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INDIVIDUALS die. Institutions live: same circus, different clowns #dishonestmoney

As a passionate and ‘compulsive’ networker, I will forever advocate what enhances the qualities of individual lives. For just as in Nazism, employees of institutions are ‘only doing their job’ – whether in concentration camps, prisons, armies, hospitals, schools or governments … Continue reading

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EARL OF LYTTON on behalf of Victims of White Collar Crimes – comments on the Queen’s Speech

This precious text came from Len Lawrence, the air pilot poisoned by organophosphates that killed thousands of farmers. George Wescott happened to have survived and accompanied Len to a meeting of Parliamentarians where, at long last, organophosphates were on the agenda. This … Continue reading

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RESTORING PUBLIC CONFIDENCE in Police and Judiciary? Only with the aid of Experienced Investigators!

Enough is enough! People see through the spin, charades and farcical fob-offs. They are taking their power back: http://www.ExposedPolice.com publishes News, Corruption and Misconduct http://www.upsd.co.uk – the unProfessional Standards Department of West Yorkshire Police is a group of experienced investigators … Continue reading

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#ACPO #IPCC Experienced Victims, Savour this account from the Lords yesterday!

From Parliament’s Lords Debates yesterday, 05 December 2013 with links and bullet points added: Police: Independent Police Commission Report Motion to Take Note 4.11 pm Moved by Lord Harris of Haringey PLEASE SEE THE SPEECHES THAT FOLLOWED BEFORE LORD LYTTON ROSE TO … Continue reading

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BROKEN BRITAIN: 17th on the Transparency International Corruption Index while falsifying statistics on rape and child abuse…

This illustration and blog post come from Political Cleanup. The excellent editor writes: A ‘favour culture’ must be restricted to those at the top – and includes the link to the Transparency International world corruption index. No 1 is the … Continue reading

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EXCEPTIONAL and extreme cases of maladministration and mismanagement?

How do you compare injustice, fraud, failures of ‘the system’ and explain the width of the gap between the Rule of Law (and correctness) and the Rule of Money (and corruption)? Victims Unite started in August 2010 by publishing individual … Continue reading

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DEAR MR CAMERON, Take a Lead and Return our Stolen Children: Request by Protesters and Petitioners

A folder of support summarising the protests and petitions was handed over to No. 10. The appointment was given to the organisers of S.C.O.T. UK – Stolen Children of the UK. Here’s our letter to the Prime Minister. And here’s the … Continue reading

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