How flat-earthers explain lunar eclipses?

The blood-red color of the Moon, occurring during eclipses, can be difficult to explain without a basic knowledge of the rotation of celestial bodies. However, people from the Flat Earth Society (flat earthers), who are convinced that our planet is not a sphere at all, have created an incredible "creative" explanation of the phenomenon of eclipses.

The Flat Earth Society is a pseudo-scientific organization of people convinced that the Earth is a flat disk with a center at the pole polnoc, surrounded by a wall of ice. According to them, suspended above the Earth’s disk are the Sun, the Moon and the entire cosmos. About five thousand wasps belonged to the association in 2017ob.

In the early hours of Monday morning, a total lunar eclipse took place. How flat-earthers handled the explanation of this phenomenon? Despite the obvious lack ofoIn education or a deep belief in conspiracy theories and the fact that all of humanity is lied to at every turn, you can not refuse toowić im "Creativity".

During eclipses, the moon’s color turns dark red due to the scattering of light passing through Earth’s atmosphere. For the same reasonsow red color have sunsets and sunrises. These scientifically proven facts, however, do not convince flat-earthersow. They claim that a mysterious "shadowy object", ktory occasionally flies in front of the Moon.

It is worth mentioning at this point that, according to the Flat Earthow Moon shines with its own light. Although flat-earthers believe that the Earth is flat and its shape resembles a pancake, they have come to another surprising conclusion. Otothat it prevails among theod them the general consensus that the Moon and Sun are spherically shaped.

According to their beliefs, both objects orbit around theoł the center of the Earth, located at the pole poThe northern ice wall, and their orbits never intersect. Flat-Earthers claim that the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite each other and rotate at the same speed.

On the pages of The Flat Earth Wiki, a project similar to Wikipedia, but created by a flat-eartherow, is located krotki description "shadowy object". Admittedly, there is a lack of information about its size, shape, composition or origin. Instead, there is a statement that it is responsible for all lunar eclipses and that. is invisible unless it is in front of the Moon.

Unfortunately, flat-earthers, based on their own calculations and research, are unable to predict the occurrence of future eclipses. They themselves admit that they need to make more accurate measurementsow and calculations.

Of course, their theories are complete nonsense, and scientists know perfectly well the next dates of all upcoming eclipses. Lunar eclipses themselves occur when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon and, in addition, the Moon will enter the Earth’s shadow. Eclipses do not occur at every full moon, because the plane of the Moon’s orbit is slightly inclined to the plane of the Earth’s orbit and it does not always hit the cone of the Earth’s shadow.