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#BENFELLOWS is out on bail – tagged, curfewed and #gagged

Everything loses its meaning: the Rule of Law – because the Rule of Money is stronger in the ‘best interest of the children’ – because those who decide have only their own interests in mind: money, job and career besides … Continue reading

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SAVE LEGAL AID – who pays for what justice – in the interests of the client or the employer?

Dear All We have a great campaigning opportunity in London on Friday as the lawyers are walking out in protest at cut-backs in legal aid which affects many family court cases as you know. So please join Maggie, me & … Continue reading

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NOW IS NOT THE TIME to give up. Your kids will be looking for you. Be there when they come!

THANK YOU, Aimee, for speaking up and out for soo many children who are screaming to be heard! It’s a battle between RIGHT and WRONG. Message for those in the Government and Social Services and Family Law: You’re out of … Continue reading

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THE JUDICIAL Working Group on Litigants in Person: Report – advocating CONFIDENCE in JUDICIAL IMPARTIALITY

This 55-page report was sent by Jeff Lampert of Help4LiPs. Constituted by the Master of the Rolls, the Working Group was formed in December 2012 following the expected rise in the number of litigants in person (LiPs) after the Legal … Continue reading

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THE BIGGEST GANG in Britain – Shining a light on the culture of police corruption

This book has 3 raving reviews so far. For it describes that and how the Hillsborough, Savile and ‘Plebgate’ investigations are NOT exceptions, but the symptom of a culture of dishonesty, lies and often stupidity which has been accepted by … Continue reading

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SAY IT IN hashtags: #childsnatchuk leads to #paedobritain since the PIE Manifesto

Once upon a time, we used to write letters to each other. Now we tweet. Or at least some of us who love our computers. And Twitter is being taken seriously by mainstream media and official organisations, mainly for ‘risk … Continue reading

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WHISTLEBLOWERS UNITE! Victims turning survivors, starfighters and human rights advocates

Victims of white collar crimes come in all shades, colours and sizes – of amounts of damages, degrees of injustice and levels of cruelty. Once we’ve been hit or hurt, our challenges are a profound process of ‘waking up’ and … Continue reading

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