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@MoJGovUK To Leave the #EU or to Remain in the EU – is that the question? Rule of Law vs Rule of Money and Lust for PaedoSex

To leave the EU or not to leave the EU – is that the question? BBC published this analysis about migration, benefits, sovereignty, competitiveness, protecting non-euro countries, security of the ‘EU deal’. But are these the issues? The Rule of … Continue reading

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@HumanRightsFirst Support for #Whistleblower Peter Hofschroer in Teesside Crown Court TODAY

Aged over 90, Norman Scarth continues to be victim turned starfighter and veteran McKenzie Friend par excellence. Regarding Peter Hofschroer (left) who is A3324DJ in HMP Hull, he writes: To The Court Manager, Teesside Crown Court. MOST URGENT! We understand that … Continue reading

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Tackling #Corruption: setting signs with individual cases & addressing the root of institutional abuse?

Dear Minister CONGRATULATIONS to your challenge of championing anti-corruption! As a former system analyst of CERN I used to organise the Forum for Stable Currencies at Westminster and became an independent web publisher. Hence I am offering you my analysis … Continue reading

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BRUSSELS video clips on TV: Portuguese, Latvian, BBC LOOK NORTH and now Slovak TV

It is very interesting to see what different editors clip for different programs: the full official meeting of the EU Petitions Committee on 19 March 2014 in Brussels is on this link the agenda is here the minutes are here. Different international … Continue reading

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ENDING ‘preoccupation with rights of biological parents’? Our response to Michael Gove MP

Dear Secretary of State This is to bring you in touch with the reality of families that the child ‘protection’ system routinely destroys, rather than support your call in the opposite direction in The Independent. Our Battle for Britain’s Children with … Continue reading

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KEEP CALM and Challenge Britain: Foreign and UK Children Back for Christmas!

Among the women whose children are targeted for ‘care’ and forced adoption are foreigners who often get criminalised and imprisoned, such as the Nigerian Musas and American Melissa Laird. Most of them can’t cope with the barrage of paper work on … Continue reading

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COMPLAIN with CONFIDENCE!? A firewall of fob-offs protects public institutions and their employees

This is the leaflet I found among the papers of Melissa Laird – after she got deported so that her son can by adopted  – thanks to the criminal activities of Barnet Council. Meanwhile I received this email: “One year on from … Continue reading

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