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MOUNTING CONCERN as more Portuguese parents lose children to British social services

  This is the story written by Natasha Donn and published by the ALGARVE Resident on 07 June 2014: Following the desperate story of the Pedros – absolved of wrong-doing in the police case that stripped them of their children … Continue reading

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JOHN HEMMING MP recommends: Flee the Country because you can’t have a Fair Trial

At long last: BBC Breakfast is reporting! John Hemming MP says: The process is soo unfair, parents should flee the country! The Government says: The reform of family justice is of critical priority. They want new standards for expert witnesses … Continue reading

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DON’T ADOPT My Son! – A Leaflet for the Next Empowerment Monday

Empowerment Mondays at the Royal Courts of Justice in London are powerful opportunities for victims to unite and dare to ‘come out’ and ‘speak out’. DON’T ADOPT MY SON[1] Homeless in the US whilst he is kept for adoption[2] – as … Continue reading

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EMPOWERMENT MONDAY with KELLIE COTTAM to Expose Forced Adoptions – despite the Storm

Tomorrow, Monday at the Royal Courts of Justice: Kellie Cottam who dares Flintshare Council to put her in jail, while demanding her children back for Christmas. Court 43; Before MR JUSTICE MOOR; Monday, 28 October, 2013; At 10:30 AM Applications/Summonses in Court as … Continue reading

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THREE POSITIVE Judgements by Sir James Munby and 4,000 Financial Ombudsmen (and -women)

It is too soon to sing Hallelujah, but here are two stories in one week that make our hearts sing and our hands applaud Sir James Munby: Jail social workers who take children without telling parents why, says Britain’s top … Continue reading

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SECRECY @ Home = International Concerns and Scandal: especially in Nigeria & Belgium

Christopher Booker keeps covering in The Telegraph what’s happening in Family Courts to ruin families’ lives. Over 1,500 people signed that their secrecy should be lifted now. In that spirit, he writes: New family court guidelines won’t improve a rotten … Continue reading

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SECRECY – the Cloak for Criminality? Meeting John Hemming MP on Tuesday July 2nd

The Secrecy of Family Courts links to the Secret Prisoners who have been of interest to John Hemming MP for a long time. But as our civil rights are being diminished more and more, we need to learn yet more … Continue reading

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