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PRISONS, POLICE and COURTS in meltdown. What next when you look at the True McCann story?

Originally posted on Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police:
A Place for Paedophiles (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Joining the dots is an interesting exercise: the deeper you go, the more shocked and amazed you ‘get. Over this weekend I ‘processed’ 1. I…

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WHEN JUSTICE VANISHES and the Rule of Law erodes, Self-Help arrives thanks to the net

Amazing, there is secrecy where there could be transparency: 1. Secrecy in Family Courts we’ve long campaigned and petitioned and Sir James Munby has made the difference Belinda McKenzie attended the hearing on 23 May 2014 in Watford where HHJ Parker … Continue reading

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WOULD YOU SEND a 1 year-old American baby girl from peaceful UK to war-zone Ukraine?

BREAKING NEWS ~ UKRAINIAN STORY The identities of all in this piece are for the moment concealed, pending the judge’s decision on Monday Would you send a 1 year-old American baby girl from peaceful UK to war-zone Ukraine? This is … Continue reading

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JOHN HEMMING MP recommends: Flee the Country because you can’t have a Fair Trial

At long last: BBC Breakfast is reporting! John Hemming MP says: The process is soo unfair, parents should flee the country! The Government says: The reform of family justice is of critical priority. They want new standards for expert witnesses … Continue reading

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#unethical #wombscandal ESSEX COUNCIL’s criminal collusion: Social Workers, Police, Doctors, Judges and Mental Health Staff

They thought they would get away with it, once again: these social workers who are ‘just doing their job’ when they snatch children to meet adoption targets, especially from foreigners generally with the aid of the brute force of Police … Continue reading

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RETURN Our Stolen Children! – What Can We Do? – Our Battle against Judges who ignore the Law

David Jenkins, the organiser of Stolen Children of the UK [S.C.O.T. UK] the 8-day demo outside Downing Street in July 2013 is now in HMP Swansea. He has had 4 children taken and handed in signatures with a petition that … Continue reading

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I WANT TO SING, I Want to Scream, I Want to Shout: Parents and Grandparents Unite!

This video tells the story of one of the many mothers, parents and grandparents with pictures that tell 1,000 words and lyrics that ought to be taken to heart! AND: there’s hope: Please write and talk to your MP about … Continue reading

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