Unknown fragments of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table have been discovered

The librarian could certainly feel “enchanted” when he unexpectedly discovered seven handwritten parchments containing a description of unknown fragments of the legends of Merlin and King Arthur. For years the pages lay hidden in a library at the University of Bristol in England.

The manuscripts were found in a French book dating to the 16th century. Their discovery was made by Michael Richardson, responsible for the detailedolnie valuable items in Bristol library. The cards were found by chance, during a search for materialow for studentsow. The parchments were part of a four-volume work containing the writings of Jean Gerson, a French scholar of earlyoin the 15th century.

When Richardson noticed a number of names known from Arthurian literature in the pages of the book, he asked other expertsow for help in reading the notesow. syndromeo┼é researcher already has a theory on how the parchment with the Arthurian legends found its way into Gerson’s work.

It is likely that a bookbinding factory in France used these pages as the first binding for the book. Then, with further work by bookbindersow already in the UK were separated from the cover and pasted at the beginning and end of the work, considering them as a „spare” pages left by the copyistow.

Work is still underway to translate the text from Old French into wspoModern English. This is difficult because the cards are badly damaged.

– These fragments of the Merlin story are an extremely exciting find, whichore may contribute to a better understanding of the formation of the Arthurian legends – According to Dr. Leah Tether, president of the British branch of the International Arthurian Association.

The expert adds that seven of the found cards contain texts from the so-called “legend”. „Vulgate Cycle” otherwise known as „Lancelot-Graal cycle”, ktory was probably built in the 13th century. It was the inspiration for Sir Thomas Malory’ego, whichory used it in his work „Death of Arthur” published in 1485.

Creationor Malory’The ego is the basis of many wspoThe modern studies of the krola Artura. However, the story found in the old manuscripts is not identical to traditional accounts of the krola Arthur. Fragments, ktore created in France between 1494 and 1502 contain subtle but significant ro┼╝nice. Further research may shed new light on the legend of the krolu Arthur, Merlin and the Holy Grail.

The fragments found describe the story of the Battle of Trebes and are part of the so-called “modern English”. „Merlin’s story”. The legend of the krolu Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table is one of the most popular mitoin our continent. Traces of historical events can be found in legends, although the historicity of the figure itself is still being sported by scientistsow. Dozens of literary works and a movie have been made on the subjectow.

Dr. Leah Tether argues that the discovered parchments contain many rotion in poroinference to known textow. However, further research will take time. It is possible that scientists will use new technologies thatore may helpoc in reading heavily damaged fragmentsow – reads the LiveScience and University of Bristol websites.