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#BENFELLOWS is out on bail – tagged, curfewed and #gagged

Everything loses its meaning: the Rule of Law – because the Rule of Money is stronger in the ‘best interest of the children’ – because those who decide have only their own interests in mind: money, job and career besides … Continue reading

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Police cuts are forcing Brits to take law into own hands, say Mancunians as 78% back Paedophile Hunter

Some dare call it anarchy, when law makers and law enforcers are guilty of white collar crimes. Most people don’t know that they are immune from prosecution thanks to Royal Charters. They are just doing their job, waiting for their pensions… That’s … Continue reading

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LAW BREAKERS can’t be Law Enforcers: the Slogan of the First ‘Empowerment Monday’

Monday’s event outside the Royal Courts of Justice was the result of Caul Grant who founded the Campaign for Truth and Justice telling his victimisation and starfighter story at a gathering of the Free Spirit Foundation. This spiritual revolution will continue every Monday from 10am … Continue reading

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OUT OF HOLLOWAY: at what cost? With what damages and what irreparable traumas?

Melissa Laird is the US mother who was deported on 12 September whilst her child is kept for adoption. She received her Deportation Order made on 29 November 2012 on 12 December 2012 in Holloway prison. This delay in post … Continue reading

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EXCEPTIONAL and extreme cases of maladministration and mismanagement?

How do you compare injustice, fraud, failures of ‘the system’ and explain the width of the gap between the Rule of Law (and correctness) and the Rule of Money (and corruption)? Victims Unite started in August 2010 by publishing individual … Continue reading

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US MOTHER to be deported whilst her child is kept for adoption

The US mother of a single child is one of some 50 foreign nationals kept in Holloway, whilst their children are in ‘care’. Her judgement to ‘discharge’ the stay on her deportation is on John Hemming MP’s blog. Two ‘reconsiderations’ … Continue reading

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#paedobritain #stopabusenow trended on Twitter: What can I do about ‘it’?

What Can I do about it? is a nice new blog whose author comes to the same conclusions that I have reached. Above all, it lists the key issues economic and financial reform political and media reform social and cultural. … Continue reading

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