#ScotlandYard commissioned Indian hackers to find passwords of journalists and protestors @MetPoliceUK

Baroness Jones of Mou17 04 16 Jenny Joneslsecoomb wrote:

The truth is that without the bravery and professionalism of two serving police officers who have blown the whistle on state snooping I would know nothing about my files, and those of other campaigners, being shredded by the Domestic Extremism Unit.

The Guardian published on 21 March 2017:

msn published from the Guardian article on 26 March 2017:

The police don’t always act as neutral agents of the law.

And the World Socialist Website published on 15 April 2017:

“The letter reveals that through the hacking, Scotland Yard has illegally accessed the email accounts of activists for many years, and this was possible due to help from “counterparts in India.”

The letter alleged that the Metropolitan Police had asked police in India to obtain passwords on their behalf—a job that the Indian police subcontracted out to groups of hackers in India.”

Do I owe it to Indian hackers that two critical folders of emails disappeared from my computer and the skype archives on the computer of a friend of mine?

Am I an ‘extremist’ because I gave a voice to children and their allegations?

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Happy Easter Eggs from the Goose @OntheCommons and everybody who sees through #lies and #deceptions! @poetry

p5100420-129231409_stdThe Bank of England was founded in 1694, setting up the first National Debt at 8%. Now there is a whole Debt Management Office guaranteeing job and pension to civil servants, while others are looking for jobs, money to keep their businesses going or just to survive. Every company has a tab for investors on their website. Fundraising has become the norm not just for charities.

Thanks to the internet, more and more people see through the hypocrisies, lies and deceptions created by debt-based money and capitalism as its ideology.

But who would have thought that similar lies and deceptions cover-up the judiciary [and other public authorities] that owe their existence to the creation of money from hot air sanctioned by a system of organisations that combines old boys networks with secret societies such as freemasons?

This poem published here with a comment from a Duke Law Professor was first typed by lovely commentator T Birks here.  It described already in the 17th century what we’re experiencing now:  Continue reading

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Invitation to Working Party on Apr 12 @BCS British Computer Society to Respond to Official Secrets Act

The British Computer Society is committed to making IT good for society!

In that spirit, the Specialist Law Group has organised a Working Party Event to respond to the Public Consultation into the Protection of Official Data aka the Official Secrets Act. In a way, technology has already taken the law unto itself by controlling access, publications and search algorithms. Hence the ethics, motivations and intentions behind public and private organisations and their online activities require more and more scrutiny, if not ‘community policing’.

Hence you are invited to make your contribution next Wednesday April 12th from 12.30 until 9pm in 5 Southampton Street in Covent Garden. You’ll be fed for free!

A first set of Points of Discussion were put together at the previous meeting, where Prof. Ormerod QC pointed us to this 32-page summary.

What we will debate are these 28 preliminary conclusions and questions.

See you there and then or comment here! But PLEASE book your place, otherwise the glasses of wine can’t be counted in advance!

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Justice for All – a Petition based on Experiences of Serious #Corruption and Misconduct in Public Office @MoJGovUK

17 04 01 Justice 4 AllAnybody believing that ‘justice’ is obtained by going to see solicitors, barristers and judges in courts is believing in ideals that seem to have been eroded gradually and systematically ever since Dickens wrote about it…

It’s certainly my observation and got signed and sealed after I got arrested seven times, which means being treated as a ‘criminal suspect’: traumatised, victimised, dehumanised.

To top it off, financial punishment consists in my state pension being stopped for two years, with a hearing in May, having waited to be listed for six months.

As a systems analyst who used to diagnose software at CERN where the web was born, I am as logical as a computer. I practise software-aided and deep thinking. Is that why my ordeal started with fake ‘Orders’ by a secret family court?

Barnet Council threatened with prosecution and imprisonment using The Royal Courts of Justice [RCJ]. After six months in exile, the first arrest took place there and then: in the Strand.  Continue reading

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How do you define #Corruption? Grand, Petty, Political. @anticorruption @MoJGovUK @UKHomeOffice

17 03 23 VU TITransparency International: a fabulous organisation with an excellent definition of corruption and an admirable antidote:

We each have to find out how we suffer from corruption, before we learn how to stand up to it, it seems.

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Have Your Say: Consultation on the Protection of Official Data [Official Secrets Acts], Freedom of Expression and Public Interest @MoJGovUK

17-02-24-law-com-official-dataThanks to my experiences as McKenzie Friend in my life as a computer scientist, I have become a member of the Committee of the Law Group of the British Computer Society which specialises in IT and The Law.

The Committee Members I have met so far are marvellous colleagues, with a barrister as Chair, expert witnesses with experience in paedophilia and an expert in online reputation!

We are now working on a series of events starting with our response to the public consultation that the Law Commission published:

The meeting on Wednesday March 8th in Southampton Street off the Strand:

  • free and open to non-members as well;
  • starts at 6 for 6.30, ends at 8 with drinks and nibbles
  • requires registration via this link.

If you can’t make it to Covent Garden, remote participation is planned via webstreaming.  Continue reading

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Become Digital Defenders of Children! Ashton Kutcher leads the Way in the US Senate @aplusk

THORN is the company that he co-founded to develop the right digital tools.

In our age of #fakenews and #satanic Hollywood this digital initiative is a sad necessity.

Find out for yourself and make up your own mind!

There is always another eye opener, there are always more dots to join and there may just be another stage of ‘shock therapy’ required for all of us…


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