Individual English courses – do they have any disadvantages?

Learning English on your own is not always feasible, especially if knowledge of the language is required in a specific industry. When choosing a course of study in a language school, it is worth considering what offer will be financially advantageous, but also whether it will have the desired effect. Individual courses are often the solution of choice, attracting those willing to take them with a myriad of advantages. However, this mode of learning is not suitable for everyone.

Is it definitely a flaw?

The characteristics of a one-on-one course is to work one-on-one with a lecturer. As a disadvantage, the inability to work in pairs and poroto make progressoIn to other participantsoin the course. For osob, whichore, however, prefer individual learning, and working in groups and competing with others do not work as a motivator, this sposob science will be ideal. As a disadvantage and advantage at the same time is indicated the full focus of the teacher on the student. On the one hand, it ensures better transfer of knowledge and solving all problemsow, with ktorm that the trainee faces, on the one hand, and on the other, it can put daunting pressure on the trainee to. It will depend on the individual preferences of the learner whether such a teaching method is beneficial to him or not.