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ALERT: #Whistleblower in Danger! Boots on Ground Needed @royalcourts

Victims and Survivors, Whistleblowers and Campaigners, Rescuers and McKenzie Friends, Public Interest Advocates and Social Media Activists, you all know whether:- you or someone you know has suffered individual or institutional abuse; you’ve suffered, because you tried to help; you’ve … Continue reading

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Peter Hofschroers Unlawful Arrest Update 1

Originally posted on cathy fox blog on child abuse :
I have placed first the updated post which ws updated later the same day 4 Dec, as the readership of the outdated post from earlier that day got far greater readership…

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SUPPORT #Whistleblowers #abuse #survivors #MelanieShaw #MickeySummers #NottinghamPolice @JohnMannMP

Originally posted on National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse:
How the cops cover up child abuse? is an excellent article on the excellent Aangirfan blog of July 2014. Child Abuse whistleblower Melanie Shaw finally released on…

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VICTIMS and WHISTLEBLOWERS Unite – GLOBALLY – against the New World Order [Rule of Money]!

Here’s the cause: the 1776 agenda of the Illuminati to create a ‘New World Order’. And here are some of the effects: courageous individuals fighting this most heinous and evil agenda. In addition to the many whistleblowers and victims already supported … Continue reading

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DID EMERGENCY CALLS get Brian Pead out of his cell?

Brian Pead has blown the whistle regarding Lambeth Council as a place for grooming children for paedophiles. In his book Hillsborough to Lambeth he spells it out. But the book has been banned in the UK. We met him after … Continue reading

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WHISTLEBLOWERS UNITE! Victims turning survivors, starfighters and human rights advocates

Victims of white collar crimes come in all shades, colours and sizes – of amounts of damages, degrees of injustice and levels of cruelty. Once we’ve been hit or hurt, our challenges are a profound process of ‘waking up’ and … Continue reading

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We already have whistleblowing in the UK (just not yet in the corruption field)

LEXOLOGY is a website that you can subscribe to and get free daily leagl newsfeed service. This article was sent by avid campaigner and researcher Jean James in Canada. To me, as an analyst of Anglo-Saxon capitalism that has institutionalied … Continue reading

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