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From Veteran Victim turned Starfighter and Super McKenzie Friend Norman Scarth: Whistleblower Peter Hofschroer, whom I know personally, is to appear in York Crown Court on 27th July 2015, for the start of his Kangaroo Court ‘trial’.  It is listed as … Continue reading

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CHILD ABUSE SCANDAL raises disturbing questions about UK establishment or how #childsnatchuk leads to #paedobritain

This is an excellent article on Russia Today by fabulous investigative journalist Tony Gosling. It joins a number of important dots that are ‘difficult to digest’ and ‘hard to process’: on average, one child is taken every 20 minutes, as Channel … Continue reading

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PRISONS, POLICE and COURTS in meltdown. What next when you look at the True McCann story?

Originally posted on Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police:
A Place for Paedophiles (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Joining the dots is an interesting exercise: the deeper you go, the more shocked and amazed you ‘get. Over this weekend I ‘processed’ 1. I…

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Can “The Power of We” Hail in Truth, Justice and Fairness in the Judiciary?

This video was taken after Caul Grant tried, once again, to be heard in his cry for justice, after having lost his little boy due to NHS negligence. Here he came out after a hearing where he questioned the 12-year … Continue reading

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Important Habeas Corpus Application in Royal Courts of Justice on October 12th

Caul Grant is an incessant campaigner and fighter for justice in courts and the streets with his Campaign for Truth and Justice. He studied the law, whilst imprisoned for 6 1/2 years. Upon release, he was subjected to a 12-year … Continue reading

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Judiciary Guilty of Criminal Acts: 10-Day Campaigning outside Royal Courts of Justice starting April 23rd

That’s quite an effort to make: ten days of demoing from 9:30 to 4:30 each day! But the Campaign for Truth and Justice has done it before. Its founder Caul Grant has spent six years in prison under totally false … Continue reading

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Completely unacceptable statistics about child ‘protection’

It took one shock after the other: What Maurice J Kirk BVSc experienced in court when he helped the Musas as McKenzie Friend What Maurice is experiencing in prison as Litigant in Person, without legal representation What the Musas are … Continue reading

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