night he put this program together: British royal cult behind Diana … Continue reading

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@JeremyCorbyn @CabinetOfficeUK #Victims & #Survivors Unite! Break #ChildSexualAbuse #CSA Cycles

Nine minutes of very moving passion delivering facts to join the dots between scandals such as Foster Homes VIP abuse Forced Adoption Hollie Greig Dolphin Square BBC Elite crimes… The result of 25 years of campaigning by Russell Burton – … Continue reading

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THE RIGGED #ELECTION: #Voters Unite! #TaxPayers Revolt! Mainstream Media #MSM Believers Disbelieve!

Leonard Cohen sang in Everybody Knows “the poor stay poor, the rich get rich.” A commentator recently put “where money talks, the poor walks.” Unfortunately, not everybody knows yet what more and more people are beginning to realise when you … Continue reading

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#WhistleblowerKids #Pauffley #BBC: Britain’s reputation plummets to the disgrace of us all?

This is a fabulous assessment of a ‘lamentable situation’ – a comment on the blog specialising on the whistleblower kids. The particular post was in response to 33 points that the BBC [Producer of Victoria Derbyshire program Eleanor Plowden] wanted to address … Continue reading

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TOR BROWSER – the gate to the deep, invisible & hidden web of paedophiles plus

The Paedophile’s Handbook may not be on top of your TO VIEW list of links. But that is what you can find when you dig deeper, as this 8-minute video describes: In fact, the deeper you dig, as Wikipedia describes … Continue reading

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BRUSSELS video clips on TV: Portuguese, Latvian, BBC LOOK NORTH and now Slovak TV

It is very interesting to see what different editors clip for different programs: the full official meeting of the EU Petitions Committee on 19 March 2014 in Brussels is on this link the agenda is here the minutes are here. Different international … Continue reading

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