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DON’T TAKE MY CHILD on ITV + EXARO News about the Organised Child Sexual Abuse inquiry

Remarkable, last night’s program Don’t Take my Child in the EXPOSURE series of ITV: the secretly recorded video of a baby taken after birth that resulted in Sir James Munby’s appeal to courts to take the realities of the internet more seriously, particularly … Continue reading

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WHEN JUSTICE VANISHES and the Rule of Law erodes, Self-Help arrives thanks to the net

Amazing, there is secrecy where there could be transparency: 1. Secrecy in Family Courts we’ve long campaigned and petitioned and Sir James Munby has made the difference Belinda McKenzie attended the hearing on 23 May 2014 in Watford where HHJ Parker … Continue reading

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ENDING secret family court hearings or STARTING an inquiry into child abuse, what’s the priority?

Is it going to be a hot summer with judges and barristers wanting to be understood, as this Daily Mail article about Sir James Munby‘s plans suggests? The Daily Mail is proud to ‘campaign’ against the secrecy of family court hearings, … Continue reading

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WHAT DO Maurice Kirk, Robert Green, Gloria Musa and Melissa Laird have in common? Time to Join Dots!

They are all in prison, except for Melissa Laird who was deported after 18 months in HMP Holloway so that her son could be kept for adoption – by Barnet Council… Maurice Kirk is the oldest prisoner in HMP Cardiff. Here … Continue reading

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VICTIMS UNITE ONLINE against gagging and for compensation – especially after suicides!

One of the best successes of online petitioning, methinks: over 100,000 signatures have been reached to submit this text:- To members of the House of Lords, The Lobbying Bill would stop charities and campaigning groups from speaking out on some … Continue reading

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EMPOWERMENT MONDAY with KELLIE COTTAM to Expose Forced Adoptions – despite the Storm

Tomorrow, Monday at the Royal Courts of Justice: Kellie Cottam who dares Flintshare Council to put her in jail, while demanding her children back for Christmas. Court 43; Before MR JUSTICE MOOR; Monday, 28 October, 2013; At 10:30 AM Applications/Summonses in Court as … Continue reading

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THREE POSITIVE Judgements by Sir James Munby and 4,000 Financial Ombudsmen (and -women)

It is too soon to sing Hallelujah, but here are two stories in one week that make our hearts sing and our hands applaud Sir James Munby: Jail social workers who take children without telling parents why, says Britain’s top … Continue reading

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