1st edition of international Cardiology Innovations Days

The 1st edition of Cardiology Innovations Days, organized by the Wroclaw Medical University and the casusBTL Group, will take place in Wroclaw from June 7-9. The initiative is aimed at clinicians, scientists, biotechnologists, engineers, computer scientists and health policy makers.

Participants will have the chance to take part in a conference, hackathon and workshops for start-upsow. The aim of the initiative is to identify existing and find new innovative solutions with the greatest potential for implementation to improve patient health and quality of lifeow with heart disease, including primarily
– with heart failure.

The 1st edition of Cardiology Innovations Days will focus on the use of the latest innovative technological solutions in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseasesob of the cardiovascular system, still the number one cause of deathoin the world. The area of specialol interest of the participantow will be the search for effective solutions to support early diagnosis, effective therapy, comprehensive care and patient rehabilitationow with heart failure, called an epidemic of the 21st century.

– Nearly 15 million people suffer from heart failureow Europeanow, including about 1 million Polishow. This is a real challenge for the systemoin healthcare, requiring the implementation of modern, effective therapies and tools thatowhich will increase the chances of fighting this disease. Our activities are aimed at improving the quality of life of patientsow suffering from heart failure, to increase the scope of care for patients and their loved ones, and to reduce the cost ofow – including social and economic, related to the diagnosis and therapy of heart failure – mowi prof. Piotr Ponikowski, Vice Chancellor of the. Sciences of the University of Wroclaw Medical School, coohe organizer of the event.

Unique formula: conference, hackathon, start-up workshopow

Participants of the Cardiology Innovations Days, organized by the Medical University of Wroclaw and the casusBTL Group, will take part in: a substantive conference, a hackathon on designing solutions for medicine using IT technologies, workshops for start-upsow and integrative networking meetings.

– So far, there has been no similar meeting in this part of Europe. This is the first initiative with such a roThe conference will feature a variety of formulas, includingoThe participants include prominent specialists roThe special guests of the conference will be: profow – mowi prof. Piotr Ponikowski.

International conference

On June 7-8, an international and interdisciplinary group of expertsocomposed of: clinicianow, scientistow, biotechnologistow, engineerow, a computer scientistow, creatorsoin health policy wspolnie will discuss the prevention, early detection and treatment of CHDob cardiovascular diseases in the context of issues related to personalized medicine and e-health (mHealth, eHealth). Participants pomoties about the possibilities of applying new technologies and solutions in imaging, interventional cardiology and electrotherapy.

An important aspect of the discussion will be Polish innovations in the comprehensive care of patients with heart failure, discussed in the context of the potential they bring, but also the barriers that stand in the way of their implementation into daily clinical practice in Polish centers.

An important theme of the conference will be solutions aimed at comprehensive care of cardiac patients: telemedicine solutions, e-coaching for patientsow and their relatives, implantable therapies and devices – especially dedicated to heart failure patients.

Special guests of the conference will be: prof. Stefan Anker of the Medical University of Berlin, ktory will give a lecture on innovative solutions in implantable devices in cardiology, prof. Friedrich Koehler of the Medical University of Berlin, whichory will present the concept and pathway for implementing a remote care management program for heart failure patients, prof. Roberto Corti of Zurich, whoory omowi issues related to hybrid imaging for interventions in structural heart disease and prof. Giuseppe M.C. Rosano from La Sapienza University in Rome, whoory will give a presentation on innovation management and zrow sustainable development in cardiovascular medicine.


The June 5-7 event will be the finale of the hackathon, a marathon of designing innovative solutions for use in medicine using IT technology.

– To participate in the Cardioloy Innovations Hackathon, we invited studentow, freelancerow, young spirits and creative inventorsow – mowi Adrian Szulczynski, president of the casusBTL Group, initiator and wspohe organizer of the event. – Participants in the hackathon will be looking for solutions to improve the work of doctors and support the life of zarowno patientow with heart failure, as well as their loved ones. In the therapy and care of patients with heart failure, comprehensiveness, access to the latest technologies, roof therapeutic methods, rehabilitation and supervision of patients and their caregivers – also in the form of remote telemedicine care, combined with e-coaching type support. We intend to supportoln conjunction with participants to create concepts for new solutions thatore will be helpful and effective in this area – Adrian SzulczyƄski adds.

Workshops for start-upsow

What is the rohe medical application, medical software and medical device software? How to quickly introduce them to the European market, overcoming barriers and taking advantage of available opportunities? This will be discussed by participants of the international Workshops for Startups workshop, ktore scheduled for June 7. The mentor for this part of Cardiology Innovations Days will be Mario Klessascheck, an expert on the. devices AND medical technology, whichory will advise owners of innovation-oriented young companies on how to deal with challenges in the context of implementing the solutions they develop.

As part of Cardiology Innovations Days, participants will meet for networking sessions – will have the opportunity to discuss the solutions presented and exchange their own experiences from clinical, scientific, business and regulatory practice.