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Deja Vu – Police Protection of #Paedophiles: @Tom_Watson MP @CommonsHomeAffs

As published here on the Committee page: The Home Affairs Committee will hold an evidence session on Wednesday 21 October at which it will receive an update from the Metropolitan Police on matters currently in the public domain concerning the … Continue reading

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To Deny or Not to Deny #SatanicRitualAbuse #SRA or #Holocaust – what is nobler in the Mind? Ignorant or Complicit? Victim or Perpetrator?

This post is another story told simply in links: VIP Child abuse and the missing religion is an amazing piece by the excellent blogger John Coleman who unfortunately ceased his activities – or was forced to do so… The ‘political … Continue reading

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BATTLE NEWS from Brussels re #ForcedAdoptions: Imposed by Judges against Parents’ Wills – the European Dimension

Arun Dohle is in an India-born German national who was adopted when he was two months old. I had spoken with him on Skype before, but on Monday night we met for a face-to-face conversation. He gave me Romania – for Export … Continue reading

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#ChildAbuse is the means by which our political system is working through #blackmailing #HollieGreig #InternetExposure or #Police #Coverups?

Whether it’s Hollie Greig North or whistleblowers Melanie Shaw, Brian Pead or the Whistleblower Kids South of the border, the pattern is the same: Police and prisons use brute force. Other white collar criminals use lawyers. The Judiciary use corrupt judges. The … Continue reading

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COMING to LIGHT and PRELUDE to a NEW ERA: Music Composed for #whistleblowerkids #Victims of #Satanic #Elite #RitualAbuse #HumanSacrifice

‘Internet miracles’ are new kinds of gems that I have come to cherish ever since I started web publishing in 2004. One of the sites I set up was the New Era Network – a real beacon of light. The fact … Continue reading

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My Turn to Talk? Children and Elderly #Abused rather than Heard!

Maggie Tuttle has been a campaigner all her life. Here she speaks on behalf of Children Screaming to be Heard. She also mentions how the elderly are being targeted. One horrific example is Grandma B. The vehicle is the Court … Continue reading

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Fiona Woolf Resigns.

Originally posted on theneedleblog:
I don’t think I want to add too much other than it is a great shame that it has taken so long and I wish Fiona Woolf all the best for the future. I think she’s…

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